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Thursday, 10 November 2016

On Abortion

Recently, abortion was a big issue in Poland and also in Korea.  Above all, the president-to-be of America promised that there should be some form of punishment for those women seeking abortion.  So, I feel like I need to write down my thoughts on abortion for my future reference because I may change my thoughts any time being human.  If you are going to read it, please read it through (the language may be coarse and harsh).

Am I Pro-Life?

Yes, I am pro-life.  I want to choose life always and any time when it is possible.  I think any life is given by God, thus sacred.  At the moment of conception (which is fertilised egg), it is human being though it does not look like a human yet.  Each and every life is special and precious to God.  And because of that, abortion is another name of murder.  I admit that I may think this way because I’ve been failing to have a baby in almost five years’ marriage.

Should we ban the abortion?

No, we should not.  Everybody has their own different stories.  No one can judge others unless you are know-it-all like God.  If I remember correct, there was an honour killing when I was in Canada.  A Muslim immigrant father killed his own high school daughter because she was raped and got pregnant.  If she could have gotten the abortion service easily (without letting her father know), she could have been living now.

In the ideal society, we may need abortion.  But it is not like that.  Any teen age single mother has great disadvantage for every single thing in every day of her life.  How can anyone can force her to tolerate and endure such a horrible and terrible life?

Should we punish the women?

What the FUCK are you talking about?  No woman goes for abortion for fun or pleasure.  They are desperate and heavy-hearted.  They need help, not punishment.  Whole society, whole nation, and whole universe must rise up and help her.

If you must punish someone, then go after the man behind the pregnant woman, and punish him.  As far as I know, there is only one Virgin Mary in the history.  Except her, all and every woman cannot get pregnant by herself.  Again, if you must punish someone, punish the careless dick-head guy.

It does not matter if it was rape, or unmarried lovers, or even if she is married and has her husband’s baby.  If the woman considers abortion, she is a victim.  What kind of savage society punishes the victim?  We must help her minimise the impact of abortion.

What should we do then?

First, we must improve the society and civilise ourselves so that there would be no need for abortion.  That includes educate men so that there would be no rape (even between married couple).  And that also includes the society does not discriminate single mother, instead let her many and great benefits so that she does not even need to consider abortion.

Second, we’d better make the abortion service available until the human society becomes ideal and utopic.  We must make the abortion service not just available but extremely easy to access and also highly confidential so that no one would know who got the consult or service.  This confidentiality is especially important when it comes to the family (more for male family members).  The service should be accessible through the internet, phone, text message, social media, in person, by mail and so on.

Third, we should form a special group (one big group for nationwide or each community can have their own) to think how and what can we do to help those women considering abortion and/or the ones who already had abortion.  The discussion must be in depth and detail because hundred women have thousand stories and situations.

Forth and last, we should change the culture so that we must be more strict to men and be fairer to women.  This society is too generous to the rapists and sexual offenders.  It is especially true when it comes to white young educated men such as Brock Turner.  He became free in just three months.  According to the statistics, sexual crime or rape has the highest repeat ratio among all crimes, it is even higher than drug and alcohol addiction.  I suggest that the law must enforce the punishment of cutting the penis.  Without penis, they cannot repeat it and I guess this is the only solution.

In this sexist country, women are often considered only as sexual objects, and that would lead our society  into more needs of abortion.  We need to change the culture and general conception.   We also stop blaming the rape victims.  The victims are blamed unfairly such as: “You were wearing sexy.” “You were drunk.” “You walked at late night.”  People must know all those don’t even make sense.  All people including women must be safe no matter what they wear.  All people including women must be safe no matter how much they are drunk.  All people including women must be safe 24-7.

Think you bought a new Tesla, the super hot  and super awesome electric car.  And you parked it on the driveway because you have another car in the garage.  And it was stolen.  You reported it to the police and they say, “What? You left it on the driveway?  Wow, you were asking the thieves to steal it!  It’s entirely your fault and we’re not gonna do anything.  Are you lunatic?  Tesla on the driveway? Jerk.”  This is the same situation when you blame a sexual victim.  If one woman gets raped, it is not her fault.  It is the rapist’s fault and we–the entire society–are all responsible.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Gender Fairness

Couple days ago I mentioned gender fairness and equality in my previous posting “Gender Equality in America.”  I want to clarify the difference and why I pursue gender fairness rather than equality.  Before I begin, a good friend of mine at the seminary corrected me almost every time I use fairness that it should be equity.  Well, I do know the word equity but I would like to avoid it.  First because it looks and sounds quite similar to equality.  Second because fairness is easier to everybody.  One of the big goal of higher education is to learn how to say the same thing in difficult terminology so that other people may not understand and confused.  But I want my words and writings easy enough to everybody so that those people even with only elementary education could understand what I am saying.

Gender equality, as I define, is that man and woman get the same thing.  By doing the same job, if a man is paid $100, then any woman must be paid the same amount of $100.  And let me say you are a social worker and distributing goods or money to homeless people.  If you are giving some amount of value to a homeless brother, then you should give the same amount of value to any homeless sister.  This is gender equality.  And as I wrote before, the American society does not have this gender equality not to mention third world countries.

What is, then, gender fairness?  Instead of defining it with one sentence like a shining gorgeous scholar, let me give you an example — the real life example.  When I was travelling in South Korea, once I stopped at a highway rest area.  There was a small restaurant and rest room for both genders.  Then I saw two chartered buses came and almost seventy some people rushed out because their businesses were so urgent.  As far as I remember the number of male and female was almost equal.  And there were five booths each for both genders, so I would say the rest area has the gender equality.  But what actually happened in real life was different.  Within ten minutes the male queue disappeared while the female queue was still long and many women were kind of jumping or twisting their legs because their businesses were too urgent with long queue.  So, in my idea of fairness, the waiting time must be equal for both of them.  If men wait only ten minutes maximum, so should women.  In that situation, I would say that there was gender equality, but not the gender fairness.

As I wrote above, we don’t even have gender equality in our society.  Then how much would it be really worse because the situation is like that even when there was gender equality?  Because of our culture, custom and tradition, we do not even notice the unequal situation.  We may think it would be normal if we have five booths for men and three for women.  But to be fair, not to be just equal, we must benefit women much more even up to the level it might look not equal and not fair to men.  Then we might have real gender fairness.

The example above is in South Korea, but I saw the same thing in Chicago — every and anywhere including the famous Navy Pier.  We must work for the gender equality for now because we do not even have that, but that should not be our goal.  Our goal must be the gender fairness.

I mentioned about goods distribution to homeless people.  Even for that, homeless sisters must get much more.  At least, they must be supplied with enough feminine sanitising goods including pads.  And for single moms … well, do I really have to explain for this, too?

Let all good Christians citizens arise and make the fair society!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

강간 왕국

이 글은 쪽팔려서 영어로 쓸 수가 없다.

일단 한겨레 신문의 기사를 보길 바란다. 여고생 한달새 3번 성폭행 당해…

우선 기사 제목이 틀렸다. 3번이 아니라 4번이다. 난 이 기사를 읽고 분노를 감추지 못했다. 최초로 강간한 놈은 차치하고라도, 약을 팔아야 할 놈이 강간하고, 상담을 하는 사람도 강간하고, 손님을 목적지까지 모셔야 할 택시 운전사가 강간하고.

한국은 모든 놈들이 다 강간범인가보다. 이 기사를 읽고 너무 분해서 부들부들 떨리기까지 했다.

그런데 이 기사보다 나를 더 놀래킨 것은 내 주변의 한국인들이었다. 그들의 반응은….

“이건 여자가 대 준거야.”

“여자가 잘 못했겠지.”

“여자가 꼬리친거야.”

“여자가 스스로 다리 벌려주기 전에는 죽어도 강간 불가능해. 목숨걸고 반항하면 강제로 절대 못해.”

“여자가 옷을 야하게 입으니까 당하지.”

나는 대략 정신이 멍해졌다. 어떻게 하면 저런 생각을 할 수가 있을까? 강간을 당한 여자를 감싸주기 보다는 몰아 세우고 강간범을 옹호하는 게 내 멘탈로는 이해가 안간다.

만일 자기 딸이 저렇게 당해도 강간범들에게, “이건 내 딸이 대 준거야.” 이렇게 말할 수 있을까?

여자가 옷을 야하게 입었다고 강간을 해도 된다는 건가?

그래, 목숨걸로 반항하면 못할 수도 있겠지. 근데 여자도 죽고 싶진 않거든. 무섭거든. 무슨 일을 당할 지 겁나거든. 당신도 강도 만나서 목숨 걸고 반항하면 지갑 안 빼앗겨. 근데 강도가 정말 죽일지도, 상해를 입힐지도 모르니 순순히 내놓는 거지. 당신은 강도에게 돈 빼앗기면서 쾌감을 느끼나 보지?

그래… 일반적인 사람들이 이런 식으로 생각을 하니까 한국이 점점 강간 공화국 또는 강간 왕국이 되어가는 거겠지.

강간에 대한 나의 확고한 생각은 What can we do for Minor Rapist에 잘 나타나 있다. (영어 아래에 한글 있음)

어째든 오늘 한국인들에 대한 정이 또 확 떨어진다.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wedding bows (not vow)

There was a pastor in Korea who says we should not bow down to anyone but God which I totally agree. And he also said any pregnant couple (which means premarital sex) should not be allowed to marry at Church, and he even refused to be a presider to those couples.

And last year his own son married with his daughter-in-law having baby. Where do you guess the wedding ceremony was? It was at Church. And almost at the end of the ceremony, at the time of parents appreciation, his son made big bow to the ground towards the parents.

Another story, a couple also married. The groom was respected elder’s son. The wedding was of course at Church. After the ceremony, they did reception, and the couple did pyebaek which is traditional bowing to the relatives. They made big bow to the ground towards their relatives and later to all the guests.

Actually I am against bowing down itself, but that could happen. But what I am more against is bowing down at Church. Pastor’s son, and elder’s son….. and even at Church…

한국의 한 목사님이 계신데, 하나님 이외의 누구에게도 절하면 안된다고 주장하는데, 이 부분은 내가 동의한다. 그리고 그분은 또한 임신한 커플(그러니까 혼전관계)은 절대 교회에서 결혼을 시켜주면 안된다고 주장을 하고, 또 실제로 그런 커플들에는 주례 요청을 거부해왔다.

작년에 그 목사님의 아들이 결호늘 했는데, 며느리가 배가 불렀다. 그러면 결혼은 어디서 했을까? 바로 교회에서 했다. 결혼 예식이 끝나갈 즈음, 부모님께 감사를 하는 부분에서 그 아들이 양가 부모님께 큰 절을 엎드려서 올렸다.

또 다른 이야기로, 어떤 커플이 결혼을 했는데, 신랑의 아버지가 존경받는 장로님이었다. 결혼식은 당연히 교회에서 했다. 예식 후에 만찬 자리에서 폐백을 했다. 그러니까 친척들에게 큰절을 했다. 나중에는 모든 하객들에게도 큰절을 했다.

나는 절하는 것 자체에도 반대지만, 특히 교회에선 안된다고 생각한다. 목사 아들과 장로 아들…. 게다가 교회에서….

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Memory of Banana

When I was young in Korea, the king of all fruits was of course Banana.

The fruit and Veggie store had only one bundle of banana which was hung in the centre of the display. The yellow strange thing looked so so much delicious. But I could not eat it because it was too expensive.

Just one banana (not a bundle) was 500 KRW (won) which could be 50cents USD. Sounds very cheap, eh? But it was NOT. At that time, one very expensive meal called Jajangmyeon was 250 won a bowl. Banana was exactly double the price!

Let’s just say a good pizza is $15, then one banana costs $30.

I remember I ate the banana ONLY ONCE when I was young. Once I was out to downtown Seoul with my third sister. And she bought me one because I asked her so eagerly and cried for it. It must be very very big money for her. Even though she was a student and she didn’t work so she got money from our parents.

The unforgettable taste of banana.

어렸을 때 과일의 왕은 당연히 바나나였다.

청과물 가게에서는 바나나 한송이밖에 없었는데, 딱 가게 중앙에 매달아 놨다. 노랗고 이상하게 생긴 것이 너무 맛있게 보였다. 하지만 되게 비싸기 때문에 먹을 수 없었다.

바나나 한개 (한송이 전체가 아니라)가 500원이었다. 500원 하면 꽤 싸 보이겠지만, 그렇지 않았다. 그당시 꽤 비싼 음식이었던 자장면도 한그릇에 250원이었는데, 딱 두배가 바나나 값이다.

예를 들어 지금 자장면이 5000원이라고 하면, 바나나 하나 값이 만원인 셈이다.

어렸을 때 딱 한 번 바나나를 먹어본 기억이 난다. 한번은 셋째 누나와 함께 서울 시내에 나갔는데, 엄청 졸라대고 울어서 누나가 사준 적이 있다. 누나에게 무지 큰 돈이었을 것이다. 물론 누나도 학생이었고 일을 안했기 때문에 부보님에게 용돈을 받지만 말이다.

잊을 수 없는 바나나의 맛!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Memory of Chajang-myoun

There is a famous and popular Koreanised Chinese dish named Jajangmyeon which is thick noodle with black paste. I bet all Koreansknow it. When I was young, it was one of the very expensive food which we can afford only on special occasions.

Delicous as always. It had been far too long s...

Jajangmyeon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My earliest memory goes back to my youngest sister’s graduation from elementary school. My father allowed my sister to eat it. So my sister and I went to a Chinese Restaurant on the way to school. It was 25 cents for one bowl, and 30 cents for bigger size bowl.

Not only to our family, but to any average families in Korea, this noodle was expensive and special food. So when you move, your friends and neighbours help. Then you have to treat them with good foods. So the movers bought and treated the helpers with Jajangmyeon. And now these days, it is not expensive food but still that custom is alive.

자장면 또는 짜장면이 예전에는 꽤 비싼 음식이어서 우리 집은 내가 어릴 때에 늘 먹을 수 있는 게 아니라 특별한 날에만 먹을 수 있는 음식이었다.

자장면에 대한 가장 이른 기억은 막내 누나가 국민학교를 졸업할 때에 아버지가 자장면을 사먹도록 허락해준 것이다. 누나와 함께 학교 가는 길 중간에 있던 중국집에 가서 자장면을 먹었는데 그때 가격으로 250원이었고, 곱배기는 300원이었다.

우리 집만이 아니라 일반적인 가정들에도 자장면은 비싸고 특별한 음식이었다. 그래서 만일 이사를 할때는, 친구들이 도와주는데, 도움 주는 사람들에게 특별한 무언가를 대접해야 하기 때문에 자장면을 사줘서 대접을 했었다. 요즘은 자장면이 비싼 음식이 아니지만 그러한 관습이 그대로 남아 있다.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

America is NOT a Country of Free Speech

A few years ago, a presidential secretary in Korea said in the parliament, “Unlike Korea, America is a country of Free Speech.” Well, now I don’t know that I have to agree with it or not.

As the news said, we had NATO summit here in Chicago, and as usual, there were protesters. The city authority defined the protesters as criminals and they treated them with so much physical violence. What did the protesters do? Did they steal? Did they rape? Did they kill? They just showed their opinion by gathering which is totally legal.

Now it is like that the authority is saying to the people, “You have the right of free speech ONLY when you say PRO-government. If you say anything against us, you are criminals and WE WILL BEAT YOU severely.”

Now I think the United States of America is NOT a country of Free Speech.

몇년 전에 한국에서 한 장관이 국회에서 “미국은 언론의 자유가 있는 나라라서…”라고 말을 했는데 그 말이 맞다고 해야 하는지 모르겠다.

뉴스에서 나왔듯이 이곳 시카고에서 나토 정상회담이 있었고, 늘 그렇듯이 반대 시위가 있었다. 그런데 시경찰이 시위자들을 범죄자들로 규정을  하고는 무지하게 패버렸다. 아니 시위자들이 뭘 했는데? 훔치길 했어? 강간을 했나? 아니면 살인이라도 했나? 그냥 시위 집회를 해서 의견을 표출한 것 뿐인데, 그리고 집회는 완전 합법인데.

이건 마치 경찰이 사람들에게 이렇게 말하는 것 같다 – “정부에 대해 우호적인 의견을 말할 때만 언론의 자유가 있고, 반대 의견을 내면 죽도록 패버릴테다.”

미합중국은 언론의 자유가 있는 나라가 아닌거 같다.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

[Youtube]When the day comes

There was no North Korea, and no South Korea. There was just one Korea.

One people, one family, all brothers and sisters. Cousins, uncles and nephews.

And we were separated by force, not by our own will. It is heart breaking. It is way too much pain to endure.

We just want to be one again. We just want family union again. We all long for the day.

우연히 발견한 유튜브 비디오. 어서 통일이 되었으면 좋겠다.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Broken Corean characters of unzipped files on linux

A few days ago, I got a zip file from my friend in Corea. I unzipped it at console in my Linux (ubuntu) just to find out all the file names were broken so that I could not read them at all.

I googled for it and found a blog page of http://jeongsw.tistory.com/283.

And I put the following line in ~/.bash_aliases:

alias unzip=”unzip -O CP949″an,

The reason that the file name were broken was Windows uses CP949 (which is similar to EUC-KR) and my Ubuntu box uses UTF-8 for encoding and decoding. (CP stands for Code Page)

The option “-O” lets the user specify the encoding to use.

몇일 전에 zip 파일을  받았는데, 압축을 푸니 파일 이름의 한글이 다깨져서 읽을 수가 없었다.

구글에서 검색해서 관련된 블로그 글(http://jeongsw.tistory.com/283)을 찾았다. 그리고 내 홈디렉토리의 .bash_aliases에 다음 줄을 집어 넣었다.

alias unzip=”unzip -O CP949″

파일명이 깨진 이유는 윈도우에서는 EUC-KR과 비슷한 CP949를 사용하는데 내 우분투는 유니코드인 UTF-8을 인코딩으로 사용하기 때문이다. (CP는 코드 페이지의 약자)

-O 옵션은 사용자가 사용할 인코딩을 지정할 수 있도록 해 준다.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Brief history of modern Corea – 01. Bad Japan


First of all, this is not an academic essay. Its intention is to give you vague idea of recent history of Corea and understanding of current affairs in Corea. And of course, it contains personal view but I want to say it would be as fair as possible. I am not giving any promise but I want to make it a series of postings.


Corea (or Korea) is believe to have 4,341 years’ history. And its last kingdom was Chosun (or Joseon) founded 1392 following the previous kingdom of Goryeo. We had beautiful and unique culture and also King Sejong the Great invented (or commanded the scholars to invent) our own writing system (or characters) of Hangul.

[Start here]

Japan opened their gate to the western world by the Meiji Ishin and absorbed the western techues and weapons. Japanese revolution was quite unique and different from other countries’ because most countries had a monarchy and finished it through the revolution, but in Japan, a shogun had a real power and by the Meiji revolution, the kingship was restored. The new royal government weakened the lords all across the Japan, and they faced much discontentment. To resolve the discontentment, Japan turned the issue to outside of Japan.

Meanwhile, there were confusions in Corea and had some western invaded by France and USA which made Corea shut the gate firmly. Japan took in the western weapons and technique but Corea shut the gate down – it is obvious Japan became far much stronger than Corea. And Corea had extreme political confusion – some said we should depend on Russia, some on USA, some on Japan and the likes (But I believe there is no permanent friend in international politics).

The Empress that time wanted to be more friendly with Russia, and Japan did not like that. And Japanese government let the gangs to break into the palace to kill the Empress. It was unbelievable international crime but Japan still did not say sorry. The Empress is now called Empress the bright star.

By the Eulsa treaty on November 17th, 1905, Corea lost all her power and sovereignty and by another treaty on August 22nd 1910, Corea officially became a part of Japan and was governed under for thirty five years (August 29th, 1910 to August 15th, 1945).

You have to pay attention to Protestant Churches and a new paper called Chosun. Read http://crinje.blogspot.com/2008/07/kichul-chu.html if possible. The Christian Churches were faithful not to Christ but to Japanese government. And Chosun Daily always praised Japan and Japanese king. The bitch paper also wrote very many times that the Corean youth should die for Japanese king.

[After the World War II]

Let me briefly say about the France and Germany.

Before the World War II, Nazis Germany governed over France. There were of course some French helped Nazis (pro-Nazis French). And after the war, new French government executed them. They spent much time and effort to find out the pro-Nazis French.

Back to Corea, after the World War II, USA and USSR divided the Corea into two by the 38th parallel. That is very bad thing on Corea but there was the very worst thing was coming to Corea.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Bulldozer terror

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In the google news, I saw that there was a bulldozer terror in Jerusalem. Three were killed and forty five were injured.

In Korea, there also is a bulldozer terror on-going (2MB’s nickname is bulldozer, and 2MB is also a nickname of Myoungbak Lee, president of Korea). But in Korea, almost whole people can be killed eventually. Someone must stop this terror and punish the terrorist.

구글 뉴스에서 보니 예루살렘에 불도저 테러가 있었다고 한다. 셋이 죽고 마흔 다섯이 부상을 당했다고 한다.

한국에도 현재 진행중인 불도저 테러가 있다. 하지만 한국의 테러는 전국민을 죽일 수도 있다.

누군가 쫌 이 테러를 막아줘, 그리고 테러리스트를 처벌해 줘.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

International phonecall to S. Korea

To make an international phone call, you have to press 011, not 001. I saw some Koreans tried 001 because in Korea we have to press 001 to make an international call.

And the Country code for South Korea is 82. In the area code, you have to get rid of the first ‘0.’

For example, if you want to make a phone call to 123-4567 in Seoul (whose area code is 02), you should press the following:

International call – Country code – Area code without leading 0 – phone number

Another example, in case you are going to phone your friend’s cell phone in Korea whose phone number is 011-987-6543:

International call – Country code – Area code without leading 0 – phone number

한국으로 국제 전화를 걸려면 먼저 011을 눌러야 한다. 001이 아니라 011이다. 그리고 국가 번호 82를 누르고, 지역번호는 앞의 0을 빼고 누른다. 뒤에는 전화번호를 누르면 되고.

예를 들어 서울의 123-4567로 전화를 걸려면 다음과 같이 누르면 된다:

국제전화식별코드 – 국가번호 – 0을뺀 지역번호 – 전화번호

또 다른 예로, 011-987-6543인 핸드폰에 걸 경우:

국제전화식별코드 – 국가번호 – 0을뺀 지역번호 – 전화번호

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