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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Thirty Third Day – Rocket from Hamas

This is my first morning in the house in Beit Sahour, neighbouring city of Bethlehem.  I was having breakfast with the hosting family when the house shook and heard the huge explosion sound.

Building Attacked by a rocket

Building Attacked by a rocket

Everybody was very surprised and stunned, and we went out of the house.  All the neighbours also came out.  We saw black smoke was rising up from the downtown of Beit Sahour.  Because of the lady in this house went to downtown earlier, the host family and I went to the spot right away.  She was not there.  She was safe in other place.  And thank God that no one was killed.

Broken Building Pieces

Broken Building Pieces

There were lots of people and they were a bit angry, and about to be outrageous.  People were asking each other where the rockets are from – Israel or Hamas.  The Palestinian authority took the remain of the rockets, and later I was told from the Palestinian police officer that the rocket is Arabic, and most probably from Hamas.  Then everybody became calm, and they were not angry any longer.  People kept quiet about it, and no one was talking about it.  I saw a Palestinian guy who writes online about the Palestinian life and Israeli oppression on them.  He took a lot of photos, and after he heard that it is from Hamas, he deleted the photos on the street.

It is cease-fire from today which Israel announced one-way.  And I guess Hamas does not want toe cease-fire even though more than 1,800 people of their own were killed.

Palestinian authority officially said it is Arabic rocket, and all the news say the same thing.  And I found that some people began to say that the rocket is Israeli in the evening.  Personally it does not make sense to me because Israel wants to finish the war with Gaza, and why would they want another brand new war with West Bank?  And there is no terrorist organisation in West Bank such as Hamas, consequently Israel has no excuse making war in West Bank.

Last night, I talked with some Palestinians.  They said many Palestinians were killed by Israeli attack, but only a few were killed in Israel.  And also they said it is OK for Gazans to fire rocket because it is not powerful and home-made.  I think that does not make sense as well.  It is not OK for both sides to attack each other no matter how weak the weapons are.  I do not know the owner of the building where it got rocket, but if possible I want to talk to him to ask if it is really OK to get rocket because the rocket is weak and did not kill any.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Egg explosion

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Two weeks ago, I tried to boil two eggs in microwave in a shell.

As you expect, they exploded.

I am very afraid that the Korea will explode.

2MB government is giving great heat to the people by many things such as

  • importing beef over 30 months from the states which means much possibility of danger for mad cow disease
  • digging the canal through the country
  • privatising the health insurance
  • privatising the tab water
  • doing nothing when a lady was shot by north Korean soldier
  • doing nothing when Japan pronounced that our land is theirs
  • lying extremely many things
  • persecuting its people

So the pressure of the people are extremely increasing and there is no way out for the pressure. If there is no way, and 2MB keeps giving heat to the people, they will explode pretty soon.

Will it be bloody revolution? I do not know.

2주 전에 달걀을 전자렌지에서 삶으려 했는데, 예상했겠지만 폭발해 버렸다. 엄청나게…

지금, 한국도 폭발할까 겁난다.

알다시피 2MB 정부가 엄청난 닭짓으로 국민들 스팀돌게 하고 있고 국민들은 해소할 데가 없다. 만일 해소할 방안이 없는데, 2MB가 국민들 계속 열받게 한다면, 조만간 폭발할 것이다.

유혈 혁명이 될까? 모르겠다.

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