Hannah and Je together

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Complete in Hebrew

In Isaiah class, a student said that there is no Hebrew or Arabic word for “complete” or “perfect.”  So I opened the BDB (Biblical Hebrew Dictionary) page 1022, and showed him after class the famous word Shalom (שָׁלוׂם) whose very first meaning is “completeness.”  And he made a very unpleasant face.

I have no idea from where he heard that but his information was completely incorrect.  And though I did not intend anything malicious, he was very much offended just because I corrected him privily (not in front of other students).  I’d better not to correct him any further.

My concern is that, he will have seminary master degree which means he will have influence to other people.  When he says something, people will believe because he has a master’s degree from a good seminary.  They will not know that he did not learn Hebrew.  When I talked to him, he has so much incorrect knowledge.  And people will know and believe those incorrect knowledge because those are from the certified person.

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