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Monday, 8 February 2016

American Family Insurance and Towing

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Last Thursday morning after I dropped my wife at her work, I found that the car was moving jerky and the engine power is not really sent to the wheels.  And at the parking lot, I found some leak which I suspected from transmission.

Because the car was not really moving, I called the American Family Insurance which I have road side assistance.  I’ve been paying for four years and never used the insurance.  It took about an hour to finish the initial request call.  To tell the result first, I waited four hours after the time that they said a towing truck would arrive.

Insurance company kept updated me about when it would come, but the towing company never called me at all.  It was delayed over and over.  “The towing truck will come in five minutes.”  And then in ten minutes, and then in fifteen minutes.

After four hours waiting, the insurance company updated me again, “the towing truck will arrive in fifteen minutes.”  It was already 4:30pm.  First, I could not believe any more.  Second, even if they really come in fifteen minutes, it would be around 5:30 when I get to the repair garage which is about time for them to close.  So I asked them to cancel and make sure that the towing truck be ready next day around noon.

The answer was simple – “No.”  They said I should call them again the next day, which means I should spend another hour for the initial request call.

The lady over the line basically did only three things.  One, we are not responsible for the delay of the towing truck.  Two, it is not the towing company’s fault.  Three, we will not accept your request – you must do it all over again the next day.  She said ‘policy’ like thirty times.  I was very angry and at some point, she even said, “Do what we say or you will not get a tow truck AT ALL.”  And I became literally crazy.  I was yelling and later I asked her to get me her supervisor.

They let me wait about thirty minutes before I talked to the supervisor.  I believe they were just waiting for me to chill down.  The supervisor did the same for the first two things – it’s not our fault, and it’s not their fault (then, is it MY fault that the tow truck is not coming?).  But the supervisor accepted my request and scheduled a tow truck for me the next day around noon.

11:30 The next day while I was already waiting, I’ve received a phone call from the insurance company, that even though I scheduled a tow truck at 11am, it would come around 1:30pm.  Then I asked them if it really comes at 1:30.  She let me wait for ten minutes, and told me that it would be actually 2:30.  I was mad again, and after a long phone call, she changed the tow company and told me that it would come at 1pm.  Well, to tell the truth, it came at 3pm.

It was my first experience to use American Family Insurance and it was pretty bad.  They do not have customer service skill.  Rather than pacifying the angry customers, they were just repeating that ‘it’s not our fault, it’s not their fault.‘  That sounds like ‘it’s all your fault,’ and it is not something an angry customer wants to hear.  I wonder if it would be better to buy AAA.


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