Hannah and Je together

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Another Half of Second Day – Arrival

The flight from Zürich to Tel Aviv was good.  I still had emergency exit seat with enough legroom.  I had playful and delightful twin babies.  There were a few babies crying in the plane, but everybody around me was normal – no kissing, no drinking, no loud talking.

Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel

Finally I landed at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport.  The immigration lines were long.  I guess this is because of recent violences in Jerusalem.  The officers were asking so many questions to people, including when and where they are planned to stay.  After long wait, I went to the officer.  I told him that I am taking summer course at Hebrew University and I am from America.  He just checked my passport and flight ticket, and let me go without asking any other questions.

Bathroom Sign in Ben Gurion Airport

Bathroom Sign in Ben Gurion Airport

This is bathroom sign in Ben Gurion airport.  It looks normal, but I think the Hebrew writing is funny.  Women in Hebrew is Women, but Men in Hebrew language says Warrior.

There are two ATMs in the airport, and one of them was broken, which caused huge line formed.  But six people in a row failed to draw money, and they said, “it’s not working.”  Instantly the line disappeared, but I decided to try, and it worked.  I’ve got my money.  And again, the huge line formed instantly after me.

Shuttle or Shared Taxi

Shuttle or Shared Taxi

My actual plan was to ride a taxi to Jerusalem.  I have to ride taxi when I come back to this airport because that would be around midnight.  But now, it is bright daylight, not even 4pm.  I thought there must be cheaper transportation to Jerusalem.  And I found a shuttle or shared taxi.  It costed me 64 NIS (New Israeli Shekel), roughly less than $25.

City Wall near Jaffa Gate

City Wall near Jaffa Gate

This is the city wall near the Jaffa Gate.  But I could not find my hotel easily, so I asked the security soldier with machine guns.  They pointed with fingers, “there.”  And they pointed another place, “or maybe there.”  Nice.  Thank you for being playful with a tourist.  You guys are very entertaining.  Then I found an information booth, so I went in and was guided.  It was really close.  Oh I miss Google Maps. And my wife more.

Glorious Gloria Hotel

Glorious Gloria Hotel

My original booking was Knights’ Palace around New Gate (still in Old City), but they emailed me two weeks ago, saying they will maintenance shut down the Knights’ Palace, and would like to move me to Gloria Hotel since they have same staff, same service and same owner.

After I unpacked, I just walked in the old city.  Today is Sabbath, so when I was in the Taxi, the West Jerusalem looked like a dead city with nobody on the streets.  But in the city market, so many people walking and living.  I just walked without any plan, destination.  I just walked just to be lost in the market.  But I was not lost.  When I looked around after a walk for a while, I found myself outside the Damascus gate where the White Sister’s Guest house is.  My McCormick travel group stayed there, and we walked always through this gate to go back to the guesthouse.  I think I just remembered the way to the guesthouse.

Then I bought some postcards with international stamps.  They are not cheap at all!  After supper at the Gloria Hotel, now I am dying of fatigue or Jet lag.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Israel Trip Seventeenth and Last Day: Flight Back

We couldn’t even stay one night at the very good hotel because we got up at 12:30am, ate 1am and left there 1:30am for Ben Gurion airport at Tel Aviv.

Beginning of annoying and paranoid Israeli security

Beginning of annoying and paranoid Israeli security

When we were entering to the airport area, we passed the initial security. The guy on the picture has a machine gun. It was just the beginning of very annoying Israeli security. They are paranoid because they know what they’ve been doing.

Not like other airport security, we had to go through the security with our check-in baggage. They scanned everything, and many of us, including me, had to go through another manual check by opening the baggage. They found four mud packs from my bag, and asked me:

“WHY DO YOU HAVE MUD PACKS?” – “Because I bought them.”

“WHERE DID YOU BUY THEM?” – “Qumran gift shop.”

“WHY DID YOU BUY THEM?” – “For my wife.”

“WHY DO YOU GO TO AMERICA?” – “Because I live there!”

What stupid questions, and why do they care? Because I did not have US passport, I was checked my green card three times. Once they took my green card and went somewhere and came back in ten minutes.

The security opened a bag of a girl in our group and checked all the books and literatures and read to see what was written.

Many people go to Israel once and no more. I see why. Basically the Israel government is saying to all the tourists, “Don’t you dare come back again!”

Airport Synagogue

Airport Synagogue

There is a synagogue in the airport. I thought it is interesting. Are the religious Jews supposed to be in the airport on Sabbath? Why do they need a synagogue in the airport? Secular Jews don’t care, and religious Jews don’t come to the airport on Sabbath day.



This is of course Germany that we can see huge BAYER sign. Frankfurt airport is so huge, ridiculously huge. We rode an airport bus, and walked thousand miles after that. I do not mind walking a lot, but I do mind the timing. I walked fast and I reached the gate first in our group, and already people were boarding into the plane! Even a flight attendant in the first plane advised us that we may make it to the connecting air plane but we need to move fast.

Smoking Zone

Smoking Zone

This looks quite interesting to me. There are many smoking zones in Frankfurt airport, I could not take photos because there were always many people inside the box.



If I remember right, Frankfurt is the home airport of Lufthansa. I don’t like long flight, but I am quite satisfied with Lufthansa.

Not like on the way to Israel in Frankfurt, there was no security check this time on the way to Chicago. In Chicago, there were three different immigration gates: one for US Citizen, one for Green card holders, and the other was for everyone else.

After long flight, I landed on Chicago O’Hare airport. While the plane was landing, at the right moment that the landing gear began to touch the runway pavement, my wife Hannah called me that she is waiting at the airport terminal 5. She was not supposed to come and pick me up, but she skipped her work.

I’ve always driven to Chicago, never landed on Chicago. Chicago. This is what home feels like. During this trip, I saw many things, I felt many things, I learned many things, and I realised many things. But the biggest thing is this: I realised that I truly love my wife, Hannah.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

True Missionary?

This is what I was told.

There was a missionary from South Korea to Vancouver, Canada. I do not understand why the mission organisation sent a missionary to Canada, but anyway he was in Vancouver as a missionary for twenty years. He has two daughters born there.

After twenty years, the mission organisation asked him to go another place of course as a missionary.

And he said NO. He said he already settled there completely and his family is there. At this point, I was so surprised and shocked. And I also heard that he is now living so well in the United States with all his two daughters married and living next to him.

That is good for him. He got what he exactly wanted – in a good country with his daughters together. But I cannot call him a true missionary. If in the first place the mission organisation told him to go to Tibet or Africa, would have he gone? I don’t think so. He went to the mission place only because  the location was Vancouver, Canada – the world’s best place to live. He just used the mission and Jesus Christ to immigrate into nicer country.

In my definition, a missionary is a person who is ready to die for Christ, a person who does the mission in any cost even his life. I call it candidate for martyr.

When I was in Canada, I found many pastors from Korea. They all say that they came to Canada to serve Christ because Canada needs spiritual encouragement. I don’t think immigration into Canada or better country is not a bad thing at all. But did they really came to serve Christ? If so why they do not go to rural area where the community could not find a pastor? Most of them just stayed in big cities like Vancouver, Toronto and the likes even though they could not find any spot at a Church as a pastor. Up there in the rural area, there are lots of Churches without pastors and the people there are in spiritual danger. If the newcomer pastors came to Canada really to serve Christ, why they are not going there? Why are they just looking for a good position in and around big cities?

As I wrote above, I am not against immigration at all. But do not use my beloved Jesus and say honestly that “I came to North America to live because it is good place to live and raise my kids.”

You can also read https://crinje.wordpress.com/2007/08/14/anyone-is-missionary/ which says about missionary.

들은 얘기다.

캐나다 밴쿠버에 한 한국인 선교사님이 계셨단다. 왜 밴쿠버에 선교사가 필요한지 이해는 할 수 없지만 어째든 선교단체에서 파송을 했고 그 분은 20년동안 밴쿠버에서 사역을 하셨다고 한다. 그 분의 두 딸도 거기서 태어났다고.

20년이 지났을 때 선교단체에서 다른 곳으로 파송을 하겠다고 했단다.

그런데 그분의 대답은 ‘싫다’였다고 한다. 그분은 이미 이 곳에 완전히 정착했고 식구들도 여기 있어서 가지 않겠다고 했단다. 여기서 난 놀라고 충격을 받았다. 그리고 또 듣기로 그 분은 현재 미국에서 사는데 두 딸이 결혼해서 바로 옆에 있다고 한다.

아이쿠 좋겠네. 원하는 건 다 얻었네 그려. 좋은 나라에서 두 딸이랑 같이 사니까. 그런데 난 그 분을 진정한 선교사라고 부를 수가 없다. 만일 처음부터 선교단체가 티벳이나 아프리카로 파송하려고 했다면 그분이 갔을까? 글쎄. 그분이 선교지로 간 이유는 그 장소가 세계에서 가장 살기 좋다는 캐나다의 밴쿠버였기 때문이다. 그분은 단순히 선교와 예수 그리스도를 선진국으로 이민가는데 이용했을 뿐이다.

내 생각에 선교사는 그리스도를 위해 죽을 준비가 되어 있는 사람이며, 생명을 내어 놓더라도 선교를 하는 사람이다. 나는 선교사를 예비 순교자라고 부른다.

내가 캐나다에 있을 때, 한국에서 온 목사님들을 많이 만났다. 그분들 모두 캐나다는 영적 부흥이 필요하기 때문에 그리스도를 섬기러 캐나다에 왔다고 말들을 한다. 개인적으로 캐나다로 이민 오는 게 나쁘다고는 전혀 생각하지 않는다. 하지만 그분들이 모두 정말 그리스도를 섬기러 왔을까? 만일 그렇다면 목사들을 찾지 못하는 시골에 가지 않는 것일까? 목사님들 대부분이 목사 자리를 찾지 못하면서도 밴쿠버나 토론토 같은 대도시에 머물러 있다. 시골에 올라가면 담임 목사가 없는 교회가 무지 많고 그 성도들은 영적 위험에 처해 있다. 만일 새로 온 목사님들이 진정으로 그리스도를 섬기러 캐나다에 왔다면 왜 그런데에 안가냐고? 왜 다들 대도시와 그 주변에서 좋은 자리만 찾냐고?

위에서도 썼지만 나는 이민을 반대하지 않는다. 하지만 나의 사랑하는 예수 그리스도를 이용해 먹지는 말고, 그냥 정직하게 여기가 살기도 좋고 애들 키우기도 좋아서 왔다고 해라.

아래 링크는 내가 선교사에 대해 쓴 또 다른 글이다.



Saturday, 7 July 2012

Illegal Status Deferred Action Seminar at Hanul USA

Hanul USA is going to have a seminar about the deferred Action for some illegal status in United States. Follow is the information about that:

New Deferred Action Status for Certain Young Persons

In mid-June, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) announced that certain young individuals (“DREAMers”) will be eligible for deferred action status. As a nonprofit legal aid agency, BENNU is working together with Hanul Family Alliance to inform the community of the latest developments about this, and is now offering confidential consultations and free educational seminars by experienced, qualified attorneys and legal assistants to discuss the eligibility requirements. Our goal is to get prompt, accurate information to those who may qualify, because getting this rare opportunity right is so critical to individuals and their families.

Although DHS is not yet taking applications for the new deferred action status, it is developing procedures which it will outline within 60 days after the new announcement. While many questions remain unanswered, so far DHS has clarified that a denied deferred status application will not be appealable. This makes it critical to see a qualified attorney regarding the process, rather than allowing yourself to fall victim to a notario (or “immigration consultant”).

Join us for “Update for DREAMers” at:
Hanul Family Alliance
1166 Elmhurst Rd, Mt Prospect, IL 60056
Tues, July 10, 2012, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM CDT
Open to Public.

Meanwhile, if you or someone you know would like to discuss with an experienced attorney or legal assistant whether s/he qualifies for this new deferred action status, please call right away to 847-478-8200, Ext. 210. Or, if you know of an organization (e.g. school, church, library, etc.) that may value providing this important information to its members during a free presentation to learn more about this and other important immigration developments, please contact Janet Markham at Janet@BENNUlegal.com.

Contact Information:
28835 N Herky Dr, Ste 104, Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Phone : 847-478-8200 | Info@bennulegal.org | www.BENNUlegal.org

한울 복지관에서 불체자 추방 유예에 대한 세미나를 한다고 한다. 관심 있는 분은 참석하면 좋을 듯 하다. 아래는  해당 정보다:

16세이전 입국한 30세미만 불체자 추방유예발표

2012년6월 중순에 이민국은 일정한 요건을 갖춘 젊은이들은(DREAMers) 추방 유예 자격이 주어 진다고 발표했다. 비영리 법률사무소BENNU는 한울 종합 복지관과 함께 이번에 발표된 중요사항들을 지역 사회에 알리고, 유예 자격들을 상담하기 위하여 경험과 자격을 갖춘 변호사와의 개별 상담 및 무료 교육 세미나를 제공합니다. 이 추방유예 발표는 개인과 가족에게 대단해 중요하므로 유예자격이 될 수 있는 사람들에게 정확한 정보를 주는 것입니다.

이민국은 아직 새로운 연기접수를 받고 있지 않지만, 이번 발표후 60일 이내에 전반적인 절차를 준비하고 있습니다. 많은질문들에 대한 답이 아직 안나왔지만, 이민국은 거절당한 추방유예(deferred status) 신청서는 항소할 수 없다고 밝혔습니다. 우선 이민상담가( “NOTARIO”)에게 가기 보다는 신청 절차에 대해 자격이 있는 변호사를 찾아 보는 것이 중요합니다.

불체자 추방유예 법률 세미나
한울종합복지관 (북부사무소)
1166 S. Elmhurst Rd, Mt Prospect, IL 60056
2012년 7월 10일(화) 오후6시 부터 7시 30분

그동안 추방유예자격(deferred action status)이나 중요한 이민법률에 대한 무료상담을 경험이 있는 변호사나 법률 사무소 직원과 논의하고 싶으신분은 847-478-8200, Ext. 210(BENNU), Janet@BENNUlegal.com 또는 한울종합복지관 847-439-5195로 연락주시기 바랍니다.

연락처 정보 :
28835 N Herky Dr, Ste 104, Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Phone : 847-478-8200 | Info@bennulegal.org | www.BENNUlegal.org

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Where to go for Biometrics of Immigration – USCIS

Almost four weeks ago, I got the notice from the USCIS to come for the biometrics. It was yesterday.

Hannah told me she knows where to go and it does not even take ten minutes. So we left home 10 minutes before the appointed time. And one the way, I asked her to double check the location with her smart phone‘s GPS and navigation.

The address was 888 South Route 59, Naperville, IL 60540. And her smart phone (Google Maps) showed totally different location. The location she knew is around IL-59 and McCoy Drive, and the one smart phone showed is north of North Aurora on IL-59.

So we hurried and rushed to the other place, I was nervous and said to her “You told me you know!” She said, “It must be moved! It was there! It must be new place!”

And when we reached the location where the smart phone showed, there was nothing but a field with abandoned tall grass. So we headed back to the original place where Hannah knew. And meanwhile she phoned the USCIS to check the location, and they just asked so many questions verifying who is calling.

While she was talking on the phone, we got to the place and the building says the street number “888” with huge letter!

We were a little bit late, but processing itself was quick. I just took finger prints for all my ten fingers twice, and a photo shot. That was all. And they were very unkind. Hannah was looking at her smart phone, and one of them said with very unpleasant voice, “Ma’am, you got to turn off your cell phone!”

So, if you are looking for where to take your immigration biometrics, which is finger prints, DO NOT BELIEVE the navigator. It is in the shopping centre where the Walmart is by the IL-59 and McCoy Drive. Or you can just go this coordinates on the map – 41.755342,-88.204266. Oh, if you search that address with the zip code, the map shows correctly, but it would be better to see my coordinates on Google maps because the shopping centre is huge and you would take long time to find where. And it is “Application Support Centre.”

거의 4주 전에 미국 이민국에서 바이오메트릭스를 찍으러 오라는 통보를 받았는데, 그게 어제였다.

아내가 어디로 가는지 안다고 그리고 10분도 안 걸린다고 해서 딱 10분 전에 집을 나섰다. 가는 도중에 아내에게 확실히 하기 위해서 스마트폰으로 주소를 찾아 보라고 했다.

주소는 888 South Route 59, Naperville, IL 60540인데 스마트폰 (구글 맵)이 완전 다른 위치를 보여줬다. 아내가 알고 있던 위치는 IL-59번 도로와 맥코이 드라이브 근처인데, 스마트폰은 노스 오로라 길 북쪽의 IL-59번 을 보여주는 것이다.

그래서 바쁘게 차를 돌려서 다른 위치로 갔고, 너무 긴장되고 화가 나서 아내에게 “안다며!”라고 했다. 아내도 역시 “바뀌었나보지! 거기 있었어! 새 장손가 보지!”라고 대꾸했다.

스마트폰이 보여준 위치에 가니 풀만 길게 자라난 허허 벌판이었다. 그래서 다시 아내가 알던 원래 위치로 돌아가면서 미국 이민국에 전화를 했는데, 신원 확인을 위해서 엄청나게 많은 질문들을 해댔다.

아내가 여전히 전화에 대답을 하고 있는 도중에 도착을 했는데, 건물에 큰 글자로 주소가 “888”이라고 적혀 있었다!

조금 늦었는데 진행 자체는 빨랐다. 열 손가락 모두 지문을 두번씩 찍고, 사진을 한 번 찍었다. 그게 전부였다. 그리고 엄청 불친절했다. 아내가 스마트폰을  만지는데, 엄청 퉁명스런 목소리로 “핸드폰 꺼주세욧!”이라고 했다.

그래서, 만일 이민에 관련된 일로 지문을 찍어야 한다면 네비게이션을 믿지 말고 IL-59와 맥코이 드라이브 옆에 있는 월마트가 있는 쇼핑센터로 가길 바란다. 아니면 좌표 41.755342,-88.204266를 찾아 가면 된다. 참, 우편번호까지 넣어서 검색을 하면 제대로된 장소가 나오긴 하지만, 쇼핑센터가 커서 어디로 가야할지 한참 찾아야 할테니 어째든 구글 맵의 좌표 링크를 참조하면 도움이 될 것이다. Application Support Center 어플리케이션 서포트 센터라고 써있다.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Green Card Application Received

After I married, I applied for Green Card by Hannah’s sponsor. I did it with Hanul USA, and they finished all the papers and sent it to USCIS Friday May 25th through USPS Priority. And according to USPS tracking, USCIS receivd the application package the next day which is Saturday May 26th.

And on Monday June 4th, which is after one business week, I received the receipts from the USCIS. They sent four separate receipts for

  • To Hannah for the application of foreign relative petition.
  • To me for the Green Card application.
  • To me for the Work Permit application.
  • To me for the Overseas Travel Permit application.

The agent from Hanul USA told me that I can apply for the Work Permit and Overseas Travel Permit free (no fee) if I apply with Green Card application. So why not? If the work visa is issued before the Green Card (usually yes), then I can work earlier.

And I was told that once I apply for the Green Card in USA, I cannot travel outside of this country. Well, technically I can travel out but I just cannot come back. 🙂 This is why I applied for the Overseas Travel Permit so that I can come back in case I travel out.

And yesterday, which is Wednesday June 6th, I received a notice from the USCIS to come for the biometrics which I think finger prints.

결혼을 한 뒤에 아내의 스폰서로 영주권을 신청했는데, 한울복지관을 통해서 했다. 한울에서 서류를 마치고 우체국을 통해서 이민국에 5월 25일 금요일에 서류를 보냈고, 우체국 홈페이지를 통해서 추적을 하니 다음날인 5월 26일 토요일에 이민국에서 접수를 했다.

그리고 약 일주일 후인 6월 4일 월요일에 영수증 또는 접수증이 이민국에서 왔다. 무려 네통이나 왔는데, 각각

  • 아내한테 온 외국인 식구 영주권 후원서 접수증
  • 나한테 온 영주권 신청서 접수증
  • 나한테 온 취업허가 신청서 접수증
  • 나한테 온 해외 여행 허가 신청서 접수증

한울 복지관의 직원에 의하면 영주권 신청할 때 같이 신청하면 취업 허가 신청서와 해외 여행 허가 신청서는 무료라고 (접수비 없음) 한다. 그러니까 당연히 해야지. 취업 허가서가 영주권보다 먼저 나오면 (대체로 그렇다고 함), 일을 좀 일찍 할 수 있다.

또한 영주권을 미국 내에서 신청하면 해외 여행을 할 수 없다고 한다. 정확히 말하면 여행을 나갈 순 있지만, 돌아올 수가 없다는 거. 🙂 이런 젼차로 해외 여행 허가를 신청했다. 만일 해외로 여행을 나갔을 경우 미국에 다시 돌아올 수 있기 위해서.

그리고 어제, 그러니까 6월 6일 수요일, 이민국에서 biometrics를 채취하러 오라고 하는데, 아마 지문을 의미하는 것 같다.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Medical Exam

Yesterday I had a medical exam for immigration at a Korean hospital in Skokie, IL. I had an appointment at 3:15pm but I also had to wait until 3:50pm. They just worked in ‘first-come, first-serve‘ basis. What then is the appointment for? A Korean lady with her daughter left the hospital because they waited too long, then the doctor called her to her cell phone to come back. And the lady was served right away.

Actual medical exam did not last more than five minutes. They just asked me if I have any disease or allergy. Even they asked me how high I am. I paid $230 by cheque because they accept cheque or cash only.

I had to go back on Monday to pick up the envelope. In Canada, the hospital sends the result of the immigration medical exam directly to CIC (which is Citizenship and Immigration Canada), but in America, the applicant must include the medical exam result in the application package without opening the envelope and submit the whole package to USCIS (which is United States Citizenship and Immigration Service).

At first sight, Canada and America looked quite alike – neighbour countries using even same language. But almost everyday I find different things – really different, so different.

어제는 스코키에 있는 한국인 병원에 가서 이민 건강 검진을 받았다. 예약이 3시 15분이었는데 3시 50분까지 기다렸다. 예약 상관없이 오는 순서대로 봐주는데 그러면 예약은 뭐하러 받나? 딸을 데려온 한국인 아줌마 한분은 기다리다 그냥 나가버렸다. 그러자 의사가 핸드폰으로 전화를 해서 돌아오라고 하더니 바로 진찰을 해줬다.

실제 검진은 약 5분도 안 걸린 듯 했다. 병이나 알레르기가 있는지 물어보고, 심지어 키가 얼마냐고까지 물어봤다. 230불을 수표로 써줬는데, 현금 또는 수표만 받기 때문이다.

월요일에 봉투를 찾으러 다시 가야 한다. 캐나다에서는 이민 건강 검진을 하면  병원에서 결과를 바로 이민국으로 보내는데, 미국에서는 영주권 신청자가 검사 결과를 봉투로 받아서 (봉투를 절대 뜯으면 안되고) 영주권 신청서와 함께 패키지로 해서 이민국에 접수해야 한다.

처음에는 캐나다와 미국이 참 비슷해 보였다. 이웃 나라인데다 말과 글까지 같으니까. 그런데 요즘에는 거의 날마다 다른 걸 발견한다. 정말 달라 많이 달라.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Immigration Receipt

Today, I got a letter from Canadian Consulate in Buffalo. That was the receipt of my immigration application – I applied in February and got the receipt in almost at the end of July!

Anyway this is one big step forward and the sign that it moves on.

The medical check request form was included, and I made an appointment on August 17th.

오늘 버팔로에 있는 캐나다 영사관에서 편지가 왔는데, 열어보니 이민 신청서 접수증이었다. 2월에 신청했는데, 7월에 접수증이 나오다니 -_-;;

어째든, 큰 진전이고 또한 진행이 되긴 한다는 증거기도 하다.

영주권 신검 통지서도 같이 동봉되어 왔고, 바로 병원에 예약을 해서 8월 17일로 잡았다.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

English Level Test

Recently I got an English Level Test which is also called Benchmark Test. It is done by, I believe, Manitoba Provincial Government.

Once they assess the new comers’ English, they arrange them to the English schools, and the school is FREE. Actually, it is government funded. The level is 1 to 8 which is best. And if I have all 8s, then I cannot attend free school – this is what I was heard.

At the final step of my test, I just said “I didn’t hear.” And the result was:

Reading:8, Writing:8, Speaking:8, Listening:7

This was exactly what I wanted. I can attend the free school!

얼마 전에 영어 레벨 테스트라는 걸 받았는데, 벤치마크 테스트라고도 한다. 이건, 내 생각엔 주정부에서 하는 것 같다.

일단 신규 이민자들의 영어를 평가한 다음엔, 무료 학교로 보내준다. 사실 무료가 아니라 정부가 돈을 낸다. 레벨은 1부터 8까진데, 8이 가장 좋은 것이다. 어떤 사람에게 듣기로는 모두 8을 받으면 무료 영어 학교를 다닐 수가 없다고 했다.

그래서 마지막 시험볼 때, “안들리는데요”라고 했더니, 시험 결과는:

읽기:8, 쓰기:8, 말하기:8, 듣기:7

로 내가 원하는 대로 나왔다. 무료 학교에 다닐 수가 있다!

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