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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

지만원은 미친놈이 근영

[English in the bottom]

익명으로 몰래 기부를 해오다 들통(?)나 버린 국민의 문근영, 정말 사랑스럽 근영.

이걸 갖고 우리의 근영이를 빨갱이로 몰고가려는 지만원은 미친놈이 근영.

살다보니 별 꼴을 다 보는 근영.

울화통이 치미는 근영. 이럴 때는 유튜브 비디오로 풀어야겠 근영.

As you saw the youtube videos above (these are the commercial of KTF which is a tele-communication company in Korea), Geunyoung Moon is very pretty and cute girl.

She has donated several hundreds thousands dollar to help the poor people. She is pretty and what she does is really beautiful. She has hidden it but recently it was revealed against her will.

Anyway, a insane guy named Manwon Ji said she is nothing but a crazy red pinko. He is crazy. Korea is totally going backward.

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