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Friday, 18 November 2016

Public Library

When people ask me what I am doing these day, I tell them that I spend most of the time at public libraries, and that is true.  After I finished school, I moved into my wife’s parents’ house temporarily (hopefully).  And they do not have internet home.  That is why I began public library tour.

사람들이 요즘 뭐하냐고 물으면 대부분의 시간을 공립 도서관에서 보낸다고 대답한다.  그게 사실이니까. 졸업하고 나서 처가집으로 임시 (제발!) 이사를 갔다.  그런데 집에 인터넷이 없어서 공립 도서관에 가기 시작했다.

I’ve been to many public libraries around Chicago suburbs including Naperville, Aurora, Darien, Bolingbrook, and couple more.  All public libraries have free wi-fi, free A/C and heater (according to season), free books, free CD, free DVD.  They also rent game consoles such as X-Box and PlayStation, game titles, laptops (both PC and Mac), hoopla, netflix and other devices.  At Naperville libraries, the survey is going on what people want to check-out: Google Chromecast, iPad, Go Pro Cam, and couple more cool gadgets.

시카고 교외지역의 여러 공립 도서관에 다녀봤다.  네이퍼빌, 오로라, 대리언, 볼링브룩을 비롯한 여러 도시들인데, 모든 도서관에는 와이파이가 공짜, 냉난방(계절에 따라)이 공짜, 책이 공짜, 음악 씨디가 공짜, 영화 디비디가 공짜다.  또한 엑박이나 플스와 같은 게임기를 대여해 주고, 게임 타이틀도 수천개 빌릴 수 있고, 랩탑 (피씨와 맥 모두)도 빌려주고, 후플라와 넷플릭스 같은 장비도 대여해 준다.  네이퍼빌 도서관에서는 현재 어떤 장비를 추가로 대여하고 싶은지 설문조사 중인데, 장비에는 구글 크롬캐스트, 아이패드, 고프로 캠 등을 비롯한 최신 장비들이 가득 예시되어 있다.

All these are free.  And I wish they would have free coffee as well.  But as Christine, the head librarian at JKM Library (for both McCormick Theological Seminary and Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago), pointed out, these are not free.  The library is run by the taxes we pay.  And for that reason, I am so proud that I am paying tax.  And I am so happy that my tax is used for the public library.

이 모든 게 공짜다!  커피도 좀 공짜로 줬으면 좋겠는데… 하지만 JKM 도서관(맥코믹 신학교와 루터교 신학교의 도서관) 관장인 크리스틴이 지적한 것 처럼 이들은 공짜가 아니다.  도서관은 우리가 내는 세금으로 운영된다.  그런 이유로 나는 내가 세금을 낸다는 사실이 자랑스럽고, 또 그 세금이 이런 공립 도서관에 쓰인다는 게 너무 기쁘다.

When I moved to Canada from Korea, I was so surprised at Toronto Public Libraries.  They are so awesome and great.  I’ve never seen such library in Korea.  I guess Korea also has similar ones but they are not accessible.  I usually went to big book stores to read (for free) such as Kyobo and Chongro.  But these libraries in Toronto and also in Winnipeg are so easily accessible and has a lot of books (even Korean books!) and provide various services to the public.  There are giant libraries in downtown area, but there are also small libraries in residential areas.  If the book you want is not available at your next door library, you can ask for it, then they will bring it so that you can pick it up at your own next door library.

한국에서 캐나다로 처음 왔을 때, 토론토 공립 도서관을 보고 너무 놀랐다.  이렇게 좋고 훌륭할 수가!  이런 건 한국에서 본 적이 없었다.  물론 한국에도 이런게 있겠지만 잘 알려지지도 쉽게 갈 수도 없었다.  한국에서는 주로 교보문고나 종로서적과 같은 대형 책방에 가서 책을 공짜로 읽었다.  토론토와 위니펙의 도서관들은 쉽게 찾아갈 수가 있는데다 책도 많았다.  (한국책도 있었다!)  또한 대중에게 여러 다양한 서비스를 해준다.  다운타운 지역에는 거대한 도서관이 있지만, 주거지역에도 도서관들이 많이 있다.  집 근처 도서관에 원하는 책이 없어서 신청을 하면, 그 책을 다른 도서관에서 운반해 줘서 집 옆 도서관에서 찾아갈 수도 있다.

These library system is so cool and awesome.  This is the ONE thing that I love the most in Canada and in America.  God bless the public libraries!

이런 도서관 시스템은 너무 훌륭하고 좋다.  캐나다와 미국에서 내가 제일 좋아하는 것이 바로 이런 도서관 시스템이다.  도서관 만세!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

About the Election 2016

Last night’s election result was very much shocking to me.  Personally to me, Donald Trump being the president is not that scary.  But the fact that more than half of the people, precisely more than 70% of white people who have smiled at me were not actually smiling is much more scary.

어제 밤의 선거 결과는 정말 충격이었다.  개인적으로는 도날드 트럼프가 대통령이 된다는 것은 크게 무섭지가 않다.  하지만 여지껏 나를 보면 미소를 지어줬던 사람들 중의 절반 이상이, 좀더 정확히 말하자면 그런 백인들의 70% 이상이 사실은 미소를 짓고 있는게 아니었다는 사실이 더욱 나를 무섭게 한다.

And I am reminded that some churches did not mention anything about the Charleston church shooting at the following sunday’s service.  And I cannot forget the old white gentleman who yelled at me not gently when I prayed to God to forgive us about the racism at the church shooting, that there is no such a thing as racism in this country.  I wonder what it would have been like if a black guy visited white church and shot and killed white people during the Bible study in the church.  Would the media and the church have been this silent?  How about a white lady that I met who told me that American racism began with Obama’s presidency?

생각이 나는데, 찰스톤 교회에서 총격이 있었을 때 (백인 남성이 흑인 교회에 가서 수요 성경공부하는 흑인들을 기관총으로 쏴서 죽인 사건) 그 주일 예배에서 아무런 언급도 하지 않는 교회들이 꽤 있었다.  그리고 내가 교회의 총격  사건에 대해 우리의 인종차별을 용서해 달라고 하나님께 기도하자 예배 후에 백인 할아버지 신사분이 내게 와서는 신사적이지 않게 이 나라에는 인종차별같은 건 없엇! 이라고 소리지르던 것은 잊을 수가 없다.  만일 흑인이 백인 교회에 가서 성경공부 중인 백인들을 쏴서 죽였다면 어땠을까 궁금하다.  언론과 교회들이 그때처럼 침묵했을까?  미국의 인종차별이 오마바가 대통령 되면서 생겼다고 주장하는 내가 만났던 백인 아줌마는 또 어떤가?

I though they are just a few in this country.  But I was completely wrong.  They are majority in this country.  One of my friend posted on facebook that his muslim friends asked him if they’d better leave this country.

나는 그런 사람들이 극소수인줄 알았는데, 내가 완전 틀렸다.  그 사람들이 이 나라의 주류였다.  내 친구 하나는 페북에 글을 올렸는데, 무슬림 친구들이 자기들이 이 나라를 뜨는 게 좋을지 물어봤단다.

I wonder why so many people did not care about his problems?  Almost 80% of republican women voted for him.  So, are they OK if other men grab their or their daughter’s pussy?

왜 그토록 많은 사람들이 트럼프의 문제점들을 문제시 하지 않는지 궁금하다.  공화당원 여자들의 약 80%가 트럼프에게 투표를 했다고 하는데, 그 사람들은 남자들이 자신의 보지를, 그리고 자기 딸들의 보지를 막 만져도 괜찮은 걸까?

The news last night kept saying uneducated white men.  And that reminded me the article  that I read before, written by Michael Moore.  When I was reading it, I was so afraid and now I am afraid that he was so right.  (http://michaelmoore.com/trumpwillwin/)

어제 뉴스에서는 계속 못배운 백인 남자들이라는 말을 했다.  그 소리를 들으니, 예전에 읽었던 마이클 무어가 쓴 트럼프가 이긴다는 글이 생각난다.  그거 읽을 때 꽤 무서웠는데, 지금은 그 글이 너무 정확해서 더 무섭다. (http://www.huffingtonpost.kr/michael-moore/story_b_11174964.html)

To confess, I am a Bernie backer though I voted for her this election.  And now I am a bit angry at DNC.  It is quite funny that Trump blamed her not being honest while he is the bigger liar, but the thing is that the voters did not care about him but cared about her very much.  She is kind of an icon for existing and corrupted politicians.  I also had some feeling that she is just a typical (and another) politician.  During the primary, I was able to tell why we should support Bernie even to the republicans.  But during this final game, I was not actually able to defend her but just attacked him.  And they did not care about him.  I guess there are so many people without reason to vote for him, but having reasons not to vote for her.

사실을 말하지만 난 버니 지지잔데, 이번 투표에서는 힐러리에게 표를 던졌다.  그리고 지금은 민주당에 화가 난다.  트럼프가 자기는 더 큰 거짓말장이면서 힐러리가 부정직하다고 비난하는 게 참 웃기긴 한데, 문제는 사람들이 트럼프에 대해선 신경을 안 쓰고 힐러리에 대해서만 신경쓴다는 것이다.  힐러리가 기성의 그리고 부패한 정치인의 상징같았다.  나도 사실 힐러리가 전형적인 정치꾼같은 느낌을 받았다.  경선을 하는 동안에는 심지어 공화당 지지자에게도 왜 버니를 지지해야 하는지 내가 얘기를 할 수 있었는데, 본선에서는 힐러리를 사실 잘 변호할 수 없었고 대신 트럼프를 비난할 뿐이었는데, 문제는 그들이 트럼프에 대한 비난은 신경도 안쓴다는 사실.  내 생각에 꽤 많은 사람들이 트럼프에게 투표해야 할 이유는 없지만 힐러리에게 투표하지 말아야 하는 이유들은 갖고 있는 듯 하다.

If DNC worked on the primary fairly and set Bernie as the official nominee, I guess we could have won this.  It is sad but obviously Americans hate women more than I thought.  We are so bad sexists.  I used to say to other guys that we need to be feminists, but now I have to say that to women as well.  Ladies, if you do not value women, men will never value women at all including you.

만일 민주당이 경선을 공정하게 해서 버니를 공식 후보로 선출했다면, 이번 선거를 이겼을 듯 하다.  슬프지만 미국은 내가 생각했던 것 보다 훨씬 더 여자를 미워하는 듯 하다.  우리는 정말 악질 남성우월주의자들이다.  나는 여지껏 남자들에게 페미니스트가 되어야 한다고 말해 왔는데, 이제는 이 말을 여자들에게도 해야겠다.  여자들이여, 당신이 여자를 가치있게 보지 않는다면 남자들도 여자를 가치있게 보지 않아요.  그리고 거기에는 당신도 포함된다고.

When Trump began leading the poll, all the economical numbers including Dow Jones and other stock markets around the world began falling.  And the CIC website (Immigration website of Canadian federal government) went down because it could not handle the enormous traffic from her neighbour country.  I checked that this morning and it took 15 minutes to show the page after I clicked “English.”

트럼프가 개표에서 앞서나갈 때,다우 존스와 세계 각국의 주가와 같은 경제 지표들이 곤두박질 치기 시작했다.  그리고 캐나다 연방정부의 이민국 웹사이트가 미국에서 너무나 접속이 많이 폭주해서 멈췄다고 한다.  오늘 아침에 확인해 보니 “영어”를 선택한 다음에 첫 페이지가 뜨는데 15분이 걸렸다.

I believed America and Americans that they must have common sense.  Now, I don’t know what to do.

미국과 미국 시민은 기본 상식이 있다고 믿어왔는데, 이제는 뭘 어떻게 해야 할지 막막하다.

Or maybe, it is the last (hopefully) resistance or strike back of the uneducated white men to the change and evolving of this country.

어쩌면 (제발) 이번이 못배운 백인 남성들의 이 나라의 변화와 진화에 대한 최후의 발악 또는 마지막 일격일지도 모르겠다.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Chaplaincy became a fetter

From this Monday, I am doing a CPE, Clinical Pastoral Education, which is hospital chaplaincy intern and education.  The orientation is scheduled for two weeks, and I have been only here for four days.  I don’t really know anything about hospital chaplaincy.

이번주 월요일부터 CPE라는 걸 하는데, 병원 원목 인턴 교육 과정이다.  오리엔테이션만 2주로 잡혀 있는데, 이제 겨우 나흘 했기 때문에 사실상 병원 원목에 대해 아무 것도 모른다고 할 수 있다.

Next to the hospital parking lot, there is Target and I went there after today’s education to get Shopkick point.  While I was trying to get the point on my cellphone, a lady next to me asked help of me for her iPhone.  She looked sick, and kept saying that she could not think right because of her excessive medication. That sounded like she was a patient of my hospital, and she also saw my badge and figured out that I am an chaplain there.

병원 주차장 옆에는 타겟이라는 대형 마트가 있는데, 샵킥의 점수를 받기 위해 오늘 교육이 끝난 후에 잠시 들렸다.  핸드폰 들고 점수를 받으려고 하는데, 옆에 어떤 아줌마가 아이폰 갖고 좀 도와달라고 했다.  아줌마가 좀 아파 보였고, 게다가 약이 과해서 정신이 핑 돌아서 제대로 생각할 수가 없다고 하는 걸 보면 아마 우리 병원 환자인 듯 하다.  그리고 그 아줌마가 내 배지를 보고 내가 병원 원목이라는 걸 알아 버렸다.

She was trying to backup her cellphone to iCloud and she couldn’t.  The error message was saying it needs Wi-Fi for iCloud backup, so I helped her connect to Target Wi-Fi, and the backup worked.  She began a conversation for a few minutes until she figured out that I used to live in Canada.  Then she asked me which country I prefer.  I was being polite and said, “There are many things that America is better than Canada, and there are a few things that Canada is better than America.”

아줌마가 하려던 건 핸드폰을 아이클라우드에 백업하는 것이었는데, 와이파이가 연결되어야 한다는 메세지가 나왔기에 매장 와이파이에 연결을 해 줬더니 제대로 작동했다.  아줌마랑 몇 분 얘기를 하게 되었는데, 내가 캐나다에서 살았었다는 걸 말했다.  그랬더니 미국하고 캐나다 중에 어디가 더 좋냐고 묻길래 공손하기 위해서 본심을 숨기고 “미국은 캐나다보다 좋은 점이 훨씬 많아요.  그리고 캐나다고 미국보다 좋은 점이 몇기 있긴 하죠” 라고 말을 했다.

She was a bit curious about what can possibly Canada be better than America, and asked me.  I said what I always say – “Well, hospitals are free.”  And she said, “yes, but they die while waiting.”  I replied, “Well, according to my experiences in both countries, the waiting times are not that different.  But the service quality may be different.”

그랬더니 아줌마는 흥미롭다는 듯이 호기심을 보이면서 어떻게 캐나다가 미국보다 좋은 점이 있을 수가 있다는 것인지 내게 물어봤다.  그래서 내가 늘 하던 얘기를 했다. “뭐 일단 병원이 공짜죠.”  그랬더니 아줌마가 하는 얘기가, “공짜긴 한데 기다리다가 다들 죽어버린다면서”라고 하길래, 내가 “글쎄요, 두 나라에 모두 살아본 제 경험으로는 기다리는 시간 자체는 비슷한 거 같아요.  다만 미국이 의료의 질이 훨씬 좋겠죠”라고 대답을 해줬다.

Because she asked me, I said the second thing as well, “the guns are illegal in Canada.”  Then she looked extremely shocked and almost shouted, “What? Are you saying that is better?  YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN THE RIGHT TO CARRY GUNS?

아줌마가 또 뭐가 좋은지 묻길래 캐나다에서는 총이 불법이라고 말을 하자, 굉장히 충격을 받은 듯한 표정을 짓더니 거의 소리를 지르듯이 말을 했다. “뭐? 지금 그게 좋다고 말을 하는 거야? 넌 도대체 총기를 소유할 권리를 믿지도 않는다는 거냐?

Since then, I did not say anything for over twenty minutes, but she was quite angry and spitting (religious) political opinions.

그 이후로 난 20분이 넘게 단 한 마디도 하지 않았고 그 아줌마는 꽤 흥분하고 화가 나서 (종교같은) 정치적 견해를 마구 쏟아냈다.

“This country, the United States of America is built upon the republican values NOT democratic values!  Republicans want big individuals and small government.  Democratics want big government and small individuals!  Democrats want to control the people.  Democrats hate blacks and Asians!  Democrats try to control them using food stamps and MediCaid….”

“이 나!라!는, 미!합!중!국!은 공화당의 가치 위에 세워졌지 민주당의 가치위에 세워진게 아니란 말이얏!  공화당은 힘쎈 개개인과 작은 정부를 원하고, 민주당은 큰 정부와 작은 개인을 원한다곳!  민자당 놈들은 사람들을 통제하려고 햇!  민주당은 껌둥이랑 동양인을 증오한다곳!  민주당이 사람들을 통제하는 방식은 바로 푸드스탬프와 무상의료얏!….”

I was actually able to contradict every single word of hers, but I couldn’t.  First, because she already identified me as the chaplain in the hospital and I did not want to make any trouble.  Second, because she was quite angry.  To be polite, I was just nodding, and saying such as ah, oh, hmm…  I couldn’t even just walk away.  After listening to her preaching for over twenty minutes, finally I pretended that I got a phone text message, and apologised that my time was running out even though your words are very interesting.

그 아줌마 말을 하나 하나 조목 조목 반박할 수도 있었지만, 할 수가 없었다.  일단은 아줌마가 나를 병원 원목으로 알고 있다는 것이었고, 나는 병원 시작하자 마자 뭔가 문제를 만들고 싶지 않았기 때문이다.  또 하나는 아줌마가 상당히 흥분해 있었기 떄문이다.  공손해 보이기 위해서 그냥 계속해서 고개를 끄덕이고, 아~ 오~ 흠.. 등과 같은 추임새만 넣었다.  그냥 나와버릴 수가 없었다.  그 아줌마 설교를 20분이 넘게 듣고 나서 핸드폰에 문자 온 것 처럼 속이고는 “아이쿠, 제가 좀 다른 데 늦었네요, 아줌마 말씀이 참 재밌는데 말이죠”라고 사과하고 나왔다.

I need to ask the staff chaplains what to do in those situations.

병원의 경험 많은 진짜 원목들에게 어떻게 해야 하는지 물어봐야겠다.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Fifty Third Day – Baraka Presbyterian Church in Bethlehem

The first day I came here, I found the sign of Presbyterian Church in front of the house where I am staying.  But my hosting family told me that they have not seen them worship on Sundays.

Church Entrance

Church Entrance

My hosting family told me that they heard of bigger Presbyterian church in Bethlehem, not do not know the exact location.  As a favour to me, the father of the family called his neighbour this morning who is in the Beit Sahour Presbyterian Church (the official name is Shepherds’ Field Presbyterian Church), and asked the location.  It was on the Hebron street, and he gave me ride there.

Church Building

Church Building

The church was on the down-side of the road (everywhere here is hill).  So the ground floor from my side (west) is underground level 1 from the other side (east).

Common Room in the church with pingpong table

Common Room in the church with ping-pong table

When you go in, you get to the back of the sanctuary.  And on the right, there is a door to the common room for after service refreshments.  There is a ping-pong table for the youth activities.

Simultaneous Translator Receiver

Simultaneous Translator Receiver

From the common room, you can enter the tech room where they control the overhead projector and computer, sound mixer and everything.  Even they have simultaneous translator equipment.  Today, a guy was translating in the tech room only for me.

Christmas Year Round

Christmas Year Round

In Bethlehem, it is Christmas year round.

Childrens' Story Time

Children’s Story Time

The service was much like ours in Canada or America (I mean PCC or PCUSA).  And there were about or little more than fifty people including children.  There was a Children’s story time, and then they went for Sunday School.  Though the service was much like ours, the demographic was quite different.  They are mostly young parents, probably around 20s and 30s.  I think that is good sign because even here, the church goers are mostly seniors for Greek Orthodox.  And the service was about hour and half (thank God it is not three hours like Greek Orthodox).

Back to School Gift

Back to School Gift

All the children were given a gift package at the Sunday school because the school begins tomorrow.

Playground at Church

Playground at Church

I know the churches in North America usually have yards and some rich Churches (like my church which is Knox Presbyterian Church in Naperville) have even its own playground.  That is not true for churches in Korea.  I also haven’t seen any playground at Greek Orthodox Churches.  But this Presbyterian church has its own small playground.  I love it!

Olive Everywhere

Olive Everywhere

And it is kind of law in Palestine and Israel that where there is yard, there are olive trees.

I found that the Presbyterian church in Beit Sahour comes here to join the Sunday service because they do not have a lot of people, and it is the daughter church of Baraka Bethlehem Presbyterian Church.  They also have a day-care and education centre in Beit Sahour.  So instead of walking back hour and twenty minutes, I got a ride back home.  And thank God that the Beit Sahour Presbyterian church is literally right next door!

In the refreshments, people asked me a few questions such as if I am alone.  I guess they meant if I am single because they also told me that they have good Christian girls.  So I told them “Ana mit-jawiz,” which means I am married.  Another lady asked me how long I’ve been here.  I asked her back, “in Palestine?”  Then she said, “Thank you for saying Palestine.”  To give you an advice who wants to travel West Bank later, it is not safe to call there “Israel,” and they do not really like to be called “West Bank” either.  They are happy when they hear “Palestine.”

Who knows this?

Who remembers this?

They sell some souvenirs in the church along with some Christian music.  Some of them are in cassette tape.  I cannot really remember when was the last time that I listened to the cassette tape.  And I don’t have a cassette tape player, so I could not buy this one even though it was cheaper.  But does not the sales mean people actually listens to it?

Arabic Gospel CD

Arabic Gospel CD

Instead of the cassette tape, I bought a gospel music CD in Arabic.  I can borrow this CD if you are my neighbour and you want it.  The church was selling it for 30 shekels.  And I found later that it is cheaper if you buy it at Amazon.  But that is OK, it is just 5 shekels (which is about $2), and I may think I helped the church.

It is not related to today’s topic, but: the father of this hosting family installed an alarm app from the Israeli government that warns the location and sounds the siren when the missile launch was detected from Gaza so that people can run to the shelter. And it sounds the siren twice every minute, literally.  But the location is mostly southern Israel, so we don’t have to run.  Well, actually we don’t have a shelter to run in Beit Sahour or any Palestinian area in West Bank.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Twenty Fifth Day – Last day of digging

Today is my last day of digging.  Tomorrow I go to Tel Aviv to get the Egyptian Visa, and then Eilat to stay a night.

Still Digging

Still Digging

Because it is the last week of excavation, we were supposed to clean up all week for the last day aerial photo shoot, but we were actually digging more and more.  It is OK because I am leaving now, but I guess it would be very hard Wednesday.  Photo shoot is Thursday, and they must clean up by Wednesday.

My lovely Trainers

My lovely Trainers

After I finished my digging today, I threw away my trousers and shoes.  Both I bought in Canada as work pants and work shoes, and I wore them about five or six years.

Bottom of the shoes

Bottom of the shoes

This is the bottom of my shoe.  My Nike shoes travelled from Canada to US, Israel/Palestine twice and finally died in Israel.

From Tel Aviv to Cairo is about 250 miles or 403 km.  The distance between New York and Chicago is 713 miles or 1147 km.  It is about one-third, and the airfare is over $400 and also it took 15 hours mostly because of waiting for the connection.  Stupid.

Well, anyway I need to get the Egyptian Visa by tomorrow.  And I need a passport photo, which I do not have right now.  And I do not know where I can take my passport photo in Tel Aviv.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Israel Trip Seventh Day: Museum Day

Today was a Museum Day.

Israel Museum

Israel Museum

We went to Israel Museum, and just right after the gate, there was marvelous display of Jerusalem in around A.D 60s.

Jerusalem Model 1:50 Scale

Jerusalem Model 1:50 Scale

The centre is the Herod’s temple on the temple mount. Right side of the temple mount is the pinnacle (both corners), and on the upper left of the temple mount is the Antonia Fortress where people think Pontius Pilate stayed, and consequently the Via Dolorosa begins here.

Part of the Ancient Column

Part of the Ancient Column

We spent quite a long time there, and we headed to the shrine of the book. On the short way, where were a few displays and I was told the one above is from 2 century B.C.

Shrine of the Book Main building

Shrine of the Book Main building

This is outside of the shine. The white dome symbolises the sons of the light which is the Essenes of Qumran. But I think Israelis think it is for themselves. And the waters surrounding it means that they are ritually clean.

The other side of the Shrine of the Book

The other side of the Shrine of the Book

The other side of the shrine is the dark wall which means the sons of the darkness.

Shrine of the Book by the entrance

Shrine of the Book by the entrance

Inside of the shrine, some of the dead sea scrolls are displayed. There are also many cool things related to dead sea scroll and/or Aleppo Codex. But the photo shooting was not allowed.

Bible Land Museum

Bible Land Museum

Then we went to Bible Lands Museum. They had special display for Biblical texts and books. We saw many earliest Bibles in various languages. I was told that their next display will be in Vatican. Again, the photo shooting was not allowed.

Holy Snow in Jerusalem

Holy Snow in Jerusalem

On the first day in Israel, I was told that Jerusalem had snow earlier which is very unusual. And today, I saw some of the remains. Well, in Winnipeg, Canada, snows remains until August in snow dump site. The other day at the St. Anne’s Church, the father said that he had hard time removing the snow because there was nowhere to buy or get shovel.

Holocaust Museum

Holocaust Museum

We went to Holocaust Museum. It was actually my second time in the holocaust museum since I’ve been to the one in Washington D.C. And over again, the photo shooting was not permitted.

Ribbis for Human Rights

Rabbis for Human Rights

Our next visit was the ‘Rabbis for Human Rights,’ and we listened to Rabbi Arik Ascherman. It was quite interesting time. And it is so good to see some of the Jewish people working and fighting for the Palestinian. The problem is that they are just minority.

Ribbi Arik Ascherman

Rabbi Arik Ascherman

If I have chance, I would like to write another post about my short research. I expected the Arab countries helping Palestinian a lot, because they always blame Israel and they speak same Arabic, and believes in same Islam, and the same race. But my expectation betrayed me. The surrounding arabic countries have been worse than Israel.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

US North East Trip – Michigan

After Indiana, we drove to Michigan for the upper peninsular. I could not make it in a day to upper peninsular, so I drove until late night, and we stopped to get some sleep at a resting area where there was a Tourist Information with bathroom.

Crossing two Great Lakes at the same time!

Crossing two Great Lakes at the same time!

But there was one huge reward for me in Michigan! I found TIM HORTONS!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve not been there for several months where I used to go almost every single day! The building, the paper cups, the menus, the uniforms, the trays, and even the taste were all the same as those in Canada!

Lake Huron on your right

Lake Huron on the right

At the end of lower peninsular, we crossed a bridge. It was very cool because when you are on it, you have Lake Michigan on your left and Lake Huron on your right.

Lake Michigan on the left

Lake Michigan on the left

We were literally crossing two Great Lakes at a time! The bridge’s name is Mackinac Bridge and you need to pay to cross, you have to cross it to go to upper peninsular (you have no choice), and it was worth paying for because of the scene. The camera cannot contain exactly what I saw, but it was so beautiful.

Mackinac Bridge from the upper peninsular

Mackinac Bridge from the upper peninsular

At Michigan, the weather was not helping us a lot, because we had almost all cloudy weather with colder and strong wind. But even so, it was really beautiful place. It was so seriously beautiful. Hannah asked me once why Michigan is so beautiful, and I answered, “Because it is closer to Canada.”

Michigan has three of the Great Lakes – Michigan, Superior, and Huron. If you have trouble memorising all five names of Great Lakes, try to remember just HOMES for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

Lake Superior is the world’s largest lake, and shared by both Canada and America – Province of Ontario in Canada, and three states of America which are Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Presque Isle Park in Marquette

Presque Isle Park in Marquette

We went to Marquette, MI and stopped many other places for sightseeing. Marquette is small town by the Lake Superior, but it is so beautiful. Because of the cloudy weather, I could not picture the beauty well. When I was at Marquette, I thought about two Canadian towns. One was because of the name – Marquette, MB. And the other was because of the beauty – Thunder Bay, ON. If you have chance, you MUST visit Thunder Bay – it is so beautiful and pretty.

Power of bank

Power of bank

For the picture above, I realised how powerful and useful a bank is. Just look at the water and wave of both sides of the bank. Do I need to explain more?

A way to a river

A way to a river

Even any roads in Michigan were beautiful. Look at all the colours of the trees. After we finish the all 50-state-road-trip, Michigan is definitely a place to come back. Michigan is so clean and beautiful, which I guess because it is close to Canada, eh!

Colourful Trees

Colourful Trees

The colourful trees made me miss all the maple trees in Canada. It is said that the colour change of the trees on mountains in Ontario and Quebec is noticeable even from the space! Oh, this writing made me craving for maple syrup.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

US North East Trip – Indiana Dunes

After Niagara Falls, we headed to Indiana – the home of Indiana Jones!

Indiana Dunes, Dune side view

Indiana Dunes, Dune side view

Actually, we didn’t do much at that trip. We found a Church in a small town – of course Presbyterian Church, and had worship service, then we looked around a few places around the Indianapolis, the capital city and a beach.

Us on the Beach

Us on the Beach

But last Sunday, we visited Indiana again for that famous Indiana Dunes!

Almost Sunset on the Lake Michigan at indiana Dunes

Almost Sunset on the Lake Michigan at indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes is right north of Chesterton, IN and its lake shore is 25 miles long. It is of course a state park. If you are resident of Indiana State, you need to pay $5 entrance fee per car while you need to pay $10 if you are out of that state.

Indiana Dunes is at the Lake Michigan which is one of the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan does not in only at Michigan state. Illinois and Chicago have Lake Michigan and Indiana has it, and Wisconsin has it too. The word Michigan derived from native American language which means great water.

Indiana Dunes Beach

Indiana Dunes Beach

It was piping hot last Sunday, but the water was freezing cold. This lake is huge and huge. Unless you taste the water, you cannot tell if it is sea or not. It has waves, seagulls and everything.

The sand was so soft and nice. The only beach I’ve been to where the sand was finer and nicer was Grand Beach in Manitoba, Canada.

It takes around two hours from home, so we may visit here often. Indiana Dunes is very nice place to have lots of fun.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

US North East Trip – Niagara Falls

Our next destination was Niagara Falls after long over night driving from Vermont. It is so famous and there is nothing I can write about  something new. Who doesn’t know Niagara Falls?


When I was in elementary school, I thought it was the world’s biggest falls, but still it is the biggest in North America.

Niagara Falls are on the Niagara river which flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. It is also at the border of Canada and US, precisely speaking, of Province of Ontario, Canada and State of New York, USA.


Actually Niagara Falls are the collection of three different falls namely, Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.


Cave of the Wind at Horseshoe Falls

First we tried the Cave of the Wind at Horseshoe Falls to feel the power of the water fall where it is said that the downfall is most powerful among all falls in North America. The down-falling water was so powerful and thrilled me a lot.

Maid of Mist from Far

Maid of Mist from Far

And we saw a big boat far away approaching to the falls, and decided to try whose name is Maid of Mist.

On the Maid of Mist boat

On the Maid of Mist boat

As we approaching, I was so thrilled and excited seeing the greatness in such distance, but somewhat I was disappointed because I expected to come closer.


We stayed on the US side of the falls because I was at the other side of the falls which is Canadian side a few years ago. And I found the two sides are quite different even though it is the same falls. On Canadian side, it is very much developed with all kinds of commercial buildings including Casinos, Hotels and everything while it is almost undeveloped on US side just having picnic tables on green grass.

Light Show from Canada

Light Show from Canada

Even Canada shoots the light – colourful lights – for the night light show.

Colourful light from Canada

Colourful light from Canada

Even though I was able to see some of the light, I think it was better view from Canada.


Developed Canada, Eh!

It is said that during the daytime also, Canada has better view than from American side.

Leaving Niagara Falls, we knew that our happy trip was getting closer to the end.

Old posting about the trip to Niagara Falls at Canadian Side

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What can we do for Minor Rapists?

Recently I had to face many sad news including North Korean threatening, Boston bombing, and a 17-year-old Canadian girl who killed herself after being raped. And yesterday, along with the bombing, I heard another news that a 15-year-old American girl also killed herself in San Jose, California.

According to what I’ve seen on TV news, she was raped when she was unconscious by three boys in a party, and they took the picture of raping (or assault) which eventually went viral. She found it out and killed herself.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears – the boys (also 15 years old then) not only raped, but also took and share the photo! Momentarily I was filled with anger and I said two things to my wife.

First, the government must cut penis of all rapists, plus let them spend their lives in prison.

Second, there should be NO distinguish between minor and adult crime when it comes to raping.

Personally, I think the US and Canada‘s crime penalties for minors are so generous which I believe is actually encouraging the teenagers to commit crimes. I strongly believe the justice system must go tougher for minors also.

I understand that the minors can make mistakes, so I agree the lighter punishment for them. But at least, when it comes to raping, there should be NO – NEVER – NO distinguish and/or difference between adult and minor.

The teenagers can rape because they know the consequence which is not much.

I also heard that the raping is the most re-occurring crime. So if the government wants to stop it, they should cut the penis of all rapists. Do you think it is too much? Just think or imagine your own wife or daughter was raped (and also suicided), then you wouldn’t think it is too much.

Raping is much worse than murdering! Cut the rapists’ penis!

북한의 위협과 보스턴의 폭탄 테러, 그리고 캐나다에서 17세 소녀가 강간 당한 뒤에 자살했다는 소식 등 최근에 참 슬픈 소식을 여럿 들었다. 그리고 어제, 폭탄 테러와 함께 캘리포니아의 산호세에서 15세 소녀가 강간 당한 뒤에 자살했다는 소식을 또 들었다.

테레비 뉴스에 따르면 파티에서 의식이 없을 때 남학생 세 명에게 강간을 당했는데, 강간당하는 사진을 찍었는데, 이게 인터넷에서 퍼졌다고 한다. 그리고 이를 나중에 발견한 소녀가 자살을 했다.

도저히 내 눈과 귀를 믿을 수가 없었다. 당시 15세였던 남학생들이 강간만 한 것이 아니라 사진까지 찍어서 공유를 하다니! 순간적으로 나는 분노에 휩싸여 아내에게 두 가지를 말했다.

먼저, 정부는 강간범의 자지를 모조리 자른 후에 평생 감옥에 살게 해야 한다.

그리고, 강간에 대해서는 어른과 미성년자 처벌에 차이를 두어서는 안된다.

개인적으로 미국과 캐나다의 미성년자 처벌이 너무 관대하다고 생각하는데, 결국은 청소년에게 범죄를 격려하는 꼴이 된다. 사법 시스템에 청소년에게도 좀 더 세게 나가야 한다고 강력히 생각한다.

청소년들이 실수를 할 수도 있다는 걸 이해하고, 처벌이 조금 가벼워야 한다는 것에도 동의한다. 하지만 적어도 강간에 대해서 만큼은 절대로 결단코 어른과 미성년자의 차등이 없어야 한다.

청소년들이 강간을 하는 이유는 어떤 처벌을 받을 지 알기 때문이다. 그러니까 별 처벌 안받는 다는 거.

또 듣기로는 강간이 가장 재발률이 높은 범죄라고 하는데, 만일 정부가 이를 막고자 한다면 강간범의 자지를 모두 잘라야 한다. 너무 심하다고? 당신의 아내와 딸이 강간 당했다고 (그리고 자살했다고) 상상해 보라. 그러면 이 게 너무 심한 게 아니라고 생각할 것이다.

강간은 살인보다 더 악랄한 범죄다! 강간범의 자지를 절단하라!


Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday when Jesus crucified and died. For Christians, this weekend is not just another weekend. We must meditate and thank the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

But not like in Canada, I found many Americans (exactly American Christians) look like just do not have the sense of Good Friday. Even so-called (or self-called) faithful Christians have party today. I found several of them, not one. I feel like the whole country lost the common sense of being Christian.

This is the day that our Lord was killed. How can they have party this day? They have another 51 Fridays every year. Do they really have to party this day when they call themselves as (faithful) Christian?

I don’t care for non-Christians or not-that-faithful Christians. Be a serious Christian or don’t call yourself a good Christian.

오늘은 예수님이 돌아가신 성 금요일이다. 기독교인에게 이번 주말은 그냥  여타의 주말이 아니다. 기독교인은 예수 그리스도 우리의 구세주의 희생적인 죽음을 묵상하고 감사해야 한다.

캐나다와는 달리 미국인들은 (정확히 말하면 미국의 기독교인들) 성 금요일에 대한 감각이 없는 듯 보인다. 소위 (또는 자칭) 신실한 기독교인들  조차 오늘 파티를 한다. 한 사람만 본 게 아니라 여럿 봤다. 나라 전체가 기독교인이 된다는 것에 대한 상식을 상실해 버린 것 같다.

오늘은 주님이 살해된 날이다. 어떻게 오늘 파티를 할 수가 있나? 해마다 파티를 할 수 있는 금요일이 51개가 있잖아. 스스로 신실한 기독교인이라고 부르면서 꼭 이 날 파티를 해야만 하나?

기독교인이 아닌 사람이나 신실하지 않은 사람은 괜찮다. 제대로 기독교인이 되거나 아니면 성실한 기독교인이라고 자칭하지 말아라.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

True Missionary?

This is what I was told.

There was a missionary from South Korea to Vancouver, Canada. I do not understand why the mission organisation sent a missionary to Canada, but anyway he was in Vancouver as a missionary for twenty years. He has two daughters born there.

After twenty years, the mission organisation asked him to go another place of course as a missionary.

And he said NO. He said he already settled there completely and his family is there. At this point, I was so surprised and shocked. And I also heard that he is now living so well in the United States with all his two daughters married and living next to him.

That is good for him. He got what he exactly wanted – in a good country with his daughters together. But I cannot call him a true missionary. If in the first place the mission organisation told him to go to Tibet or Africa, would have he gone? I don’t think so. He went to the mission place only because  the location was Vancouver, Canada – the world’s best place to live. He just used the mission and Jesus Christ to immigrate into nicer country.

In my definition, a missionary is a person who is ready to die for Christ, a person who does the mission in any cost even his life. I call it candidate for martyr.

When I was in Canada, I found many pastors from Korea. They all say that they came to Canada to serve Christ because Canada needs spiritual encouragement. I don’t think immigration into Canada or better country is not a bad thing at all. But did they really came to serve Christ? If so why they do not go to rural area where the community could not find a pastor? Most of them just stayed in big cities like Vancouver, Toronto and the likes even though they could not find any spot at a Church as a pastor. Up there in the rural area, there are lots of Churches without pastors and the people there are in spiritual danger. If the newcomer pastors came to Canada really to serve Christ, why they are not going there? Why are they just looking for a good position in and around big cities?

As I wrote above, I am not against immigration at all. But do not use my beloved Jesus and say honestly that “I came to North America to live because it is good place to live and raise my kids.”

You can also read https://crinje.wordpress.com/2007/08/14/anyone-is-missionary/ which says about missionary.

들은 얘기다.

캐나다 밴쿠버에 한 한국인 선교사님이 계셨단다. 왜 밴쿠버에 선교사가 필요한지 이해는 할 수 없지만 어째든 선교단체에서 파송을 했고 그 분은 20년동안 밴쿠버에서 사역을 하셨다고 한다. 그 분의 두 딸도 거기서 태어났다고.

20년이 지났을 때 선교단체에서 다른 곳으로 파송을 하겠다고 했단다.

그런데 그분의 대답은 ‘싫다’였다고 한다. 그분은 이미 이 곳에 완전히 정착했고 식구들도 여기 있어서 가지 않겠다고 했단다. 여기서 난 놀라고 충격을 받았다. 그리고 또 듣기로 그 분은 현재 미국에서 사는데 두 딸이 결혼해서 바로 옆에 있다고 한다.

아이쿠 좋겠네. 원하는 건 다 얻었네 그려. 좋은 나라에서 두 딸이랑 같이 사니까. 그런데 난 그 분을 진정한 선교사라고 부를 수가 없다. 만일 처음부터 선교단체가 티벳이나 아프리카로 파송하려고 했다면 그분이 갔을까? 글쎄. 그분이 선교지로 간 이유는 그 장소가 세계에서 가장 살기 좋다는 캐나다의 밴쿠버였기 때문이다. 그분은 단순히 선교와 예수 그리스도를 선진국으로 이민가는데 이용했을 뿐이다.

내 생각에 선교사는 그리스도를 위해 죽을 준비가 되어 있는 사람이며, 생명을 내어 놓더라도 선교를 하는 사람이다. 나는 선교사를 예비 순교자라고 부른다.

내가 캐나다에 있을 때, 한국에서 온 목사님들을 많이 만났다. 그분들 모두 캐나다는 영적 부흥이 필요하기 때문에 그리스도를 섬기러 캐나다에 왔다고 말들을 한다. 개인적으로 캐나다로 이민 오는 게 나쁘다고는 전혀 생각하지 않는다. 하지만 그분들이 모두 정말 그리스도를 섬기러 왔을까? 만일 그렇다면 목사들을 찾지 못하는 시골에 가지 않는 것일까? 목사님들 대부분이 목사 자리를 찾지 못하면서도 밴쿠버나 토론토 같은 대도시에 머물러 있다. 시골에 올라가면 담임 목사가 없는 교회가 무지 많고 그 성도들은 영적 위험에 처해 있다. 만일 새로 온 목사님들이 진정으로 그리스도를 섬기러 캐나다에 왔다면 왜 그런데에 안가냐고? 왜 다들 대도시와 그 주변에서 좋은 자리만 찾냐고?

위에서도 썼지만 나는 이민을 반대하지 않는다. 하지만 나의 사랑하는 예수 그리스도를 이용해 먹지는 말고, 그냥 정직하게 여기가 살기도 좋고 애들 키우기도 좋아서 왔다고 해라.

아래 링크는 내가 선교사에 대해 쓴 또 다른 글이다.



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