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Saturday, 29 September 2012

US North East Trip – Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the very smallest state in America, having the longest official name of “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” People may easily think it is an island. Yes, its has some islands but mostly it is land between Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Newport, Rhode Island

We went to Newport, and it is very beautiful place. I thought Rehoboth beach was nothing to Newport. Its downtown area is pretty and cute, and it also has scenic driving which is really beautiful.

Newport Bridge

When we came into Newport, we crossed two bridges in a row – Jamestown Bridge from Mainland into the island of Jamestown, and Newport Bridge from Jamestown to Newport. As soon as we climbed upon the bridge, I just exclaimed, “Wow.”

Even though the picture above shows only sky and part of the bridge, the view from the door window was extraordinary. It was so beautiful. I think Jamestown bridge has more beautiful scene than Newport bridge (which means Jamestown is prettier than Newport).

Benjamin’s Bar in Newport, Rhode Island

We went into Benjamin’s Bar for lunch, not expecting much. We chose this restaurant because we did not want to spend lots of money at a gorgeous restaurant. Yes we were right about that.

Three Course Lobster Meal

We both had three course lobster meals. We were served with a 1¼lb whole lobster, of course cooked ones. It was so amazing. It was my first time to had the whole lobster like that (Hannah too). And how much we paid? One meal – three course lobster meal – was $15.99.

We were so much satisfied, I thought, “Oh my God, I can totally live here forever!” Newport is definitely very wonderful place having such beautiful scenes with so great seafood.

Where is our Next Destination?

One bad thing, really bad thing of picture is that it cannot contain the real beauty of the place. Even though I upload thousand pictures of Newport, you must personally go and see there to feel and  experience its beauty.

Newport, Rhode Island – definitely beautiful place.

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