Hannah and Je together

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Feeling Funny

I visited University of Chicago Medicine Travel Clinic a few day ago.  I’ve got two shots, and three different kinds of pills including Malaria.  One of the pills is some kind of antibiotic, and the doctor said to take it when I feel funny in India.  I already knew what she meant but I remember I was quite confused when I heard that expression first time in Canada. “Does this mean when I feel happy and pleasant?”

It is not haha funny obviously, but the dictionary definition comes haha funny first: causing laugh.  Non English native speakers like me get confused with these expressions whose definition does not come up in the dictionary.

I think that might be the same for Biblical Hebrew and Greek.  We have awesome dictionaries but those dictionaries may not have all the real life expressions.  Who knows the Bible authors actually meant sickness in their own real life expressions and we think it is about happiness?


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