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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How to say ‘I love you’ in Hebrew

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In Hebrew there are four possible sentences according to the gender:

히브리어에서는 성에 따라 사랑한다는 말은 네 가지로 구분된다:

When a man says to a woman / 남자가 여자에게 말할 때:

אֲנִי אוׂהֵב אוׂתָךְ (Ani Oheyv Otak)

When a woman says to a man / 여자가 남자에게 말할 때:

אֲנִי אוׂהֶבֶת אוׂתְךָ (Ani Ohebet Otka)

When a man says to another man / 남자가 다른 남자에게 말할 때:

אֲנִי אוׂהֵב אוׂתְךָ (Ani Oheyv Otka)

When a woman says to another woman / 여자가 다른 여자에게 말할 때:

אֲנִי אוׂהֶבֶת אוׂתָךְ (Ani Ohebet Otak)


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