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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Warmth of -10

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Last Friday, I went to MTS Centre for Moose hockey game, and out on the street I found many people did not wear hats, mitts, and heavy jackets. I also found some youngsters eating 7-Eleven slurpee!

What do you guess the temperature was? It was -10C. Come to Winnipeg and feel the warmth of -10. 🙂

지난 금요일에 무스 하키 게임을 보러 MTS 센터에 갔는데 길거리에서 사람들을 보니 모자나 장갑을 끼지 않았고, 두꺼운 잠바도 입지 않았다. 몇몇 청소년들은 7일레븐 슬러피(얼음갈은 주스?)를 먹고 있었다.

온도가 몇도 였을까? -10도였다. 위니펙에 와서 -10가 얼마나 따스한지 느껴보길. 🙂

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