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Monday, 29 August 2016

Atlanta Day 1

[This trip was on May 2016 – 2016년 5월 여행기]

After Cocoa Beach, we headed to Atlanta, GA.  And before we went into the Super 8, we visited Margaret Mitchell House, the author of the famous “Gone With the Wind.”

코코 해변을 떠난 뒤에는 조지아 주에 있는 아틀란타에 갔다.  모텔인 슈퍼8에 들어가기 전에 유명한 “바람과 함께 사라지다”의 저자인 마가렛 미첼의 집에 들렀다.


1.Margaret Mitchell House01.resized

Some people may not remember her name, but her novel is so famous and translated into so many languages of course including Korean and Japanese.  And the movie is also very famous and popular, even I heard about it when I was very young in Korea.

작가의 이름은 잘 모르겠지만, 작품 자체는 너무나 유명해서 한국어와 일본어를 포함해서 상당히 많은 언어로 번역이 되었다.  또 영화로도 만들어 졌는데, 그 영화도 매우 유명했기 때문에, 내가 한국에서 아주 어렸을 때에도 들어본 적이 있었다.

1.Margaret Mitchell House06.resized

The house was burnt before, but it is now rebuilt and well maintained.  They displayed many things about the author.  They made a model of her writing room with the typewriter, the same model she used for writing this famous novel.  And they even let people touch it.

건물이 예전에 불에 탔다고 하는데, 지금은 재건되고 잘 관리되고 있는 듯 보였다.  작가에 관련된 것들을 여럿 전시해 놨는데, 작가의 작업실 – 글쓰는 방도 모델로 재현해 놨다.  그 방에는 작가가 이 유명한 소설을 쓰는데 사용했던 것과 동일한 모델의 타자기도 전시해 놨다.  게다가 사람들이 타자기를 쳐볼 수 있도록 했다.

1.Margaret Mitchell House13.resized

I read the book and saw the movie before.  I have to admit that it is great novel.  The story, plot, characters, sentences and everything is so well weaved together.  But it is also true that it is purely southern perspective and may (or may not) have distorted the truth.  Well, this is a novel, not a documentary of the history any way.

이 책을 읽어보고, 영화도 봤는데, 정말 대단한 작품이라는 건 인정을 안할 수가 없다.  이야기, 짜임새, 인물들, 문장들 그리고 모든 것들이 정말 잘 섞이고 짜여져 있다.  하지만 이 작품이 오로지 미국남부의 관점으로만 쓰여진 것 또한 사실이고, 사실을 심각히 왜곡했다.  남부를 미화하고 남북전쟁의 희생자로 성공적으로 탈바꿈함으로써 (그들의 온갖 악행은 감추고) 미국 사회에 꽤 악영향을 미쳤다고 안할 수가 없다.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Delta Airline

I had a church related conference at Atlanta, GA this week, and I flew there from Chicago last Sunday.  I had one bag which I did not check it because I had to pay $25.  Delta has no free check-in baggage.  While boarding, a Delta employee told me “You have to check in the baggage.”  It was because they did not enough room in the cabin.  Her word hurt my feeling.  Can’t she say it nicer?  Such as “Sir, we are suffering from lack of storage room in the cabin.  Could you please check your baggage in?  We’ll do that free for you.”  She said it like ordering and used “HAVE TO.”  Flight itself was OK.  The flight attendants were not mean and not kind, just normal.

I was supposed to fly back on Wednesday afternoon, and I’ve got a message that my flight to Midway was cancelled.  It was because of the Chicago weather which is NOT their responsibility.

But I went to the airport two hours earlier than my original flight (which is normal) and asked the ticketing desk to get me another flight.  At the very moment I told the lady that my flight was cancelled, her countenance and face changed badly as if she stepped on a shit.  She was very rude.  Even though I understand that she had hundreds of customers asking the same thing, she should not be like that.  She is paid to deal with the unhappy customers, so she must be professional.

She told me there is nothing she can do, so I just have to go.  I explained to her why I should go back to Chicago that same day.  While I was speaking, she cut me and said that she would call the police if I continue saying it.  I was stunned because I was NOT yelling or anything like that.  I was just asking and explaining (well, I was not smiling nor happy).  Eventually I’ve got another ticket to Chicago O’Hare because all the flight to Chicago Midway were cancelled.

As the response to her threat to me of calling the police and her extreme rudeness and unkindness, I sarcastically said to her that Delta’s customer service was awesome.  And she said the last word at the back of my head, “Don’t fly with Delta then.”

I could not even believe my ears and what I just heard.  Maybe she just thinks I am nothing but one of many customers having no power.  She is right.  I am just one of many customers.  She may feel that Delta is so great and powerful.  She might have felt that way working at Atlanta airport, the home of Delta.  There is nothing I can do but to complaining on my blog.

After the security check, I wanted to complain about my experience being so angry.  I asked some of the Delta employees how to complain.  They were all directing me, “I don’t know.  You may go that place and ask there.”  I was directed like five times.  And finally I went to a huge booth with a lot of phones, maybe customer service place.  I asked a gentleman standing in front of that place how I could complain.  He answered me I cannot.  I asked him again if I could complain over one of the phones there.  He said those phones are directly connected to reservation and booking department and said, “We do not take complaints.”  I thought again that Delta is so amazing.

The replaced flight was also significantly delayed, and I was just told that there is nothing I can do but to wait.  I was also told that even that delayed flight had 50% chance to be cancelled and they suggested me to go to hotel and rest the day, and fly the next day.  I asked them if they would pay the hotel, and they said no.  According to the schedule of the delayed flight, I would arrive at Chicago O’Hare after midnight when the public transportation is not available, which means taxi would be the only option for me.  I asked them if Delta would pay for the taxi because it is the extra cost caused by delay of the flight, and they said no.

So I waited nine hours and forty minutes.  Eventually the plane came at 11:40pm.  Before the boarding, Delta provided us some snacks, which was actually nice and that eased my anger a bit.  The flight attendants were very kind this time.  A lady told me that they were off that day but came to work because of us, “I feel so sorry for y’all.”  Actually that is the way should be.  The other Delta employees at Atlanta airport should have even pretend that they are sorry even though they were not actually and were just sick and tired of damn customers.

One of the Delta employee told me not to fly with Delta, so I will take her advice.  It was my first Delta experience and was so bad.  I usually fly with United.  United is not bad and not good, they are just average, but at least I do not have any horrible experience with them (yet).

The best air lines which I ever experienced was West Jet.  Even once when I was feeling shitty, I felt much better after flying with West Jet.

So, all my friends, which air lines should you avoid?  Delta, it is.

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