Hannah and Je together

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Second Holy Land Trip – Twelfth Day – Third Digging

I got up 4:30 today again.  We began the day at the same time as yesterday.

Babylonian Arrow-head

Babylonian Arrow-head

This is the arrow-head of the Babylonian army found right inside the city wall.  This very arrow-head was shot by the Babylonian soldier and may (or may not) pierce the body of the people in the city of Lachish.

Digging Je

Digging Je

Some people imagined the Indiana Jones when I told them that I would go for archaeological excavation.  But it is not that dangerous nor thrill.  Long boring job of digging.

Dumping Je

Dumping Je

What do I need to do after digging?  I need to dump all the dust and dirt to the dumping ground.

Measuring Je

Measuring Je

Whenever we dig more, we need to measure the depth of it using this measuring device.

Complete Jugglet

Complete Jug

We found this complete jug.  It has multi-purpose.

Because of the rocket attack of Hamas, today is the last day of actual digging.  Tomorrow, we need to clean and close everything, take some photos.  Then this site will be shut down until next year’s continuing excavation.  And the problem was our team did not finish the needed job before noon.  So we decided to stay in the site and continue the work under the burning and killing sun.

It was really so hot and I totally understood why Jonah was so upset to God when he lost the shadow.

Milk Shake and Cheese Cake

Milk Shake and Cheese Cake

After we finished all the job, we called Professor Yossi because none of us had a car.  Professor Yossi gave us ride and on the way, he bought us chocolate milk shake and cheese cake!

Now, I am waiting for tonight’s lecture which will go on until 10.

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