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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Fifty Sixth Day – Fakes

The famous Stars & Bucks in Bethlehem

The famous Stars & Bucks in Bethlehem

This is very famous fake Starbucks in Bethlehem.  All the McCormick January Travel group saw this on the street when we were walking from the Bus Station to the Nativity Church.  The colour and font are same as the Starbucks’ but the name is slightly different (Stars & Bucks) and the logo is different, so we can easily tell this is not the real Starbucks and kind of joke.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Bethlehem

F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Bethlehem

This is a store in front of the Bethlehem University.  Most people would know where the sign is from.  This place has multi-function.  They have computers with internet connected, printers and photo-copiers are there too.  They also have several billiard tables, so that the students pay and play.

Toast-R-Us in Bethlehem

Toast-R-Us in Bethlehem

How about this?  This is also kind of joke or parody about the famous US brands of “Toys R Us” or “Babies R Us.”  Only one mistake is that they should have written it “Toasts-R-Us” in plural, not singular.

There are so many more parodies in Bethlehem, which draw attention of the tourists and make them laugh.  I believe that would also help their marketing.

Starbucks in Bethlehem. Really?

Starbucks in Bethlehem. Really?

In the old market next to the Nativity church, I found this Starbucks.  Unlike the other fake “Stars & Bucks” on the way to the Nativity church, it has exactly same spelling, and the logo is identical.  So I became curious if it is actual Starbucks franchisee.

Starbucks mug sales in Bethlehem

Starbucks mug sales in Bethlehem

They also sell the coffee mugs.  I asked the guy working there if they are the actual franchisee of real Starbucks from Seattle.  And he did not understand the word “franchisee.”  I explained it with easier English for about one minute, and finally he confessed that it is not the Starbucks from America.  I just wonder if it is OK to use the same name, not a parody, and also the identical logo.  But it would be OK here where the copyright is treated as a dog’s name on the street.  When I told them that I buy CDs and music files, local people here could not understand that.  And when I told them that we buy musics and movies in America, now they think Americans are so dumb and stupid spending money on where you don’t need to.

KFC Bethlehem. Hmm...

KFC Bethlehem. Hmm…

This is the KFC sign on the bus station building in Bethlehem where our bus was parked last January.  Some people may remember this KFC.  Now I wonder if this KFC is actual franchisee of real KFC or not.

Two licence plates coexist in Palestine

Two licence plates coexist in Palestine

Professor Ted Hiebert told us that the Palestinians would stone the car with Israel licence plate when they are parked in the Palestinian area.  So people took the licence plates with them so that their cars would not be stoned.  I think it was twenty or thirty years ago when he and Paula stayed in Israel for a year.  Well, that is not true any more.  I see so many cars with Israel licence plates in Palestinians areas in Israel or in West Bank too.  Actually the Palestinians in West Bank try and wish to get the Israel licence plates because they can drive into Israel with Israel licence while the Palestinians licensed vehicles are not allowed in Israel.  And the Palestinians know that all the Israel licensed vehicles in Palestine are owned by the Palestinians – their friends, neighbours, or family.  So they do not stone them any more.

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