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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Minwoo is joining the army

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Minwoo, my second oldest nephew, is going to join the army pretty soon.

Minwoo and me

Minwoo who was like that in the picture in 1989 is now going to join the army. His brother was standing – he really loved to be taken in the photo. Time flies.

I wish all the best for my nephew and his well being in the army without any trouble. He will not have much trouble as I had before for sure.

위 사진같았던 애기 민우가 곧 군대 간다. 몇일 안남았다. 사진에서 오른쪽에 등 보이는 것은 민우 형 진우. 진우는 사진 찍히는 걸 무척 좋아해서 야단쳤음에도 은근슬쩍 구렁이 담넘어 가듯 카메라 앵글 안에 들어왔다.

참 시간이 빠르구나. 벌써 군대를 가다니. 군에서 아무런 별탈 없이 건강히 잘 있길 바란다.

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