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Friday, 18 September 2009

Second Day of 2009 Summer Trip

After the nap, I continued on driving and around 7am, I got to Saskatoon, the biggest town in Saskatchewan. But I just fueled up and left right away. Because nothing in the town interested me and I did not have enough time for this travel. The first impression was just that it was bigger than that I expected.

I confess now one thing. Before the town, I drowsed for a while and had no idea that I went over the centre line and driving in wrong way. Then I heard a honking sounds and opened my eyes, there was a car honking and flashing headlights, but I still had no idea what was going on.

But thank God, the car also crossed the centre line and passed me in wrong way, then he came back to his own lane. Then I realised what happened and I also came back to my lane where I was supposed to drive.

Praise the Lord for His protection.

잠시 잠을 잔 뒤에, 계속 운전을 해서 오전 7시 쯤엔 사스카츄완의 최대 도시인 사스카툰에 도착햇다. 하지만, 기름만 넣고는 바로 떠났는데, 별로 흥미로울 게 없었고 이번 여행에 시간이 부족했기 때문이었다. 첫 인상은 생각보다 크네~ 였다.

But when I filled the car at CO-OP, they refused to give me membership points. They said the co-op membership is city-wise which means they are not going to give points to anyone from outside the city. What the hell is that!

근데 CO-OP에서 기름을 넣는데, 포인트 적립을 안해주는 거다. 거기 말로는 회원은 도시별로 한다고. 그러니까, 자기네 도시 사람이 아니면 포인트를 주지 않는다는데… 이건 뭔 황당한 소린지.

Around quarter to nine, I got to North Battleford, SK and had breakfast there. I boiled the water at the parking lot using the electric kettle for cup-ramen.

8시 45분쯤에 노스 배틀포드에 도착해서 거기서 아침을 먹었다. 주차장에서 전기 주전자로 물을 끓여서 컵라면을 먹었다.

[North Battleford, SK 사스카츄완의 노스 배틀포드]

North Battleford, SK 사스카츄완의 노스 배틀포드

Around noon, I got to Lloydminster which is the border city of Saskatchewan and Alberta. When I heard about this city first time, someone told me that the city has two time zones because the two provinces have different time zones. I have no idea it used to, but for now, the Saskatchewan side of the city also uses Alberta time zone. The funny thing is that  the people living east of the border pay tax to Saskatchewan government, and those in west to Alberta.

정오쯤에 로이드민스터에 도착했는데, 사스카츄완과 알버타의 경계에 있는 도시다. 그러니까 도시의 일부는 알버타에 속해있고, 나머지는 사슼카츄완에  속해있다. 내가 그 도시에 대해  처음 들었을 때엔, 시간대가 2개 있다고 했는데, 예전에  그랬는진 모르곘지만 현재는 사스카츄완에 속한 곳도 알버타 시간대를 쓰고 있다. 재밌는 건, 경계의 동쪽에 사는 사람은 사스카츄완 정부에 세금을 내고, 서쪽에 사는 사람은 알버타 정부에 세금을 낸다는 거.

Lloydminsterm the bi-provincial city 주 경계도시인 로이드민스터

Provincial border in Lloydminster 로이드민스터 시의 주 경계

I arrived at Edmonton, the first destination of this travel around 4:30pm. I heard so many good and great things about the West Edmonton Mall. I could not wait even one more seconds to see it!

But it just made me disappointed. I should have skipped Edmonton and its big mall. It’s just big, not fancy. There was almost no difference from Polo Park where I live except its stupid huge size.

4시 반에 첫 목적지인 에드먼튼에 도착했다. 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰에 대해 너무나 말을 많이 들어서 잔뜩 기대하고 있었다. 빨리 보고 싶어서 도저히 참을 수가 없었다!

그런데 완전 실망. 차라리 에드먼튼하고 쇼핑몰을 그냥 건너뛰어어야 한다는 생각이 들었다. 그냥 크기만 하고 그 뿐이었다. 내가 사는 곳에 있는 폴로파크 쇼핑몰하고 다를 바가 전혀 없다. 단지 무식하게 크다는 거 빼고.


West Edmonton Mall 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰

And I made the reservation of the Motel by the phone in the Leduc, which is in South of Edmonton. I drove down there about 30 minutes. And when I got there, they said, they cannot take us in because there was all blacked-out, and the computer did not work. Oh, stupid!

You know, I was so tired and sleepy.

We went back to Edmonton for Walmart to buy an inverter which changes car-power into house-power. I was driving looking for a Walmart, but I could not find. While I was driving on the highway, my friend’s son said, “There’s Walmart!” I checked to him, and he said not sure. I asked again, was there or not because the highway exit was coming in right front of me, and I had to decide to exit or keep on highway.

“WHY!!!!,” then the mother screamed and shouted, “do you shout to my precious son!!!!” I was extremely astonished. First, because she was really  really loud, and second, she was extremely upset and mad. But I was not shouting, even I did not raise my voice.

여관에 전화로 예약을 했는데, 르뒥이라고 에드먼튼 남쪽에 있는 곳이다. 약 30분정도를 달려 갔는데, 막상 가니 입실이 안된다는 거다. 그게, 완전 정전이 되었는데, 컴퓨터가 작동을 하지 않아서라고. 아 정말!

지치고 피곤했단 말야.

정말 피곤해서, 좀 자고 상쾌한 마음으로 다음 날 출발하려고 했는데, 이렇게 상황이 날 안도와 줄 수가!!!

“If there is no Walmart, that does not mean we’re gonna die! We can just make turn and come out again! Then WHY WHY WHY do you shout to my son!!!!”

Oh my God.. This is nothing but the perfect and fantastic pair of idiot son and crazy mom.

Anyway, we went back to the big mall, and at the parking lot, she let her boy go out and ask for the direction. The boy came back and said, “right and right.” So I drove just as the boy told me. But I could not find one. I circled three times but still there was no Walmart.

Then I went back to the parking lot again, and I got off and asked. The direction was actually left and left. The young boy of grade four studied English very much in Korea, and he studied about half year in down the USA, and also was studying in Canada for a year. Still he could not listen or understand that simple words.

월마트에서 자동차 인버터(차량용 직류 12v 전원을 가정용 교류 110v로 바꿔주는 장치)를 사기 위해서 월마트를 가기로 했다. 그래서 에드먼튼으로 다시 돌아갔다.

월마트를 얼핏 본 기억은 있었지만 막상 쉽게 찾을 수가 없었다. 그래서 어느정도 헤매다가 웨스트 에드먼튼 몰  근처에 와서, 대형 마트 주차장에 가서 문 닫고 나오는 직원에게 길을 물어봐서, 그 대로 가서 찾을 수 있었다.

정말, 대부분의 도시에선 월마트 찾기가 아주 쉬웠는데, 이렇게 월마트 찾기가 어려운 적은 처음이었던 듯 하다.

And I left Edmonton after 11pm. While I was driving on highway 16, I wanted to find a Motel as soon as possible because I did not sleep right for two days. And it was not easy to find one. Just before Entwistle (I did not know the name), I also pulled over again by the police. But I had no idea why because I was not overspeeding. The officer came and asked me whether I was drugged. I said no. He asked me again about alcoholic drinks. “No, why?” I answered.

에드먼튼을 11시쯤에  떠났고 16번 도로를  운전해 가면서 여관을 빨리 찾고 싶었다. 아직 제대로 한 번도 잠을 자본 적이 없기 때문이었는데, 여관을 발견하기란 쉽지 않았다. 그리고 Entwistle 조금 전에 (그런 곳이 있는 지도 몰랐음) 경찰에게 다시 한 번 잡혔다. 이번엔 과속도 하지 않았는데 이유를 알 수 없었다. 경찰이 마약했냐고 묻더군. 아니라고 하니, 술 마셨냐고. -_-;; “아뇨, 왜요?”라고 대답했다.

He said I was too slow driving 80km/h on 110km/h road. I explained that I was trying to read the signs to find a motel. Then he explained how to get the nearest one. He also was so kind. And that was the second time I was pulled over by the police officer in my entire life. Twice in two days. Once too fast, the other too slow.

경찰은 내가 110 도로에서 80으로 달렸는데 너무 느려다고 했다. 그래서 여관을 찾기 위해 표지판을 읽던 중이었다고 얘기하자 가까운 여관 가는 법을 알려줬다. 역시 친절했다. 그리고 이게 내 인생에서 경찰에게 걸린 두 번째 경우다. 이틀동안 두번 -_-. 한 번은 너무 빨라서, 한 번은 너무 느려서.

And I went the motel and got a room. The motel owner told me that he heard the news saying there is severe thunder storm in Calgary, and a boy died camping around Calgary. I thanked God for His giving me nice weather on my way.

그래서 그 여관에 가서 방을 잡았다. 여관 주인이 뉴스를  들었는데, 캘거리에 심각한 폭풍이 있고, 주변에서 캠핑하던 아이 한 명이 죽었다고 얘길 해 줬다. 내 가는 길엔 좋은 날씨를 주신 하나님께 감사했다.

That was another day.

그렇게 또 하루를 보냈다.

Dafoe to Entwistle, 750km 다포에서 엔트위슬까지 약 750km

Dafoe to Entwistle, 750km 다포에서 엔트위슬까지 약 750km

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