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Monday, 16 June 2014

Religious Confidence is the worst

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Couple of month ago, I joined the LinkedIn.  And a month ago, I’ve got contacted from a strange lady and asked to review her new book to be published and to write a recommendation.  The book was on Biblical Hebrew with the bold name of “What Jesus Heard.”

When I received the booklet, it was just a list of words, English first and matching Hebrew.  No grammar, no nothing.  We already have good dictionaries such as BDB, and I could not understand why do we need another, even poorer, word list.  So I refused to endorse her book which made her very upset.  And I also wrote to her that (Biblical) Hebrew was not the spoken language of Jesus but Aramaic.  And there was no vowel marks in the Hebrew Bible originally and the pronunciation was came down through oral tradition until the vowel was added after around 13th century (earliest goes back to 9th or 10th century).  I think it is hard to believe that the all the pronunciation of the Bible was kept identical for more than thousand years through oral tradition.

And she replied beginning with “Your words are so wrong.”

It is very aggressive way to begin conversation like that.  But what surprised me was her so firm confidence.  Most scholars agrees on the Aramaic of being the spoken language of Jesus time in Jewish communities.  And she was speaking against it.  And she, rather arguing on the matter, claimed that I did not respect her study and her Master degree of Theological Study, and also said that she studied at the best seminary while not telling me the school name.

I wonder what kind of school teaches those kind of communicating skill.  Maybe the school name is B.E.S.T

She cc’ed my email to her friend rabbi, and he also began his email with “This person is dead wrong.”  They both did not argue with the matter, but just attacked me not being open.

The lady is a Christian.  And she attacks anyone not being open who does not agree with her, and and yell at them not respecting her.  She begins her conversation with the word, “You are SO wrong” whoever does not agree with her.

She may be right even though most scholars say against her.  Except God, who knows anything for sure?  Having that confidence and claim anyone else as wrong is actually playing God.  And throughout Christian history, how many confident Christians killed other people in the name of God or for His name?

I think religious confidence or the confidence of the religious people is the worst thing in the whole world.  For me, as I study more and more, I realise more how and what I do not know.  In Korean saying, the ripen rice bow it head.

I hope that all the Christians stop being so confident – thinking they only are right and all others are wrong.

One more thing about the book title.  The book has nothing to do with Jesus.  It never mention Jesus from cover to cover, not even once.  But she still insists to use His name.  In my opinion, she just wants to use His name for the marketing and sales purpose, in other words, money.  How many Christians have used Jesus name for their benefits?  It is sad.  How can we call them true Christians?

Oh, what I responded to her after that?  I just apologized hurting her feelings.  She was mad because of me anyway.


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