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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Forty First Day – Failed to get Videos

My hosting family told and suggested me to watch some videos about Palestinian lives under Israeli oppression, and they told me that I can get such videos from Siraj centre.  So I emailed the Siraj centre probably seven days ago, and they answered me right away to come and get those video yesterday.  So I went there yesterday.

Je: Hi, my name is Je and I want to borrow some videos.
He: Hi. What video?
Je: The video we talked about on email.
He: What email?
Je: Is George here?  I corresponded with him through email.
He: I am George.
Je: Can you look up your email?  About six days ago You wrote me to come Monday, which is today.
He: (After reading email). Ah, yes.  But we don’t have such videos.
Je: What?  You wrote me to come and borrow!
He: Yes, but we don’t have such videos.  But if you go to AI Centre, you can borrow from there.

AI Centre or AIC is Alternative Information Centre, and is an organisation whose focus is to inform the other worlds about the Palestinian reality.  It was not far from the Siraj centre but I had hard time finding it because it was kind of hidden in the back street.

Alternative Information Centre

Alternative Information Centre

Anyway, I found it, and went in there.  I asked them if they have such videos, and they said yes.  They have 174 DVDs about Palestinian realities and lives under Israeli oppression and occupation.  I asked them if I can borrow those DVDs, and they said NO.  They cannot borrow the videos but they can make a DVD copy.  Whoever had Israeli airport security experience would know that it is not good idea to have such videos or books.  So I asked them if it is possible to copy those videos onto my computer.  They said it is OK, but I did not bring my laptop.

I asked them when they close the office.  They close the office at 2pm.  And my class ends at 1pm, so if I walk after the class, it would be 1:30pm.  I asked them again if it is OK to come around 1:30pm the next day (which is today).  They said it is OK and they would happily wait for me.

My laptop is so heavy because it is almost ten years old.  I walked 50 minutes this morning carrying this heavy laptop, and then I walked again to the AI centre, and I got there 1:30pm.  But no one was there.  I found a cleaning guy and asked them, and he said everybody went home.  I don’t understand.  They promised me that they would HAPPILY WAIT for me, and it is not even the closing hour!  I am doing this for THEM.  If I know more about the terrible Palestinian reality, I would be more willing to help them, and I can share those videos with my friends at McCormick.  Frankly speaking, I think they should bring those videos to me!  Siraj centre pissed me off once with the videos, and then the AI centre pissed me off again.  I don’t understand.  Do I have to kneel down and beg for those videos?  Well, I DON’T THINK SO.


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