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Friday, 8 August 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Thirty Fifth Day – Walking to School

Since I had bad experience with the Palestinian taxi driver, I avoid taxi ride as much as possible.  And from the hosting house to Bethlehem University, it takes 50 minutes to walk.  And from Beit Sahour to Bethlehem is always uphill, sometimes very steep.  And I am walking twice everyday.

Sheep? Goat? on the street

Sheep on the street

On the way to school, I encounter the herds of sheep and goats a couple of times.

Sidewalk in Beit Sahour

Sidewalk in Beit Sahour

The overall walking experience is not good.  First, the sidewalk is very narrow.  And even many cars blocked the sidewalk by parking on it.  The sidewalk discontinues several times.  Some places, the trees are planted on the sidewalk which take all the room on the sidewalk.  The streets in Palestine is not the cleanest but it is much better than in Cairo, Egypt.

Peaceful Protest

Peaceful Protest

While walking in Beit Sahour, I found my favourite wall painting.  I believe, hope, and pray that peaceful protest would work eventually.

Bethlehem Peace Centre in Manger Square

Bethlehem Peace Centre in Manger Square

This is manger square where the Nativity church is.  Many of the McCormick travel group may remember this building, and there is “Stars & Bucks” nearby.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

From the manger square, I walk up to the market, and there is small plaza with the star of Bethlehem.

Then I need to make a right turn and then left to go to the Bethlehem University, but I was a bit confused at first day walking.  So I asked a Tourist Police on the street, where the Bethlehem University is.  And he said, “What?  Do we have a university in Bethlehem?  Really?”  Well, I walked straight another minute, and found very small sign of Bethlehem University with arrow mark.

View from classroom

View from classroom

This is the view from my classroom.

Korean-Palestinian Friendship Street

Korean-Palestinian Friendship Street

I walked the same road on the way back home.  My hosting family lives on “Korean – Palestinian Friendship Street.”  How nice the street name is.  I heard that this road is sponsored by Korean embassy.

Korean Cultural Centre

Korean Cultural Centre

And down on the street, the Korean Cultural Centre is under construction.  This building is located on the lowest corner of the street.  In Israel/Palestine, good buildings and rich people live on the mountain top and high places.  In Korea, poor people live on the mountain top and high places.


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