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Monday, 22 September 2008

Don’t kiss the train

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Last week, I was teaching a lady from Corea how to drive. She had a driver’s licence from Corea, so she just exchanged her licence to Manitoban’s without getting any test. But she have never driven before.

She improved herself quite much now, but one day, we were just passing across the railway track but the road was very small one, so there was no bar blocking the traffic from the track. When she drove across, I saw the red light of railway signal was flashing, and the train was coming honking loud.

She just passed and it was so close so that the train was almost scratching the back of the car.

I asked her “Did you see the red light flashing on the track?” – “No.”

I asked her again “Did you hear the train honking?” – “No!”

I thank God that I am still alive and without any injury.

I explained her that if we collide with the train, it is not the train but US to be killed, and it is guaranteed.

지난 주와 그 전주엔 한국에서 온 아주머니 한 분의 운전 연수를 해 줬다. 한국면허가 있었기에 시험없이 면허는 바로 교환을 했다.

지금은 실력이 많이 좋아져서 안정적으로 운전을 하는데, 하루는 기차길을 건넜는데, 조그만 길이라서 도로를 막는 차단 막대가 없는 곳이었다. 하지만 빨간 신호가 깜박였고, 기차가 시끄럽게 경적을 울리면서 다가왔는데, 그냥 통과해 버렸다.

내가 지금껏  살아 있는 것에 대해 하나님께 정말 정말 감사를 드린다.

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