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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

India Trip Day 01

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I went to India as J-term at McCormick Theological Seminary.  It was joint course with LSTC, and history professor Dr. Peter V. at LSTC prepared a lot for this trip mostly because he is from India.

It is my second Travel Seminar.  The first one was two years ago to Holy Land.  At first trip, school did not require us to see a doctor, but this time school asked us to visit Travel clinic, and I did.  At U of C Travel clinic, I’ve got two shots and three different pills including Malaria.  I was also told never to drink water in India except the bottled ones, and to make sure the bottles are sealed properly.

This trip troubled me even before the departure.  My citizenship interview was scheduled to January 6th, and the flight is January 5th.  And my last ordination exam was scheduled on January 21st, and the flight back is January 22nd.  Oh well…  And unlike the Holy Land travel, I did not get the flight information until the day before departure.

1.Chicago Airport

We flew by Etihad.  According to Huffington Post, it is one of the 20 safest airlines.  Etihad is UAE airlines and the meaning is Union (according to the flight attendants).


One thing which is very interesting but not really useful was the Cameras.  All the passengers can watch outside through the Landscape and Forward Cameras.  But during the flight all you can see is just clouds, and traditional map view is most helpful.

4.Abu Dhabi8

We stopped and transferred at Abu Dhabi.  It is Arab, and I thought it is impressive that they have a camel at Lego store.  And I cannot tell exactly but the Arabic accent is slightly different from Palestinian dialect.


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