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Friday, 23 January 2009

Gloomy New Years Day

January 26th is the New Year’s Day in Korea.

A few days before the New Year’s day in Korea, there was a sad tragedy.

To develop and build new things in Yongsan, the government tried to drove out all the people there under the lustful name of “New Town.”

Of course the people there, refused to  go. Driving them out without any compensation is nothing but killing them all and their family. The people gathered together and began to protest on the top of a building.

Then the police commandos, trained to kill and suppress the terrorists, went into action. And they suppressed them without mercy and with great violence.

Five protesters were killed and a policeman died. It was so bad and the people, passing by there, said it was like a slaughter.

Later, the blue house (where the president lives) had a press conference, saying

“By this accident, we hope there would be no more harsh protests.”

What the hell is this? They are saying, “If you protest, we will kill you too.”

Driving people in Winter is out of law. Putting the commandos in action to those crying for their lives is unbelievable. Threatening the people, not saying an apology or consolation, in the press conference is completely non-sense.

I will watch what will happen in Korea. I will wait for the judgement and justice of God.

새해를 얼마 앞둔 용산 대학살을 보면서 무슨 말을 하랴.

하나님. orz…

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