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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Giant Adam

Couple weeks ago, I met a guy who said Adam was giant, probably over 20 feet.  I was curious why he was saying that because he said he has biblical evidence.

The Bible he showed me was Genesis 2:15, and it was like: “The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.”  He said that to watch something over it, you must be taller than those things.  And Garden of Eden was full of trees, so Adam must be at least over 20 feet tall.

I was just like frozen, not knowing how to respond at first.  That part “watch over” in Hebrew Bible or Bible in original language is לעבדה whose meaning is “to serve it.”

Wow.  That is one good example what happens when you do not know the original language and try to interprete something too hard.  I do know that original language does NOT guarantee you the correct interpretation, but it may reduce the absurd mistakes.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Surprise deer

I was doing house sitting last week for my Church member. One day, I was reading book in the front garden. It was very nice day – breeze and sunny.

I was reading a book. Then sudden small noise just next to me surprised me very very much. That noise was made by:

Deer in front of the house

I saw very very many squirrels and rabbits and some other animals in town. But it was the first time that I saw a deer in Winnipeg. I saw many deers of course driving around the city but not in front of the house – actually the front garden.

Wow. But no one was surprised by the deer except me in the area around.

지난 주에 교회 분 한 분 집을 봐줬다. 어느 날씨 캡 좋은 날, 집 앞뜰에서 책을 읽고 있었는데, 바로 옆에서 소리가 나서 깜짝 놀랬다. 소리의 주인공은 바로 위의 사슴이었다.

위니펙에 살면서 다람쥐나 토끼 등을 비롯해서 많은 종류의 동물들을 수도없이 봤지만, 시내에서 사슴을 보기는 처음이었다. 물론 차타고 시 주변을 다니면서는 겁나 많이 봤지만. 그래도 집 앞뜰에 오다니…

더 놀란 건 나 빼곤 아무도 놀라지 않았다는 것. 결국 사슴이 종종 찾아와서 놀랄 일이 아니라는 얘기네… 와!

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