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Thursday, 7 August 2008

No more freedom of speach in Korea

These days, the South Korean government and blue house (where Korean president lives) are suing very many people who wrote in the internet against the government.

And as you may know, Washington Post mentioned the Korean President MB Lee as a official lapdog of Mr. Bush:

Back in April, when South Korean President Lee Myung-bak was feted at Camp David and touted as a strong contender to replace former British P.M. Tony Blair as the official Bush lap dog, Lee said Bush would be stopping in Seoul later this year.

And one day, the Prime Minister (he is under the President of course) was questioned at the Parliament about the suing and one MP asked:

MP: Washington Post mentioned the President as a dog. Are you going to sue it?
PM: No.
MP: Why not?
PM: Because USA is a country having FREEDOM of speech.

What is that!!!!!

It was just saying South Korea has no freedom of Speech.

Last ten years, it was not so in Korea. Anyone can blame the president and we had complete freedom of speech. Even when the government was in bad situation about that, the government did not sue anyone because they knew that the government has greater power over the normal people.

철지난 얘긴줄 알지만, 나야 뭐 원래 소식이  늦고 게을러서…

국무총리가 국회에서 질의받을 때 워싱턴 포스트가 2MB를 푸들(lapdog – 무릎에 올려놓고 쓰다듬는 개)로 표현한데 대해 어떻게 할거냐고 하자

미국은 표현의 자유가 있는 나라라서…

라고 대답했다는데… 참 기가 막힌다. 국내 네티즌들을 마구 소송하는 상황에 비춰봐서, 이는 결국 한국은 표현의 자유, 언론의 자유가 없는 나라임을 국무총리가 천명한 거나 다름이 없다. 휴~ T.o

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