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Friday, 15 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Forty Fourth Day – Protesting

Today is Friday, and there was supposedly no class today, but because the teacher moved the day from Monday to Friday, it was school day only for my class.

For the week day name in Arabic, they just use number from Sunday to Thursday.  Sunday is “Day one,” and Thursday is “Day five.”  But Friday is called “Day of Jum-ah.”  I think this name possibly came from the word mosque which is “Jami-” in Arabic.  And most of the Arabic speaking area is muslim.  So Friday in Arabic might mean “the day for Mosque.”  And Saturday is “Day of sabt” in Arabic, which I guess came from the word Shabat.

Friday Worship of Muslims on the street

Friday Worship of Muslims on the street

After the class, I understood why this Christian University does not have class on Fridays.  They broadcast the service into the air with so loud volume of speaker, and people worship on the streets.  The other side of the picture and the street is totally blocked by the people.  Every Friday, the Manger Square is filled with muslims.  And I was not able to move at all.  This is not cool.  And there is not even an easy detour.

Palestinians protesting against Israel

Palestinians protesting against Israel

After the Muslim service, people began to shout something and raised many flags.  I asked some people around me, and was told that they were protesting for Gaza and against Israel.  They were marching to the “famous” Israeli separation wall.  They said that they would throw many stones at Israel soldiers.  I just hope that no one would get hurt, because Israel soldiers might shoot at them.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday when Jesus crucified and died. For Christians, this weekend is not just another weekend. We must meditate and thank the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

But not like in Canada, I found many Americans (exactly American Christians) look like just do not have the sense of Good Friday. Even so-called (or self-called) faithful Christians have party today. I found several of them, not one. I feel like the whole country lost the common sense of being Christian.

This is the day that our Lord was killed. How can they have party this day? They have another 51 Fridays every year. Do they really have to party this day when they call themselves as (faithful) Christian?

I don’t care for non-Christians or not-that-faithful Christians. Be a serious Christian or don’t call yourself a good Christian.

오늘은 예수님이 돌아가신 성 금요일이다. 기독교인에게 이번 주말은 그냥  여타의 주말이 아니다. 기독교인은 예수 그리스도 우리의 구세주의 희생적인 죽음을 묵상하고 감사해야 한다.

캐나다와는 달리 미국인들은 (정확히 말하면 미국의 기독교인들) 성 금요일에 대한 감각이 없는 듯 보인다. 소위 (또는 자칭) 신실한 기독교인들  조차 오늘 파티를 한다. 한 사람만 본 게 아니라 여럿 봤다. 나라 전체가 기독교인이 된다는 것에 대한 상식을 상실해 버린 것 같다.

오늘은 주님이 살해된 날이다. 어떻게 오늘 파티를 할 수가 있나? 해마다 파티를 할 수 있는 금요일이 51개가 있잖아. 스스로 신실한 기독교인이라고 부르면서 꼭 이 날 파티를 해야만 하나?

기독교인이 아닌 사람이나 신실하지 않은 사람은 괜찮다. 제대로 기독교인이 되거나 아니면 성실한 기독교인이라고 자칭하지 말아라.


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