Hannah and Je together

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Eight and half hours

A few days ago, I talked to my girlfriend Hannah on Google Video Chat for eight and half hours.

With my ex, it was maximum three hours, and it hurt my ears. But with Hannah, it was very good and I just thought it was only like thirty minutes.

She was so cute that she was so sleepy and still did not want to go to bed. 🙂 She is my precious Angel.

몇일 전에 여친 한나와 구글 영상 채팅을 여덟 시간  반동안 했다.

옛 여친과는 세 시간 정도가 최대였던 것 같고, 귀가 아팠다. 그런데 한나와는 마냥 좋았고 마치 30분 정도인줄 알았다.

졸리면서도 자러 가지 않는 여친이 참 귀여웠다. 🙂 나의 귀한 천사.



眠いなのに寝にいかない彼女がとてもかわいかった。:-) 俺の大事な天使。

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