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Monday, 27 January 2014

Israel Trip Fifteenth Day: Megiddo, Anunciation Church, NETS

Today we kind of loose day. We went to Megiddo. Megiddo’s archaeological excavation was done by Oriental Institute of Chicago University, and their job and results are displayed at Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago.

Mountain near Nazareth

Mountain near Nazareth

On the way to Megiddo, we went through a tunnel under the mountain which the ancient Nazarenes tried to push Jesus down off the cliff. According to our George, traditional Jewish execution is: to bind the hands in the back, throw him/her from the cliff head down, and pile the stone over the body.

Outer Solomon City Gate

Outer Solomon City Gate

This is the outer gate constructed by Solomon. There is another inner gate by Solomon. Two major builder of this city is Solomon and Ahab.

Canaanite Gate

Canaanite Gate

This is the older gate made by Canaanites.

Sacred Area

Sacred Area

This is the ancient sacred place, and the round platform is at least thousand years older than Solomon.

Grain Storage

Grain Storage

This is the grain storage with two stairs; one for going down, the other for coming up. It used to be covered to protect the grains from rain, dust and so on.

Water System

Water System

Then we went down to the water system tunnel. The city of Megiddo had same problem as Jerusalem – the water source is out of the city wall. So they dug the underground passage to the water source.

Megiddo has been the key point since the human history, because it is the bridge between Egypt and Mesopotamia. Without crossing here, they cannot go to the other side. Megiddo comes out a lot in the Bible, and Armageddon in the Revelation is Greek transliteration of Hebrew word Har-Megiddo which means the mountain of Megiddo.

Basilica Annunciation Upper Level

Basilica Annunciation Upper Level

Our next destination was Basilica of Annunciation. There are so many churches of Annunciation, but this is the biggest one built over the crusader church which was built over the Byzantine church. The church is all about A and M shape which is the initial of “Ave Maria.”

Art from Japan

Art from Japan

The church has two level, and there are lots of arts from all over the world are on display on the upper level. This one is from Japan and the writing at the bottom says Flower / Of / Holy / Mother / Son, and we can say Beautiful Holy Mother and the Son.

Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary

Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary

Then some of the McCormick group went to Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary, and others enjoyed the first and last free time. The president of NETS is Arab Israeli Christian. We heard many things, but I am glad that there is Christian seminary in Nazareth. As Arab/Palestinian Christian seminary, they have so many things to do. I hope we can build good relationship between NETS and McCormick.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japan and Earthquake

Terrible news of disaster. Earthquake hit Japan. It was unbelievably strong and powerful. Thousands of people died in the quake and the tsunami. I am so sorry for all who died in this disaster.

I tried to contact my friends in Japan, some of them relied to me that they are OK. And a few did not replied to me yet.

This earthquake told me that Japanese are great people. I knew it but they are greater than that I thought.

First of all, the buildings with earthquake resistance design. I saw them shaking like the weeds dances along the wind, but they stand still. The building of other countries must fall down with ease.

And as we know, disasters create chaos. Even I watched on TV that in the states, there were floods of crimes such as robberies, rapes, murders… occasionally even in 1992 LA riots. But look at the Japanese today! There were nothing like that. The grocery stores were broken and the cash counters not working and broken, but still the people lined up to pay. And on the streets, I saw hundreds of people waiting for the rescuing bus to the shelter.

They keep the orders and rules very well even in the disastrous situation like this. This is the true power of Japan. And for this, I respect them highly.

Cheer up, Japan!

끔찍한 소식이다. 지진이 일본을 강타했다. 강도가 믿기 힘들 만큼 세다. 수천명이 지진과 해일에 죽어나갔다. 돌아가신 모든 분들께 송구스런 마음이다.

몇몇 일본 친구들에게 연락을 했는데, 일부는 괜찮다고 연락이 왔고, 아직 연락이 되지 않는 분도 좀 있다.

이번 지진을 보며 새삼 일본이 대단하다고 생각이 되었다. 그 전부터 그렇개 생각했지만, 내 생각보다 훨씬 더 대단한 민족인 것 같다.

먼저, 건물의 내진 설계다. 바람에 춤추는 갈대같이 흔들리는 건물들을 봤는데, 멀쩡히 서있다. 다른 나라의 건물들 같았으면 그냥 무너져 버렸을 것이다.

또한 모두 알다시피 재앙은 혼란을 동반한다. TV에서 본 적이 있지만 미국에서도 1992년의 LA 폭동과 같은 때에는 살인, 강도, 강간과 같은 범죄들이 범람했다. 그런데 오늘 일본을 보라! 가게들이 부서지고 계산대도 망가졌는데도 사람들이 모두 계산하기 위해서 줄을 서 있다. 그리고 대피소로 운반해줄 버스를 기다기는데 길거리에서 수백명이 줄을 서 있다.

이런 재앙스런 상황에서도 질서와 규율을 아주 잘 지키고 있다. 이 것이 바로 일본의 진정한 힘이다. 그리고 이 점에 대해서는 일본을 정말 존경한다.

일본, 힘내라!








Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Late Birthday Gift

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A friend of mine in Japan sent me birthday gift a few days ago. It’s a bit late but I am OK with that. 🙂

The CD is aiko’s new album. She is one of my favourite Japanese singer.

일본에 있는 친구가 생일 선물을 보내줬다. 늦은 생일 선물이지만 상관없음. ^^

아이꼬의 최신 앨범을 보내줬다. 일본 가수 중에선 가장 좋아하는 아이꼬.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


In Corea, it would not please girls to say they are cute. But in Japan, the word ‘cute’ is best praise available to girls.

These days I asked some of the girls here (in Winnipeg, Canada) about it and they all said that the girls in Canada like to hear that  they are cute.

한국에선 귀엽다고 하면 여자들이 그다지 좋아하지 않는 거 같다. 반면에 일본에서는 귀엽다가 여자에게 할 수 있는 최대의 찬사다.

최근 몇일 간 여기 (캐나다 위니펙)의 (백인) 여자들에게 (모두 20대 초반) 이에 대해 물어본 결과 한결같이 캐나다의 여자들은 귀엽다는 소리 듣는 걸 좋아 한다고 한다.

혹시 필요하신 분들, 작업에 참고하시길.



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