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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Israel Trip Seventeenth and Last Day: Flight Back

We couldn’t even stay one night at the very good hotel because we got up at 12:30am, ate 1am and left there 1:30am for Ben Gurion airport at Tel Aviv.

Beginning of annoying and paranoid Israeli security

Beginning of annoying and paranoid Israeli security

When we were entering to the airport area, we passed the initial security. The guy on the picture has a machine gun. It was just the beginning of very annoying Israeli security. They are paranoid because they know what they’ve been doing.

Not like other airport security, we had to go through the security with our check-in baggage. They scanned everything, and many of us, including me, had to go through another manual check by opening the baggage. They found four mud packs from my bag, and asked me:

“WHY DO YOU HAVE MUD PACKS?” – “Because I bought them.”

“WHERE DID YOU BUY THEM?” – “Qumran gift shop.”

“WHY DID YOU BUY THEM?” – “For my wife.”

“WHY DO YOU GO TO AMERICA?” – “Because I live there!”

What stupid questions, and why do they care? Because I did not have US passport, I was checked my green card three times. Once they took my green card and went somewhere and came back in ten minutes.

The security opened a bag of a girl in our group and checked all the books and literatures and read to see what was written.

Many people go to Israel once and no more. I see why. Basically the Israel government is saying to all the tourists, “Don’t you dare come back again!”

Airport Synagogue

Airport Synagogue

There is a synagogue in the airport. I thought it is interesting. Are the religious Jews supposed to be in the airport on Sabbath? Why do they need a synagogue in the airport? Secular Jews don’t care, and religious Jews don’t come to the airport on Sabbath day.



This is of course Germany that we can see huge BAYER sign. Frankfurt airport is so huge, ridiculously huge. We rode an airport bus, and walked thousand miles after that. I do not mind walking a lot, but I do mind the timing. I walked fast and I reached the gate first in our group, and already people were boarding into the plane! Even a flight attendant in the first plane advised us that we may make it to the connecting air plane but we need to move fast.

Smoking Zone

Smoking Zone

This looks quite interesting to me. There are many smoking zones in Frankfurt airport, I could not take photos because there were always many people inside the box.



If I remember right, Frankfurt is the home airport of Lufthansa. I don’t like long flight, but I am quite satisfied with Lufthansa.

Not like on the way to Israel in Frankfurt, there was no security check this time on the way to Chicago. In Chicago, there were three different immigration gates: one for US Citizen, one for Green card holders, and the other was for everyone else.

After long flight, I landed on Chicago O’Hare airport. While the plane was landing, at the right moment that the landing gear began to touch the runway pavement, my wife Hannah called me that she is waiting at the airport terminal 5. She was not supposed to come and pick me up, but she skipped her work.

I’ve always driven to Chicago, never landed on Chicago. Chicago. This is what home feels like. During this trip, I saw many things, I felt many things, I learned many things, and I realised many things. But the biggest thing is this: I realised that I truly love my wife, Hannah.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Green Card Application Received

After I married, I applied for Green Card by Hannah’s sponsor. I did it with Hanul USA, and they finished all the papers and sent it to USCIS Friday May 25th through USPS Priority. And according to USPS tracking, USCIS receivd the application package the next day which is Saturday May 26th.

And on Monday June 4th, which is after one business week, I received the receipts from the USCIS. They sent four separate receipts for

  • To Hannah for the application of foreign relative petition.
  • To me for the Green Card application.
  • To me for the Work Permit application.
  • To me for the Overseas Travel Permit application.

The agent from Hanul USA told me that I can apply for the Work Permit and Overseas Travel Permit free (no fee) if I apply with Green Card application. So why not? If the work visa is issued before the Green Card (usually yes), then I can work earlier.

And I was told that once I apply for the Green Card in USA, I cannot travel outside of this country. Well, technically I can travel out but I just cannot come back. 🙂 This is why I applied for the Overseas Travel Permit so that I can come back in case I travel out.

And yesterday, which is Wednesday June 6th, I received a notice from the USCIS to come for the biometrics which I think finger prints.

결혼을 한 뒤에 아내의 스폰서로 영주권을 신청했는데, 한울복지관을 통해서 했다. 한울에서 서류를 마치고 우체국을 통해서 이민국에 5월 25일 금요일에 서류를 보냈고, 우체국 홈페이지를 통해서 추적을 하니 다음날인 5월 26일 토요일에 이민국에서 접수를 했다.

그리고 약 일주일 후인 6월 4일 월요일에 영수증 또는 접수증이 이민국에서 왔다. 무려 네통이나 왔는데, 각각

  • 아내한테 온 외국인 식구 영주권 후원서 접수증
  • 나한테 온 영주권 신청서 접수증
  • 나한테 온 취업허가 신청서 접수증
  • 나한테 온 해외 여행 허가 신청서 접수증

한울 복지관의 직원에 의하면 영주권 신청할 때 같이 신청하면 취업 허가 신청서와 해외 여행 허가 신청서는 무료라고 (접수비 없음) 한다. 그러니까 당연히 해야지. 취업 허가서가 영주권보다 먼저 나오면 (대체로 그렇다고 함), 일을 좀 일찍 할 수 있다.

또한 영주권을 미국 내에서 신청하면 해외 여행을 할 수 없다고 한다. 정확히 말하면 여행을 나갈 순 있지만, 돌아올 수가 없다는 거. 🙂 이런 젼차로 해외 여행 허가를 신청했다. 만일 해외로 여행을 나갔을 경우 미국에 다시 돌아올 수 있기 위해서.

그리고 어제, 그러니까 6월 6일 수요일, 이민국에서 biometrics를 채취하러 오라고 하는데, 아마 지문을 의미하는 것 같다.

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