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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Gender Equality in America

Living in America, I inevitably talk to Americans.  And almost always I find that they think America is the greatest country not only in the world but even EVER in history as well as the best place to live in.  So, sometimes I ask them which countries they have lived visited, and about 70% of the answer is surprisingly None.  Quite many of them did not even go outside their state for whole life.

I am not quite sure in what sense America is the greatest country in the world.  Maybe Yosemite?  Or maybe highest incarceration rate per capita in the world?  Or highest gun related crime and homicide in the whole world ever in history?  Or spending more money on the military and weapons than the rest of the world combined (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 2015 Fact Sheet), rather than improving education, health, welfare and infrastructure?

Most Americans believe that America is the best country for human rights including gender equality.  For this – human rights – matter, I do not also agree but I do not publicly express my thoughts.  I am quite interested in gender matter.  My goal is not equality but equity (I prefer say it fairness).  I’ve recently read a huffington post article – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/foreign-women-assess-us-gender-equality_566ef77de4b0e292150e92f0

There are actually long way to go.  Though money is not everything, it can still be a measure and we have significant difference in wages.  Women get paid much less in Hollywood and even in White House.

In U.S Cabinet, there are seven women out of 23 (excluding President) which is 30% while there are exactly half women in Canadian Cabinet.  Even Canada has a First Nations Woman as the minister of justice and attorney general who will oversea the court cases of First Nation’s appeal to get their land back.  And the minister of National Defence is a Indian Sikh immigrant.

They say that the very first step to solve a problem is to recognise there is one.  To make America really the best and/or greatest country, American media must stop hypnosis on their people, and Americans should stop doing mental masturbation reciting that “we are the greatest.”  They must throw away the drugs of greatness.

I am not saying that America is worst country.  Human rights and women’s status are almost best in comparison to those of North Korea, Middle Eastern countries such as ISIL.  But we should not be satisfied and continue progressing.

Friday, 1 August 2008

US goes more and more wicked

In 2003, U.S Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of State stopped (or suspended) the International-to-International transit without VISA. (Read Official Press Release) The travellers who just transit do not (or cannot) go out of the air port. As long as I know, US is the only country which does not allow the international travellers to transfer in their land.

With this suspension, I guess, many travellers have had great inconvenience because if they transfer in the states, they can get cheaper flight and easier to find a flight. It also is bad for the US airline companies because they all lost so many customers who want to transit in the states and not having a VISA (it is not easy to get US VISA for people in some countries).

Anyway, U.S government did very stupid thing in 2003, and now they did more stupid thing. Please read http://webworkerdaily.com/2008/08/01/your-laptop-and-the-border/

There is no word ‘human right’ in the dictionary of US government. They just think everyone is criminal candidate or terrorist candidate. But they have to know and realise that their extremely stupid attitude makes the terrorists. They are alchemists – they just turn the good people into terrorists not the copper into gold.

I suggest you if you are going to the states (or just transit), you’d better go there naked.

2003년에 미국정부 (정확히는 국토안전부랑 국무부)는 비자없이 미국을 경유하는 것을 금지했다(주한 미국 대사관 영문 안내서, 주한 미국 대사관 경유비자 한글 안내페이지). 사실 경유만 하는 여행객들은 공항 밖으로 나가질 않는다(또는 나갈 수 없다). 내가 할기로는 자국내 경유를 금지하는 것은 미국 뿐이다.

내 생각에, 이런 금지 조치로 많은 여행객들이 불편을 겪고 있다. 미국을 경유하면 더 싼 비행기표를 구할 수도 있고, 표를 구하기도 더 쉽다. 이런 조치는 또한 미국 항공 회사에도 나쁘다. 미국을 경유하고 싶지만 비자가 없는 모든 고객들을 잃어버렸으니까. (일부 국가에서는 미국 비자를 받는 게 굉장히 어렵다)

어째든, 미국 정부는 2003년에 병신같은 짓을 했고, 이제 더 병신같은 짓을 했다. 한겨레 신문에 난 기사를 읽어 보길  바란다. 한겨레 신문이 인용한 워싱턴 포스트의 원래 기사도 읽어보길 바란다. (사족: 근데, 왜 신문사들은 다른 신문사 열라게 인용 및 펌질 하면서 출처를 정확히 밝히는 적이 없지? 원래기사 찾아 읽다가 자기네 혹시 실수한 거 있다면 발각될까봐 그런가? 인터넷 기사끼리는 출처를 좀 링크 달아서 제대로 밝혀줘야 하지 않나?)

미국 정부 사전엔 “인권”이란 게 없나보다. (한국 정부 사전엔 당연히 더 없고) 미국은 모든 사람들이 범죄자 후보 또는 테러리스트 후보로 생각하고 있나보다. 하지만, 테러리스트를 양성하는 건 지네들의 뭐 같은 태도라는 걸 알아야 한다. 미국정부는 연금술사와 같다. 놋에서 금을 만드는 게 아니라 양민을 테러리스트로 만드는…

만일 미국으로 가려면 (또는 경우라도 할 예정이라면), 홀딱 벗고 가길 권유한다.

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