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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Sixteenth Day – Frank Yamada

Dr. Frank Yamada, the president of McCormick Theological Seminary, is also in Jerusalem, Israel.  With a few email exchange, we arranged the meeting.

A Park

A Park

Last night, we finalised the meeting at his hotel lobby 1:45.  But I had to check out at 11am, I went to his hotel earlier than the appointed time.  While I was waiting at the hotel lobby, I found that they have free Wi-Fi.  When I connected the internet, I found an email from Frank that he wanted to meet somewhere else.  So I suggested the Focaccia Bar where I went yesterday.  Actually there were not many choices at all because of Shabbat.  The picture above is a park on the way from the hotel to Focaccia.

With Dr. Frank Yamada, the president of McCormick Theological Seminary

With Dr. Frank Yamada, the president of McCormick Theological Seminary

Finally I met him around 2pm.  We had nice lunch and good talk.  A little after 3pm, I departed my way to get the sherut.  The google search told me some place which was updated 2012.  When I went to information booth today, they told me different place which is way further.  But when I hit the Kikkar Zion, a guy shouted, “Tel Aviv?”  He was a sherut driver.  Usually sherut departs whenever it is filled, and I was the last one, so the sherut departed right away.

Payphone does not like coins

Payphone does not like coins

I went to Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, and went to the bus station where we are supposed to meet by special taxi.  In Israel, there are two types of taxis.  Shared Taxi or sherut, and Special Taxi, which is just taxi in America.  At the bus station, I waited until 4:55 but nobody was there.  Being worried, I wanted to make a phone call by the payphone.  And I found that the payphone need phone card.  Then a lady next to me borrowed her cellphone.  After the phone call, I found that everybody was behind the information booth.

On the bus

On the bus

Unlike the Lachish excavation, we used big bus and drove a lot.

Givat Haviva

Givat Haviva

The camp’s name is Givat Haviva.  It has cons and pros.  It has strong Wi-Fi and TV set is installed in every room.  But it has no laundry machine, and the food is no better than Kedma.

The dig begins again from tomorrow.  I need to sleep soon.

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