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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

US North East Trip – Indiana Dunes

After Niagara Falls, we headed to Indiana – the home of Indiana Jones!

Indiana Dunes, Dune side view

Indiana Dunes, Dune side view

Actually, we didn’t do much at that trip. We found a Church in a small town – of course Presbyterian Church, and had worship service, then we looked around a few places around the Indianapolis, the capital city and a beach.

Us on the Beach

Us on the Beach

But last Sunday, we visited Indiana again for that famous Indiana Dunes!

Almost Sunset on the Lake Michigan at indiana Dunes

Almost Sunset on the Lake Michigan at indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes is right north of Chesterton, IN and its lake shore is 25 miles long. It is of course a state park. If you are resident of Indiana State, you need to pay $5 entrance fee per car while you need to pay $10 if you are out of that state.

Indiana Dunes is at the Lake Michigan which is one of the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan does not in only at Michigan state. Illinois and Chicago have Lake Michigan and Indiana has it, and Wisconsin has it too. The word Michigan derived from native American language which means great water.

Indiana Dunes Beach

Indiana Dunes Beach

It was piping hot last Sunday, but the water was freezing cold. This lake is huge and huge. Unless you taste the water, you cannot tell if it is sea or not. It has waves, seagulls and everything.

The sand was so soft and nice. The only beach I’ve been to where the sand was finer and nicer was Grand Beach in Manitoba, Canada.

It takes around two hours from home, so we may visit here often. Indiana Dunes is very nice place to have lots of fun.


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of crystal skull

If you want to criticise a movie having Deus ex Machina, you have to do Indiana Jones and the kingdom of crystal skull. The story goes very exciting, and at the end, all of a sudden, the alien puts the conclusion of the story and solves every problems.

What the h*** is this! I am mad at it.

만일 Deus ex Machina 문제로 어떤 영화를 비난하려거든, 인디아놔 존스와 수정 해골 왕국을 반드시 비난해야 한다. 이야기가 흥미진진하게 나가다가 마지막에 가서 갑자가 외계인이 나타나더니 결말을 짓고 모든 문제를  해결해 버린다.

무슨 이딴 bottle shoes같은 게 다 있나 몰라. 열받았음.

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