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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Different style of washing dish

I found that how to  wash dish is different between Canada and Corea.

You know, in Canada, they fill the sink with water and put liquid soap. Then put all dishes in the water and wipe with a towel, then rinse in another sink without soapy water and finally wipe the dish with dry towel.

In Corea, they wash dish in running water, and put the liquid soap on the sponge and wipe the dishes with it. Rinse the dish in the running water again, and put the wet dish in the dish rack and let the time dry them.

한국과 캐나다에서 설겆이 하는 방식이 다르다는 걸 알았다.

한국에서는 보통 흐르는 물에 씻고, 수세미에 퐁퐁을 묻혀서 그릇을 닦은 뒤에 역시 흐르는 물에 헹구고는 물 있는 채로 식기 건조대에 올려놓고 마르게 한다.

캐나다에서는 싱크대에 물을 받은 후에 퐁퐁을 풀어 놓고, 접시를 모조리 물에 집에 넣고는 헹주로 닦는다. 그리고 비눗물이 아닌 깨끗한 물에 (역시 싱크대에 받아놓고) 헹구고 나서는 마른 수건으로 닦는다.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


In Corea, it would not please girls to say they are cute. But in Japan, the word ‘cute’ is best praise available to girls.

These days I asked some of the girls here (in Winnipeg, Canada) about it and they all said that the girls in Canada like to hear that  they are cute.

한국에선 귀엽다고 하면 여자들이 그다지 좋아하지 않는 거 같다. 반면에 일본에서는 귀엽다가 여자에게 할 수 있는 최대의 찬사다.

최근 몇일 간 여기 (캐나다 위니펙)의 (백인) 여자들에게 (모두 20대 초반) 이에 대해 물어본 결과 한결같이 캐나다의 여자들은 귀엽다는 소리 듣는 걸 좋아 한다고 한다.

혹시 필요하신 분들, 작업에 참고하시길.



Friday, 22 August 2008

Brief history of modern Corea – 02. United States of America, root of all evil

[This is series posting. Please read Brief history of modern Corea – 01. Bad Japan first]

Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945 and the World War II finished. And Corea took back its sovereignty.

According to the agreement of Yalta Conference, US and USSR divided Corea by the 38th parallel. Russia ruled over the north part of Corea and US south part of Corea.

General John Hodge came to Korea through Inchon as a governor of US Military government. And he made his first mistake in Korea – he let the Japanese troops in Korea keep the public security and peace. The Korea groaned under Japan for thirty six years! And as the result, the Japanese troop shot and killed two Koreans welcoming General Hodge.

And soon after that, the very worst thing in Corean history happened. The US military government in Korea hired all the projaps again. Remember how France did to those who helped Nazi Germany.

The Korean helper for Japanese police became the police – they persecuted his own people quite much under Japanese colony government for his selfish desire.

The Korean helper in Japanse court became the judge – they helped the Japanese judges to sentence death to those who fought for their own country.

The prosecutors were the same, the soldiers were the same. The projaps seized the new government in every department.

The US gave the power to the betrayers of the country and people again, and this became the root of all problems and evils in South Korea from then even until now. It is not yet healed.

The projap police still persecutes their own people for their dirty desire. The judges still make false judgement for their own filthy desire.

Now, the descendants of the projaps, the betrayers of country are still very rich and live well while the descendants of those who fought for the country’s Independence against Japan are very poor and live like dogs.

The Korean people have learned that there is no justice in the world, and it is absolutely useless to devote for others – the very best thing is to be a rich and to have power at what costs, lying and cheating to others are not even a problem.

The Korean society is very much corrupted. There is no philosophy but only money and power.

Many times Korea tried to punish the projaps and lift the justice but only in vain. Each try failed. Why? The government has been full of projaps, and do you think they would allow to punish themselves? They are now falsifying the modern history to hide their dirty origin and disgusting things what they have done.

This is almost all because of US. The US military government hired the projaps and did not allow us to punish them. At least in Korea, US is the root of all evil. They are more than the axis.

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