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Thursday, 28 December 2006

In memory of my father: 001. Pilot

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My father, Byoung Seok Leigh, died when I was a freshman in University. I miss him. I want to write down about his life as a series of articles.

My family has begun over 2,000 years ago. In the myth, my ancestor was one of the founder of Silla, the ancient Korean kingdom. My family name is Leigh of Kyoungju where the kingdom had begun. My family name in chinese character is 李 whose koreanised pronunciation is /ɪ/ and could be written in English as Lee, Ree, Rhie, Yi, Leigh. and Lee is most widely used. Kyoungju is the place of origin.The ancient tree of my family book is not accurate, and there are several versions. According to the longest version, I am the 99th descendant of my family beginner.

According to the myth, the beginner of my family, Al Pyoung Leigh, was the head of one village, where there were six villages. It is said that his village was most powerful and leading one. He brought Hyeok-go-se Park (the first king over Silla) and made him king over Silla. The group of villages turned into an ancient kingdom.

Al Pyoung Leigh came down from the sky in B.C. 117 according to the myth. And the founding fathers all became royal – Park, Seok, Kim, and my ancestor. There were two royal classes – Seonggol and Jingol.

  • Seonggol means Sacred bone. Both parents should be sacred bone. (Upper royal class)
  • Jingol means True bone. One of the parents should be sacred bone or both parents should be true bone. (Lower royal class)

It is written one of his descendant, Keo Myoung Leigh, is true bone. And there is no record about Al Pyoung Leigh‘s class, but I believe he must be sacred bone for he is one of the founding fathers. Anyway, I am the descendant of ancient royal line. 🙂

After Silla, the Korean dynasty became Goryeo (royal family name is Wang), and Joseon (royal family name is Yi of Jeonju). And my family remains number 1 noble and one of the most powerful family.

In my family, there are twelve branches. I am in Ikje branch. The branch beginner is Je Hyoun Leigh, one of the greatest writer, poet, and diplomat in the times of Goryeo dynasty. Next year, my family is 2124 years old (2007 plus 117).

This is the brief instroduction of my family.

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