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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

X-Ray fee for Employee

Last summer, I worked as a chaplain intern at Advocate Christ Medical Centre at Oak Lawn, IL.  Before I worked, I had to go through physical and other health examinations at Employee Health department.  As part of the employee health check, they let me do a chest X-Ray to see if I have a TB which I do not have.  They said they would pay for the X-Ray since it is part of the employee health check.

Couple weeks later while I was working at that hospital as an intern, I got a bill from a company named Radiology Imagining Consultants for taking X-Ray at Advocate Christ Medical Centre.  I went to Employee Health department and they told me not to pay because they are going to pay for it, and they took my bill.

A month later, I got a bill again, and I called and told them that the hospital’s Employee Health department is going to pay, and I also went to the department again and heard the same thing.  Since that time, I was getting the bill every month.  After September, I had to manage two phone calls — one to the billing company, and the other to the hospital since I was not working there (I came back to full-time student).  Each phone call consumed more than an hour, mostly waiting time on the line.

The hospital says always the exact same thing, not to pay because  they are going to pay.  And so far they took eight of my identical bills.  And today, I’ve received ninth bill by mail.  So far, I spent approximately fifteen hours on the phone over this same matter.  And I feel like this conversation would go forever without any progress.  If I calculate that hourly payment is $10, then I burned up $150, and the bill is $85.

I did not want to waste more of my time on this stupid thing.  So I just paid online today.  Thank you Advocate Christ Medical Centre for letting me pay $85 which I didn’t have to pay, and also waste fifteen hours of my precious time.


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