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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Combat Police

In Korea, we have weird kind of police. That is combat police. Even though its official English name is “Auxiliary Police,” its Korean name is “Combat police.”

They were made originally to fight against the spies from the North Korea September 1st, 1967. They are trained to subdue and kill the armed spies.

But all they have done is mostly quell and suppress the demonstration. Imagine that the armed police, trained to kill the armed spies, suppress the not-at-all armed citizens with violence.

Violence by police

Violence by police

Those shoes are specially designed for real battle. They were not just stepping on, they were kicking down on the face.

Violence by police

Violence by police

And can you see the bat in the hand of the combat police? I do not want to tell how much the citizen bled. Number how many combat police rats were following ONE citizen.

Do you think they attack only men? Then you must see this photo:

violence by police

violence by police

Who do you think made her bleed?

Their name is Combat Police! The government thinks its people as enemies – they do combat against the people.

The combat police has much more weapons such as lachrymatory bomb, water canon, bat, iron shield, battle shoes, fire extinguisher, and the likes.

They spray the fire extinguisher directly to the face of the people which harms the biology and body so much. You many not think the shield could not be a weapon, but they use the sharp side of it to attack (extremely dangerous).

Years and years ago, the Korean government exported the Korean lachrymatory bomb to another despotic country. But just a few weeks later, the other country sent them back to Korea saying that they could not use that harmful chemicals to the people. And in Korea, the bombs are well used still. 😦

One of the very first thing that the Korean government must do is to dismiss the combat police.

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