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Friday, 29 February 2008

Nice Prince Harry

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Probably from yesterday, TV shows Prince Harry in his military service quite much. 

Wow, nice and cool! Gorgeous Prince Harry. And gorgeous British Royal Family – fulfilling all the services and duties.

I heard that MB Lee the Korean President said that he would make all the soldiers be proud of their military service. And I know most Coreans took it as a kind of comedy.

Well, in Corea, it is mandatory to serve the army for all boys. But the people in so-called high class do not go to the army using their money and power. That means only the people without particular political power or great wealth do the military service according to the law. This fact and reality makes the soldiers and ex-soldiers feel they are quite small and great angry.

If MB Lee really wants to make the soldiers be proud of themselves, he himself should serve the army even NOW!

In Corea, the high class people do not have respect. All the normal people hate them.

And a few years ago, there was a singer whose name is SJ Yoo. He was very popular and a top singer. He said very many times that he would go to the marine corps. He said that real man should go to the marine. The army soldiers are chickens.

Just before the time he should go to the military service, he fled to USA.

What a liar! He is real and greatest chicken!

Look Prince Harry! He does not need to be Afghanistan. But he went their his own will.

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