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Friday, 22 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Fifty First Day – Cheese Pickle and L’abri Cafe

When I came home, the father of my hosting family was making something.  It is in Arabic “imchalal filfel ma’a jibna,” but I would call it just cheese filled pickle, or cheese pickle.

Cheese Pickle

Cheese Pickle

First, they emptied the seed and everything from inside the hot pepper, and let them stay for a while in the water to make it less spicy and hot.  Then they fill the pepper with white cheese.  He said it must be white cheese only, no cheddar nor mozzarella.  Then they put them in a big jar, and they fill the jar with salty water.  They leave it in the room temperature at least ten days.  Then they eat it.  It is very spicy, salty, and cheesy.  Because of the salty water, it does not go bad for about a year in the room temperature.  For your information, room temperature here is about 85 degree.

L'abri Cafe Gate

L’abri Cafe Gate

The daughter in the family now works at the L’abri cafe whose other name is Bethlehem Study Centre.  But for some reason, they were always call it “International student’s centre and library.”  This family told me many times that there are lots of books and a lot of international students, so I can talk and mingle with them.  But when I was there, there were only Palestinian students.

Library Area

Library Area

When she was going to work, around 5pm, she asked me if I want to go together and see.  So I went there together.  The mother always gives her daughter the ride to and from the house.  I think it is about 10 minutes driving, but it farther than 10 minutes driving in Chicago, because there is NO signal lights and almost no traffic at that time.

Well, there are not that many books, and for now I am not interested books because I am barely catching up the Arabic class.

Walkway after the gate

Walkway after the gate

After you enter the gate, you walk a little bit.  And as you see, there are stars everywhere here, but they are not Star of David, but the Bethlehem or Christmas Star.

Growing Veggies

Growing Veggies

They planted many different veggies on both sides of the road after the gate.

Grows fish as well

Grows fish as well

And on a corner, they have a fish tank.  They grew fish not to see and enjoy, but to eat and enjoy.

Cafe Area

Cafe Area

This is the Cafe area where the daughter of the family works.  I ordered Mango Smoothie for 14 shekels.  Even though they used real mango, it was not that great.  First, the smoothie was lukewarm while it is supposed to be cold.  Second, it had too much hair in it (mango has lots of hair around the seed area).

Usually she comes home around 9:30 or 10 in the evening.  I expected the same today.  So I waited her to finish her work.  Then around 10pm, her younger brother came, so I thought her mother came to pick her up.  Her brother and I sat together for about ten minutes, then he suddenly told me as if he just realised that they would not go until midnight, so I might go by myself now.

I did not want to wait until midnight.  There was nothing I can do more.  So I just walked home.  I was a bit unpleasant.  Why didn’t they tell me in the first place?  And why did they choose this day for me?  Well, it is weekend, happy weekend.  So I will try to make myself happy.

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