Hannah and Je together

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Mrs Brenda Voort from my Church brought me to the concert of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. The theme was local heroes. It was the first Orchestra in my entire life and was very nice. It started as is shown above and ended as is shown below(look the conductor).

I thank Brenda for it.

교회의 브렌다라는 분이 위니펙 심포니 오케스트라 공연에 데려가 줬다. 주제는 로컬 히어로였고, 내 생이 첫 오케스트라였는데 매우 좋았다. 시작할 때는 윗사진과 같았는데, 끝날 때엔 아랫사진과 같았다(지휘자를 보라).

브렌다에게 감사를.



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