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Thursday, 5 August 2010

The A Team

The A-Team was one of my favourite TV series when I was a boy. And now I watched the remake 2010 film which satisfied me very much.

It is not just action blockbuster movie. It also has quite much fun and laugh.What I like most in this film was casting. All four characters match very well with their originals. Especially I like Hannibal Smith by Liam Neeson.

If I have a word about this film, that should be ‘you’ve got to watch this.’ Four and half stars among five.

원래 A 특공대는 어렸을 때 좋아하던 외화였다. 지금은 미드라고 하지만 그때는 외화라고 불렀다. 한국 영화는 방화. 2010년에 새롭게 만든 영화를 봤는데, 아주 맘에 들었다.

그단 단순한 액션 블럭버스터가 아니라 곳곳에 웃음과 재미가 숨어 있다. 특히 좋았던 것은 캐스팅이었는데, 네 캐릭터 모두 원작과 아주 잘 매치가 된다. 특히 리암 니슨이 연기한 한니발 스미스 역이 좋았다.

이 영화에 대해 할 말이 있다면, 꼭 보라는 것 뿐이다. 별 네개 반.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Actually the pacifier is some kind of rubber for the baby to suck, and is also the name of a film from Disney starring Vin Diesel.

This is comedy and action for family – It’s from Disney, eh. Lieutenant Shane Wolfe, which is Vin Diesel, is Navy SEAL but this time he got important mission of baby sitting.

If you must know, all the films from Disney has one and identical plot. It is amazing how they make all the movies like this with every different kind of topic and subject. That why I like Disney films – they are happy ending, anyway.

If you can laugh and enjoy some time with family, this is good choice.

You can hear some Korean language in this film, but even I did not notice they’re speaking in Korean. Their pronunciation is not good. And Vin’s Korean is kind of cute. Find out why they speak in Korean.

영화 제목은 원래 공갈 젖꼭지라는 뜻인데, 여기선 빈 디젤 주연으로 디즈니에서 만든 영화 제목이다.

코믹 액션 영화로, 디즈니에서 나왔으니 당연히 가족 영화. 빈 디젤의 극중 배역은 해군 특수 부대 소속인 쉐인 울프 중위로 이 영화에선 아이들 돌보는 특수 임무를 맡는다.

뭐 알겠지만, 디즈니 영화들은 단 하나의 동일한 플롯을 갖는다. 수많은 주제와 재료를 갖고 똑같은 영화를 만든다는 것이 참 놀랍다. 내가 그래서 디즈니 영화를 좋아하는 지도. 어째든 해피엔딩이니까.

식구와 함께 웃고 즐길 영화를 찾는다면 괜찮을 듯 하다.

영화를 보는 중에 한국어가 갑자기 들려서 놀랬다. 그리고 빈 디젤도 한국어를 하는데, 좀 귀엽다는 느낌이 들었다. 한국인 설정의 이웃 주민은 나도 잘 못알아들을 정도의 나쁜 발음이다. 왜 한국어가 나오는지는 영화를 보면서 찾아보길. 영화 끝에 그 이유가 나온다.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Across the universe

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I watched the movie named “Across the Universe.”

The movie information can be found at Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and at Wikipedia.

I, for long time, have not watched a movie that I want to keep. This movie’s characteristics can be music and the screen effect showing the inner-mental world. In many scenes, you can feel like you are watching difficult (and artistic) French movie. The other movie that I remember for right now which I wanted to keep was Constant Gardener.

I still don’t understand why the title is “Across the Universe.” He just went across the see from England to the states. (This question probably came out of my not-understanding of the movie) Anyway, in this movie, I enjoyed the music (of Beatles) much. I really love ‘All you need is love’ in  the end of the movie.

Across the Universe라는 영화를 봤다.

참 오랫만에 보관하고픈 영화를 만난 것 같다. 이 영화의 특징이라면 음악과 내면의 정신 세계를 보여주고자 하는 화면 효과를 들 수 있겠다. 많은 장면에서, 어려운 프랑스 영화를 보는 듯한 느낌을 준다. 이 것 말고 보관하고픈 영화는 지금 당장 기억나는 걸로는 Constant Gardener가 있다.

사실 왜 영화 제목이 Across the Universe인지 모르겠다. 주인공은 단지 영국에서 미국으로 건너갔을 뿐인데… 어쩌면 내가 영화를 제대로 이해하지 못해서 이런 의문을 하는지도 모르겠다. 어째든, 이 영화는 음악을 참 적절하게 사용했다. (비틀즈 음악들) 난 맨 마지막의 All you need is love가 참 좋다. 아이 좋아라.. 🙂

Monday, 28 January 2008

I became a liar

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A few days ago, I had a talk with several Koreans, and one of them said,

I saw a movie a few days ago named Brazil made in 1985. In the movie an Innocent man is executed to die by the mistake in operation of the computer. It predicted the problem of computerised society in future, and it also predicted the PC when there was no PC. You know, there was nothing like PC in 1985.

And everyone said, “No, there was no PC in 1985.” What? No PC in 1985? I said yes. I said to them,

The Apple II which was before IBM PC came out to the world in late 1970s, and sold many. I was grade 4 in 1985 and there was a Computer Room in my school and I got computer lesson an hour every week. You know, 1985 is only one year before the 86 Asian Game! And even IBM PC XT came out in early 1980.

The response of them was great.

Hey, my first daughter was born in 1985! And There was no computer in the year of my daughter’s birth. You should not say something was which was NOT! Do not lie, do not deceive us because you know more about computer than we do! Nothing is nothing!

And everyone agreed, and I just simply became a liar. Wow, it is really simple and easy to make a one liar by many. I really did not lie! 😦 I used from Apple II and MSX…

But what made me silent was another man’s saying:

And in the early days of computer, they did not programme like these days. They used machine language like FORTRAN.

FORTRAN…. Ma… Machine.language… 😦 I felt instinctively only the silence was best, and I kept silence since then.

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