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Sunday, 10 February 2008

A sorceress made her level up

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There is a character named Sorceress in the game of Diablo II, and she can cast blizzard. Of course this mighty magical casting requires quite high level.

Well, I think a sorceress lives around this city of Winnipeg. I had several Blizzard watch but I did not have real blizzard around me. But yesterday, I had real blizzard! It was so bad.

Well, she kept failing her casting of blizzard until now, but I believe she made her level up so that she could cast blizzard! 😦

Thursday, 24 January 2008

From piercing to brain

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A few days ago, I was in a shopping centre to see a girl with many many piercings on her face and her body covered with tattoos. There are many people wear like in summer indoor, and she did too.

Because I do hate piercing and tattoo so much, her piercings and tattoos made my bones chill.

Suddenly I thought these things:

The monsters in the game like Diablo II may get the similar feeling that I felt when a warrior approaches having magical items and charms and runes.

Well, if we see the facts and details in the main game, it is very bad – the so called warrior invades the monsters village where they live peacefully, and slaughters and butchers them without saying a word. It surely is very violent and justifies the violence and invasion.

The games makers know that, so they also made the opening scene saying that the land was of the people and monsters invaded first and took. If there is no opening scene, the warrior is not a hero but only a crazy bastard.

So, the opening is the history.

Then I came to think the opening is the history concoction which Japan and China are doing. And the main game is what the America is doing now. Uncle Sam have always been invading the countries where the people were living peacefully. And if the opening is the history concoction of Japan and China, they will soon start the main game… I am so afraid and concerning about Korea’s future.

Wow, one of the funny thing is…. a girl with piercings and tattoos reminded me of the warrior at the game Diablo II, and I thought the relationship of the warrior and monsters reverse, and the relationship had the association of US and other countries, and then my idea came to the game opening, I thought it as the history concoction of China and Japan…. and I worried about the tomorrow of Korea…

Well, the association function of human brain is very very funny.

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