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Friday, 26 December 2008

Caught up in Christmas

Last week, I went to another concert named Caught up in Christmas at Calvary temple in downtown Winnipeg.

To my sorry, I was not able to take a picture. It was not allowed to do so.

This concert had quite different style in comparison to Living Christmas Tree.

LCT was kind of stable – not much moving, and simple.

Caught up in Christmas was very much dynamic and splendid. I felt like to watching a Broadway Musical Show.

They had a much fireworks there too. And the ending was a bit similar to the ending of the Moulin Rouge when the final play of that movie was ending.

There was dozens of kids in costume, and they had about one month old baby as baby Jesus, and they brought real live donkey to the stage!

I had a very good time there.

지난 주에 Caught up in Christmas라는 공연을 또 하나 봤는데, 위니펙 시내에 있는 갈보리 템플에서 했다.

아쉽게도 사진 촬영을  허락하지 않아서 찍을 수가 없었다.

이 공연은 Living Christmas Tree와는 꽤 다른 스타일을 갖고 있었다.

LCT는 일종의 안정적이고 검소한 느낌.

Caught up in Christmas는 아주 다이나믹하고 화려했다. 마치 브로드웨이 뮤지컬을 보는 듯 했다.

불꽃놀이도 꽤 보여줬고 마지막 장면은 영화 물랑루즈에서 마지막 공연이 끝날 때와 비슷한 면도 있었다.

수십명의 아이들이 분장을 했고, 난지 약 한달쯤 되어 보이는 아기가 아기 예수로 나왔고, 진짜 당나귀를 무대에 끌고 왔다!

아무튼 무척 즐거운 시간을 보냈다.

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