Hannah and Je together

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Car fixed

My car is fixed now.  Originally I wanted to fix the oil leak.  Thankfully it was not the problem of transmission itself (though the leaked oil is transmission oil), but radiator.

But while they were replacing the radiator, they found some other things – the safety factors.  The ball joints and tie rods were very rusty and loosed.  They are connecting parts between steering wheel and the two front wheels.  And they are not supposed to come off in any case.  And the mechanic showed me the parts coming off with human strength.  He said it is miracle that those parts did not come off while I was driving because those parts get much more pressure while driving – at least more than ten times of his strength.

Being a Christian, he said ‘maybe God touched the radiator, the inexpensive parts, so that the car could come in and fix other things.’

The wheel bearings were replaced as well, and the car became quiet.  It used to sound like a taking-off airplane.

Well, the overall cost was $900.

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