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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dog police sold their souls

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First of all, I will never say police officer or policeman for Korean police but dog police or bitch police according to their sex. Because they are nothing but the dogs of the blue house (where Korean president lives).

US president, Mr. Bush was visiting South Korea, and MB Lee government did not want the demonstration on those days. And the head dog decided to give $50 allowance for each arrest of the demonstrator. So, if a dog catches five citizens, he can get $250.

And as the result, there was a worst suppression. It was just like the crazy dogs chasing the people. Hundreds of citizens were arrested. They arrested also the press reporters who have the permit. They broke into a cosmetic shoppe to search and destroyed whole shoppe. They arrested not only the demonstrators but also the other citizens who were just passing, walking or shopping.

The dogs were all mad and crazy.

See? The dogs attacked from the back and it is extremely mean and dirty. I read on many blogs testifying that in a police bus, a citizen was severely even the people out of the bus could hear the beating sound. So the people out of the bus shouted not to beat, then the dogs in the bus just drew the curtain to hide it.

And they many times shot a water cannon but that time, they did not use the normal water but coloured water.

Can you see the colour? Yes, it was red, red as blood. Why did they coloured the water red? My guess is that the colour red hides the blood, the blood of the citizens. And according to the testimony of the citizens, the water was kind of sticky and had extremely bad smell.

I knew that they are nothing but dogs and bitches but that time, they just sold their souls for just $50. Now they are soul-less dogs and bitches.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

I saw hope

In the last President Election and the general election, I saw the despair and thought there would be no hope and no future.

I was right. There is no hope at all in the Korean adults.

And today, I saw the candle light demonstrations at Youtube. Most of them were school girls probably grade 7 to 12.

I felt my tears came down and I saw the hope for Korea. They have future.

Shame to all Korean adults and mostly young adults! And my respect to the school girls.

지난 대선과 총선에서 난 절망을 봤다. 그리고 대한민국에 희망도 미래도 없다고 생각했다.

내 생각은 맞았던 거 같다. 난 국개론을 믿었다.

오늘 유튜브에서 촛불 시위 동영상들을 봤다. 감동이었다. 대부분 여중고생이었다. 눈물이 나더라.

난 오늘 여중생들에게서 그리고 여고생들에게서 희망을 보았고 미래를 보았다.

여중고생들에게 존경을 보낸다. 그리고 어른과 청년들, 쪽팔린 줄 알아라. 병신들아.


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Demonstration and police

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Probably last week or the week before, I saw many aboriginal people were demonstrating on Broadway. And I also found several police cars and officers.

But the police officers were not persecuting them. They were blocking the traffic on Broadway and kept the demonstrators safe. It was not familiar to me.

When I was a university student in South Korea before I met Jesus, I also demonstrated quite a lot. And the police officers were so busy to beat us.

The government had special force team to stop the demonstratings, called White Skull Corps – Baek-Gol-Dan. They were very scary and powerful. The police many times shot the powerful tear bombs.

But after the military government went away and President Daejoong Kim disassemble the corps.

Now, the new president MB Lee said that he would revive the White Skull Corps and he would also let the policemen use the taser to the citizens in demonstration!!!

I believe Korea is no more democracy but demoCrazy.

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