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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Car fixed

My car is fixed now.  Originally I wanted to fix the oil leak.  Thankfully it was not the problem of transmission itself (though the leaked oil is transmission oil), but radiator.

But while they were replacing the radiator, they found some other things – the safety factors.  The ball joints and tie rods were very rusty and loosed.  They are connecting parts between steering wheel and the two front wheels.  And they are not supposed to come off in any case.  And the mechanic showed me the parts coming off with human strength.  He said it is miracle that those parts did not come off while I was driving because those parts get much more pressure while driving – at least more than ten times of his strength.

Being a Christian, he said ‘maybe God touched the radiator, the inexpensive parts, so that the car could come in and fix other things.’

The wheel bearings were replaced as well, and the car became quiet.  It used to sound like a taking-off airplane.

Well, the overall cost was $900.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Is it time to buy a new car?

This morning, after I dropped my wife at her work, I found my car is moving jerky and very slow.  Though I hit the gas, it takes time to respond.  After I came to school, I found a lot of oil leak under the car, which I guess transmission oil.

I googled a bit, and it says if that is just oil leak from transmission, it would cost about $200 which is not much.  But if that is something else in transmission, the price is to call.

My car is 16 years old now, and has run 180,000 kms which is about 111,846 miles.  The thing is it keeps having problems one by one.  Even right now it has too loud noise and shaky in high speed, and steering wheel is tilted to right side, beside having no heat.

I wonder if it is time to buy a new car.  Of course I cannot buy a brand new car, but second hand car.

오늘 아침에 마님을 회사에 데려다 주고 학교로 오는데 차가 갑자기 이상하게 움직이고 매우 느리게 움직였다.  악셀을 밟아도 한참 후에야 차가 반응하는 것이다.  학교에 와서 보니 차 아래에 오일이 많이 떨어져 있던데, 변속기 오일이 샌 거 같다.

구글에 검색해 보니, 단순한 변속기 오일 새는 거라면 수리 비용이 약 $200 정도 든다고 한다.  하지만 변속기의 다른 문제라면 부르는 게 값이라고.

내 차는 16년 된 차로 180,000 키로 정도 뛰었다.  문제는, 차에 문제가 하나씩 끊임없이 발생한다는 것이다.  일단 현재로만도 차에 히터가 안나오는 거 말고도 엄청난 소음이 있는 것, 그리고 고속에서 흔들리는 것, 게다가 핸들이 한쪽으로 치우쳐 있는 문제가 있다.

차를 새로 사야 할 때가 아닌가 생각이 든다.  물론 정말 새 차를 사는 건 아니고 중고차를 사야하겠지만 말이다.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

[영어산책]Drive Standard to prevent car-jacking

Last November 26, a man tried to hijack a car from a woman here in Winnipeg.

The lady handed the key and asked, “This is standard transmission. Can you drive?”

Then the car-jacker looked, and tossed the key back to the lady and ran.

So, I strongly recommend you to drive standard transmission car to prevent your car from hijacking.


지난 11월 26일, 이곳 위니펙에서 어떤 남자가 자동차를 강탈하려던 사건이 있었다.

차에 침입해서 아줌마 운전자에게 위협을 해 자동차 열쇠를 넘겨 받았다. 그런데 그 아줌마가 한다는 소리가,

“이 차는 수동인데…. 운전할 수 있어요?”

차를 살펴보던 그 남자는 수동임을 확인하고 한숨 한 번 쉬고는 열쇠를  돌려주고 달아났다고 한다.

그러니 차량 강탈을 방지하려면 자동이 아니라 수동을 타는 게 최고. ^^

오늘의 영어는, 수동기어는 Manual Transmission보다는 Standard Transmission을 쓴다는 것. 물론 Manual Transmission도 통하지만. 그리고 변속기는 미쑝보다는 Transmission.

자동은 그냥 Automatic Transmission.

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