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Thursday, 10 November 2016

On Abortion

Recently, abortion was a big issue in Poland and also in Korea.  Above all, the president-to-be of America promised that there should be some form of punishment for those women seeking abortion.  So, I feel like I need to write down my thoughts on abortion for my future reference because I may change my thoughts any time being human.  If you are going to read it, please read it through (the language may be coarse and harsh).

Am I Pro-Life?

Yes, I am pro-life.  I want to choose life always and any time when it is possible.  I think any life is given by God, thus sacred.  At the moment of conception (which is fertilised egg), it is human being though it does not look like a human yet.  Each and every life is special and precious to God.  And because of that, abortion is another name of murder.  I admit that I may think this way because I’ve been failing to have a baby in almost five years’ marriage.

Should we ban the abortion?

No, we should not.  Everybody has their own different stories.  No one can judge others unless you are know-it-all like God.  If I remember correct, there was an honour killing when I was in Canada.  A Muslim immigrant father killed his own high school daughter because she was raped and got pregnant.  If she could have gotten the abortion service easily (without letting her father know), she could have been living now.

In the ideal society, we may need abortion.  But it is not like that.  Any teen age single mother has great disadvantage for every single thing in every day of her life.  How can anyone can force her to tolerate and endure such a horrible and terrible life?

Should we punish the women?

What the FUCK are you talking about?  No woman goes for abortion for fun or pleasure.  They are desperate and heavy-hearted.  They need help, not punishment.  Whole society, whole nation, and whole universe must rise up and help her.

If you must punish someone, then go after the man behind the pregnant woman, and punish him.  As far as I know, there is only one Virgin Mary in the history.  Except her, all and every woman cannot get pregnant by herself.  Again, if you must punish someone, punish the careless dick-head guy.

It does not matter if it was rape, or unmarried lovers, or even if she is married and has her husband’s baby.  If the woman considers abortion, she is a victim.  What kind of savage society punishes the victim?  We must help her minimise the impact of abortion.

What should we do then?

First, we must improve the society and civilise ourselves so that there would be no need for abortion.  That includes educate men so that there would be no rape (even between married couple).  And that also includes the society does not discriminate single mother, instead let her many and great benefits so that she does not even need to consider abortion.

Second, we’d better make the abortion service available until the human society becomes ideal and utopic.  We must make the abortion service not just available but extremely easy to access and also highly confidential so that no one would know who got the consult or service.  This confidentiality is especially important when it comes to the family (more for male family members).  The service should be accessible through the internet, phone, text message, social media, in person, by mail and so on.

Third, we should form a special group (one big group for nationwide or each community can have their own) to think how and what can we do to help those women considering abortion and/or the ones who already had abortion.  The discussion must be in depth and detail because hundred women have thousand stories and situations.

Forth and last, we should change the culture so that we must be more strict to men and be fairer to women.  This society is too generous to the rapists and sexual offenders.  It is especially true when it comes to white young educated men such as Brock Turner.  He became free in just three months.  According to the statistics, sexual crime or rape has the highest repeat ratio among all crimes, it is even higher than drug and alcohol addiction.  I suggest that the law must enforce the punishment of cutting the penis.  Without penis, they cannot repeat it and I guess this is the only solution.

In this sexist country, women are often considered only as sexual objects, and that would lead our society  into more needs of abortion.  We need to change the culture and general conception.   We also stop blaming the rape victims.  The victims are blamed unfairly such as: “You were wearing sexy.” “You were drunk.” “You walked at late night.”  People must know all those don’t even make sense.  All people including women must be safe no matter what they wear.  All people including women must be safe no matter how much they are drunk.  All people including women must be safe 24-7.

Think you bought a new Tesla, the super hot  and super awesome electric car.  And you parked it on the driveway because you have another car in the garage.  And it was stolen.  You reported it to the police and they say, “What? You left it on the driveway?  Wow, you were asking the thieves to steal it!  It’s entirely your fault and we’re not gonna do anything.  Are you lunatic?  Tesla on the driveway? Jerk.”  This is the same situation when you blame a sexual victim.  If one woman gets raped, it is not her fault.  It is the rapist’s fault and we–the entire society–are all responsible.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Fifty Second Day – Two Shepherds’ Fields and Virgin Mary’s Well

I’ve been to Catholic (Franciscan) Shepherds’ Field twice, once with McCormick group last January, and the other by myself last month.  But there are three Shepherds’ fields in Beit Sahour – Franciscan, Greek Orthodox, and I think Baptists.  But everybody told me the third is not worth visiting, so I just gave up.

Before I left home this morning, I asked my hosting lady the way to Orthodox Shepherds’ field.  She explained me but I was not 100% sure, so I asked her to pick the point at the google maps.  And below is what happened:

Map is alien language to women

Map is alien language to women

Her verbal explanation was correct, but not her map picking.  I am wonder how she cannot read the map of her own town where she was born and lived for about fifty years.  She is now living in this house for eleven years and the Orthodox Shepherds’ field is about half mile.  And I remember that 80 per cent of the arguments with my wife are about the map reading.  Are women not supposed to read maps?  But women’s brains are better at linguistic abilities.  That makes even.

Greek Orthodox Shepherds' Field Gate

Greek Orthodox Shepherds’ Field Gate

When I was approaching the Orthodox Shepherds’ field, the gate was closed, but before I got there, a group of tourists went there and I was able to sneak in there with them.

Greek Orthodox Church Building

Greek Orthodox Church Building

This is the church building.

Ceiling of the Greek Orthodox Church

Ceiling of the Greek Orthodox Church

I am not 100% sure but all the Greek Orthodox church building I visited has a few things in common.  Among them, one thing interests me is that in the dome part of the sanctuary has the picture of Jesus looking down.

To the cave of Greek Orthodox Shepherds' Field

To the cave of Greek Orthodox Shepherds’ Field

Outside of the church building, there is a way to the cave.

Sanctuary in the cave

Sanctuary in the cave

When I went down the stairs, it was another sanctuary.

Shepherds' skulls

Shepherds’ skulls

And there were skulls displayed.  There is a sign saying that this is the tomb of the shepherds.  The cave and the floor mosaics are from 5th century.

Barbarian Destruction

Barbarian Destruction

Above and around the cave, you can see the ruins of the three ancient church buildings.

To the Virgin Mary's Well

To the Virgin Mary’s Well

Then I tried to go to the Franciscan Shepherds’ field.  I followed the street sign, but I’ve got lost and I went to around the downtown Beit Sahour.  I am wonder if I can call it downtown.  It is kind of city centre, and old city.  But it is higher on the hill.  Anyway, I realised that I am quite close to the Virgin Mary’s Well, so I decided to visit there first.  I asked a few people mixed with Arabic and English.  “Bti’araf wen Virgin Mary’s Well?”  People did not understand my English part – Virgin Mary’s Well.  So I used google translator.  Still people did not understand.  Finally I showed the picture of the street sign of Virgin Mary’s well.  “Bti’araf wen hada?” (Do you know where is this?)  Then people showed me with finger and it was just right there.  I checked the google translator, and noticed that it shows quite different Arabic from the street sign.  Google may translated literally and Arabic name may not be exact translation.  Jerusalem in Arabic is il-Quds which means “The Holy.”  And Damascus gate is Bab il-‘amud which means “Gate of the pillar.”

Virgin Mary's Well

Virgin Mary’s Well

There were several ladies (probably volunteers from a church) and one of them told me that Virgin Mary drank from this water.  The water is not from the rain, but from the spring underground.  They used to have full of water, but now they drained it for maintenance.

Entrance to the Franciscan Shepherds' Field

Entrance to the Franciscan Shepherds’ Field

Then I walked back and went to Franciscan Shepherds’ field.  I actually asked several people on the way there.  I’ve already been there twice, so I was not interested actually in seeing it again.  But the reason I went there is to know where exactly it is.  When you go there by taxi or bus, you may not really know where it is, but I walked there, and I know the location on the map in my brain.

To the Excavation site

To the Excavation site

I went inside and right before I left there, the sign above drew my eyes – the archaeological excavation site!

Ruin of the Ancient Church

Ruin of the Ancient Church

There are some ruins and remains of ancient church.

Deep Caves in excavation site

Deep Caves in excavation site

And there are more caves down there.

Ruth Restaurant

Ruth Restaurant

This is the restaurant near the Franciscan Shepherds’ field.  McCormick group may recognise it because we ate lunch there when we visited the shepherds’ field.  The land around the Franciscan Shepherds’ field is believed to be the Boaz’s field, the grandfather of King David.  And consequently the restaurant’s name is Ruth.

To my impression after seeing both Shepherds’ Field,  I think the Franciscan knows what the tourists expect to see.

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