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Friday, 29 October 2010


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I’ve got a kitten from Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter on Portage avenue. The adoption fee was $155 including future sterilisation. I named her SHOE because she’s just the size of my shoe. She’s eight weeks old and very cute and friendly.

Here go some pictures:

얼마전에 고양이를 들였다. 위니펙 펫 레스큐 쉘터라는 곳에서 입양을 했는데 입양비는 나중에 임신 못하게 하는 수술을 포함해서 155불이다. 8주된 새끼로 아주 귀엽고 정말 붙임성이 좋다. 이름은 슈. 내 신발 크기여서.

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