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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Fourteenth Day – Writing IDs

We did not go to the digging site today.  Only a few staff members including Professor Yossi went to the site to take the aerial photos.  There is a special company taking the aerial photos using drones.  But the problem was that the Israel Air Force did not allow anything to fly in the air due to the current situation of war.  So they failed to take the nice aerial photos.  Instead, they took some photos using ladders.

Writing ID on pottery

Writing ID on pottery

Most of us stayed in the Kedma Village and worked on bones and potteries.  My job today was to write the identification number on the potteries.  Though the writing looks big on the photo, it is actually very fine and small so that a few people cannot even read.  The first line is the excavation permit number indicating the site and the number.  The first letter on second and third line (C) is area.  The second line shows the locus number while the last line tells the bucket number.

Pattern on Pottery

Pattern on Pottery

While I was writing the IDs on the potteries, I found this very nice piece of pottery with a pattern or painting on it.

Tel Lachish Digging Certificate

Tel Lachish Digging Certificate

At lunch time, I got this certificate that I actually attended the Tel Lachish excavation.

Professor Yossi

Professor Yossi

Professor Yossi and the photo team came back in the afternoon, and we all worked on the pottery reading.  Professor Yossi explained many things on the archaeological potteries.  Professor Yossi is sitting in the middle, and the guy one the right whose name is Igo is working on his Ph.D on archaeology at Hebrew University under Professor Yossi.

Stone Knife

Stone Knife

This is an ancient knife for domestic use (not for war), probably for cooking and other use.  It is probably from the bronze age.  Why do people use stone in the bronze age?  Bronze age does not mean people used only bronze, but they began to use bronze.  When the radio came out, many people predicted that the newspaper would disappear.  When TV came out, many people expected that the radio would disappear.  When internet and web became popular, many scholars thought that all other media would disappear.  But today, we have newspaper, radio, TV and internet all together.  According to Professor Yossi, people stopped using stone knife or flint only after iron tool became common and popular.

We had pizza party at Kedma.  And they will have official finish-up party on Wednesday which I cannot attend because I will be digging at Megiddo.  I was told that the next Wednesday is Professor Yossi’s birthday.  Happy birthday Yossi!

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