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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Korean policemen, so called damn police

Even rats and roaches are better than the Korean policemen. You know why? I’ll show you.

차라리 쥐새끼나 바퀴벌레들이 한국 경찰보다 낫다. 왜냐구? 보여주지.

On ordinary days: 평상시:


In time of demonstration: 시위할 때:






Saturday, 26 July 2008

Combat Police

In Korea, we have weird kind of police. That is combat police. Even though its official English name is “Auxiliary Police,” its Korean name is “Combat police.”

They were made originally to fight against the spies from the North Korea September 1st, 1967. They are trained to subdue and kill the armed spies.

But all they have done is mostly quell and suppress the demonstration. Imagine that the armed police, trained to kill the armed spies, suppress the not-at-all armed citizens with violence.

Violence by police

Violence by police

Those shoes are specially designed for real battle. They were not just stepping on, they were kicking down on the face.

Violence by police

Violence by police

And can you see the bat in the hand of the combat police? I do not want to tell how much the citizen bled. Number how many combat police rats were following ONE citizen.

Do you think they attack only men? Then you must see this photo:

violence by police

violence by police

Who do you think made her bleed?

Their name is Combat Police! The government thinks its people as enemies – they do combat against the people.

The combat police has much more weapons such as lachrymatory bomb, water canon, bat, iron shield, battle shoes, fire extinguisher, and the likes.

They spray the fire extinguisher directly to the face of the people which harms the biology and body so much. You many not think the shield could not be a weapon, but they use the sharp side of it to attack (extremely dangerous).

Years and years ago, the Korean government exported the Korean lachrymatory bomb to another despotic country. But just a few weeks later, the other country sent them back to Korea saying that they could not use that harmful chemicals to the people. And in Korea, the bombs are well used still. 😦

One of the very first thing that the Korean government must do is to dismiss the combat police.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

No Beijing Olympic Games

I will not watch any game of this Beijing Olympics.

Chinese says not to connect the politics into sports but they should know that China already banned the other Olympics because of political reasons many times – they did most often.

Chinese people in Korea did violence to Koreans for the torch. They are so so proud. And I see that all Chinese in every corner of the world are totally blind for the false and ugly patriot. I can see Nazzi German in current China. They are very similar.

If Tibet is really a part of China, why they persecute them so bitterly? Free Tibet.

난 이번 북경 올림픽을 보지 않겠다.

중국인들은 정치와 스포츠를 연관시키지 말라고 하지만 정치적인 이유로 올림픽을 여러번 중국이 이미 거부했다는 걸 알아야 한다. 중국이 가장 많이 그런 짓을 했다.

한국에 있는 중국인들이 성화봉송 때문에 한국인에게 폭력을 행사했다. 열라 오만하다. 전세계의 모든 중국인들이 잘못되고 이그러진 애국심 때문에 눈멀었다. 현재의 중국에서 나찌 독일이 보인다. 정말 비슷하다.

만일 티벳이 정말 중국이라면 왜 그토록 핍박하는가? 티벳의 독립을 지지한다.

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