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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Israel Trip Seventeenth and Last Day: Flight Back

We couldn’t even stay one night at the very good hotel because we got up at 12:30am, ate 1am and left there 1:30am for Ben Gurion airport at Tel Aviv.

Beginning of annoying and paranoid Israeli security

Beginning of annoying and paranoid Israeli security

When we were entering to the airport area, we passed the initial security. The guy on the picture has a machine gun. It was just the beginning of very annoying Israeli security. They are paranoid because they know what they’ve been doing.

Not like other airport security, we had to go through the security with our check-in baggage. They scanned everything, and many of us, including me, had to go through another manual check by opening the baggage. They found four mud packs from my bag, and asked me:

“WHY DO YOU HAVE MUD PACKS?” – “Because I bought them.”

“WHERE DID YOU BUY THEM?” – “Qumran gift shop.”

“WHY DID YOU BUY THEM?” – “For my wife.”

“WHY DO YOU GO TO AMERICA?” – “Because I live there!”

What stupid questions, and why do they care? Because I did not have US passport, I was checked my green card three times. Once they took my green card and went somewhere and came back in ten minutes.

The security opened a bag of a girl in our group and checked all the books and literatures and read to see what was written.

Many people go to Israel once and no more. I see why. Basically the Israel government is saying to all the tourists, “Don’t you dare come back again!”

Airport Synagogue

Airport Synagogue

There is a synagogue in the airport. I thought it is interesting. Are the religious Jews supposed to be in the airport on Sabbath? Why do they need a synagogue in the airport? Secular Jews don’t care, and religious Jews don’t come to the airport on Sabbath day.



This is of course Germany that we can see huge BAYER sign. Frankfurt airport is so huge, ridiculously huge. We rode an airport bus, and walked thousand miles after that. I do not mind walking a lot, but I do mind the timing. I walked fast and I reached the gate first in our group, and already people were boarding into the plane! Even a flight attendant in the first plane advised us that we may make it to the connecting air plane but we need to move fast.

Smoking Zone

Smoking Zone

This looks quite interesting to me. There are many smoking zones in Frankfurt airport, I could not take photos because there were always many people inside the box.



If I remember right, Frankfurt is the home airport of Lufthansa. I don’t like long flight, but I am quite satisfied with Lufthansa.

Not like on the way to Israel in Frankfurt, there was no security check this time on the way to Chicago. In Chicago, there were three different immigration gates: one for US Citizen, one for Green card holders, and the other was for everyone else.

After long flight, I landed on Chicago O’Hare airport. While the plane was landing, at the right moment that the landing gear began to touch the runway pavement, my wife Hannah called me that she is waiting at the airport terminal 5. She was not supposed to come and pick me up, but she skipped her work.

I’ve always driven to Chicago, never landed on Chicago. Chicago. This is what home feels like. During this trip, I saw many things, I felt many things, I learned many things, and I realised many things. But the biggest thing is this: I realised that I truly love my wife, Hannah.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

US North East Trip – Michigan

After Indiana, we drove to Michigan for the upper peninsular. I could not make it in a day to upper peninsular, so I drove until late night, and we stopped to get some sleep at a resting area where there was a Tourist Information with bathroom.

Crossing two Great Lakes at the same time!

Crossing two Great Lakes at the same time!

But there was one huge reward for me in Michigan! I found TIM HORTONS!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve not been there for several months where I used to go almost every single day! The building, the paper cups, the menus, the uniforms, the trays, and even the taste were all the same as those in Canada!

Lake Huron on your right

Lake Huron on the right

At the end of lower peninsular, we crossed a bridge. It was very cool because when you are on it, you have Lake Michigan on your left and Lake Huron on your right.

Lake Michigan on the left

Lake Michigan on the left

We were literally crossing two Great Lakes at a time! The bridge’s name is Mackinac Bridge and you need to pay to cross, you have to cross it to go to upper peninsular (you have no choice), and it was worth paying for because of the scene. The camera cannot contain exactly what I saw, but it was so beautiful.

Mackinac Bridge from the upper peninsular

Mackinac Bridge from the upper peninsular

At Michigan, the weather was not helping us a lot, because we had almost all cloudy weather with colder and strong wind. But even so, it was really beautiful place. It was so seriously beautiful. Hannah asked me once why Michigan is so beautiful, and I answered, “Because it is closer to Canada.”

Michigan has three of the Great Lakes – Michigan, Superior, and Huron. If you have trouble memorising all five names of Great Lakes, try to remember just HOMES for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

Lake Superior is the world’s largest lake, and shared by both Canada and America – Province of Ontario in Canada, and three states of America which are Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Presque Isle Park in Marquette

Presque Isle Park in Marquette

We went to Marquette, MI and stopped many other places for sightseeing. Marquette is small town by the Lake Superior, but it is so beautiful. Because of the cloudy weather, I could not picture the beauty well. When I was at Marquette, I thought about two Canadian towns. One was because of the name – Marquette, MB. And the other was because of the beauty – Thunder Bay, ON. If you have chance, you MUST visit Thunder Bay – it is so beautiful and pretty.

Power of bank

Power of bank

For the picture above, I realised how powerful and useful a bank is. Just look at the water and wave of both sides of the bank. Do I need to explain more?

A way to a river

A way to a river

Even any roads in Michigan were beautiful. Look at all the colours of the trees. After we finish the all 50-state-road-trip, Michigan is definitely a place to come back. Michigan is so clean and beautiful, which I guess because it is close to Canada, eh!

Colourful Trees

Colourful Trees

The colourful trees made me miss all the maple trees in Canada. It is said that the colour change of the trees on mountains in Ontario and Quebec is noticeable even from the space! Oh, this writing made me craving for maple syrup.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

President Obama

November 5th, 2008 01:34 Central Time, it is sure that Obama won the election – for now, Obama got 338 and McCain got 160.

As all know, the black people came to America as slaves by force, and now one of them became the president of the US. Obama’s victory is very meaningful in many aspects. I want him to be safe because some crazy racists may try to do something.

But I am not sure how much Obama can do because a country does not run by one man. Still his ability and capability were not yet proved while the problems of the US is very much age-old and ocean-deep. Just as Rome was not built in a day, the problems of them including the economic and financial crises were not made in a day.

First of all, they should take deep self-reflection and hearty apology to the world. Without these two, they cannot heal their disease.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that Obama will be better president than Mr. George Bush. (Who in  the world cannot?)

PS: Many people call him the first black president, but I want to call him the first non-white president because he is not a pure black.

2008년 11월 5일, 중부시간으로 1시 34분, 오바마가 선거에 이겼다 – 현재로서 오바마는 338을, 맥케인은 160을 얻었다.

모두 알다시피, 흑인들은 노예가 되어 강제로 미국에 끌려왔고, 이제는 미국 대통령이 되었다. 오마바의 승리는 여러 면으로 의미가 깊다. 미친 인종차별주의자들이 뭔짓을 할수도 있기 때문에, 오바마가 안전했으면 한다.

국가가 한 개인에 의해 운영되는 게 아니기 때문에 오바마가 얼마나 할 수 있을지 모르겠다. 게다가 그의 능력이 아직 검증된 것도 아닌데 비해 미국이 갖고 있는 문제들은 아주 오랫동안 곪아온 것들이고 바다 밑바닥처럼 깊은 것들이다. 로마가 하루아침에 일어난 게 아니듯이 경제와 재정문제를 포함한 미국의 문제들도 하루아침에 생겨난 것들이 아니다.

우선, 미국은 깊은 자기 반성과 진심어린 사과를 전세계에 해야 한다. 이런 것이 없이는 그들의 병을 고칠 수 없다.

어째든, 오바마가 조지 부시보다 더 좋은 대통령이 될 것은 확신한다 (누군들…)

추가: 많은 사람들이 첫 흑인 대통령이라고 하는데, 오바마가 순수 흑인이 아니기 때문에 첫 비-백인 대통령이라고 하는 게 낫다고 본다.

Friday, 1 August 2008

US goes more and more wicked

In 2003, U.S Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of State stopped (or suspended) the International-to-International transit without VISA. (Read Official Press Release) The travellers who just transit do not (or cannot) go out of the air port. As long as I know, US is the only country which does not allow the international travellers to transfer in their land.

With this suspension, I guess, many travellers have had great inconvenience because if they transfer in the states, they can get cheaper flight and easier to find a flight. It also is bad for the US airline companies because they all lost so many customers who want to transit in the states and not having a VISA (it is not easy to get US VISA for people in some countries).

Anyway, U.S government did very stupid thing in 2003, and now they did more stupid thing. Please read http://webworkerdaily.com/2008/08/01/your-laptop-and-the-border/

There is no word ‘human right’ in the dictionary of US government. They just think everyone is criminal candidate or terrorist candidate. But they have to know and realise that their extremely stupid attitude makes the terrorists. They are alchemists – they just turn the good people into terrorists not the copper into gold.

I suggest you if you are going to the states (or just transit), you’d better go there naked.

2003년에 미국정부 (정확히는 국토안전부랑 국무부)는 비자없이 미국을 경유하는 것을 금지했다(주한 미국 대사관 영문 안내서, 주한 미국 대사관 경유비자 한글 안내페이지). 사실 경유만 하는 여행객들은 공항 밖으로 나가질 않는다(또는 나갈 수 없다). 내가 할기로는 자국내 경유를 금지하는 것은 미국 뿐이다.

내 생각에, 이런 금지 조치로 많은 여행객들이 불편을 겪고 있다. 미국을 경유하면 더 싼 비행기표를 구할 수도 있고, 표를 구하기도 더 쉽다. 이런 조치는 또한 미국 항공 회사에도 나쁘다. 미국을 경유하고 싶지만 비자가 없는 모든 고객들을 잃어버렸으니까. (일부 국가에서는 미국 비자를 받는 게 굉장히 어렵다)

어째든, 미국 정부는 2003년에 병신같은 짓을 했고, 이제 더 병신같은 짓을 했다. 한겨레 신문에 난 기사를 읽어 보길  바란다. 한겨레 신문이 인용한 워싱턴 포스트의 원래 기사도 읽어보길 바란다. (사족: 근데, 왜 신문사들은 다른 신문사 열라게 인용 및 펌질 하면서 출처를 정확히 밝히는 적이 없지? 원래기사 찾아 읽다가 자기네 혹시 실수한 거 있다면 발각될까봐 그런가? 인터넷 기사끼리는 출처를 좀 링크 달아서 제대로 밝혀줘야 하지 않나?)

미국 정부 사전엔 “인권”이란 게 없나보다. (한국 정부 사전엔 당연히 더 없고) 미국은 모든 사람들이 범죄자 후보 또는 테러리스트 후보로 생각하고 있나보다. 하지만, 테러리스트를 양성하는 건 지네들의 뭐 같은 태도라는 걸 알아야 한다. 미국정부는 연금술사와 같다. 놋에서 금을 만드는 게 아니라 양민을 테러리스트로 만드는…

만일 미국으로 가려면 (또는 경우라도 할 예정이라면), 홀딱 벗고 가길 권유한다.

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