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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Forty Second Day – Personal name change

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These days, I am just taking the Arabic course everyday.  And it is not easy because it is intensive course which I am not good at.

Today in the class, the teacher told us that people change their name when they have a first son.  For example, let say husband’s name is Yusef, and wife’s name is Marwa, and they have a new born son names Yakob.  Then the husband’s name is no longer Yusef but “Abu Yakob,” and the wife’s name also is no longer Marwa but “Imm Yakob.”  “Abu Yakob” means father of Yakob, and “Imm Yakob” means mother of Yakob.

This is not legal name change, they still have the same ID card.  But this is practical name change that they call themselves like this and all other people call them like this.

This must be the first born male child’s name.

If so, what if they have a girl?  Do they call them by their daughter’s name or do they wait until they have a son to change their name?  They do change their name at the time of their first daughter but not by their daughter’s name but by their son’s name.  But they do not have a son, right?  It is easy.  They just assume, “Someday we will have a son named Yakob.”  So they call themselves by their imaginary son in the future.

If they have seven daughters and no son, then still they keep call themselves by their unreal imaginary son which will never be born.

I asked the teacher if it is possible when I want to be called by my daughters name.  Teacher said, “NO! That is NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL.”

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